Kayla's first O!


Topic: Kayla's first O! by Josy The Lioness ^_^~/^o^\
     John was a young college guy who still lived at his parent's housedriving to his classes in the city, rather than paying for a dorm. Hewas presently home for the weekend, finishing some homework, and aboutto continue his latest Zelda video game. His mom called downstairs totell him to clean up, as his cousins were coming over to visit, and usethe pool. His little cousins, Kayla, Savannah, Dakota, and Angelicawere very annoying, always running around, and asking a zillionquestions.
     John decided to pop in a Super Mario game, since he would not beable to concentrate enough for Zelda. Sure enough, halfway through thesecond level, he heard the side door open, and in came his auntkrissie, with the girls trampling behind her. Two of the girls, Kaylaand Savannah, came downstairs to say hello, and were promptly calledback by their mother, to go out back and play. Off they went, and Johnhoped he would not be bothered too much today.
     A little while later John heard his parents and aunt go outside tostart their lunch. John had eaten a late breakfast and wasn't hungry,so he continued his game. A few levels on, Kayla comes downstairs andasks to play the game, and when John says, "Maybe later," she hurriesinto the bathroom.
     Moments later, Kayla calls to John, "John, can you help me?"
     Wondering what on earth she would need help with, John paused hisgame, and went to the bathroom. Opening the door, he saw Kayla sittingon the toilet seat with her underwear around her ankles, waiting forhim. "I need some toilet paper," she said. John saw the empty roll,and got a fresh roll from under the sink.
     "There you go," he said, as he made to exit the bathroom, but justas he turned, she stopped him.

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     "Wait, can you wipe it for me?" Kayla asked sweetly. Feelingawkward John just turns around to look at her. "Please?" she askedagain. John felt that he may as well humor the girl, and knelt down infront of her while getting some TP. Reaching down between her openlegs with a bit of TP, he wipes across her undeveloped pussy. Withoutthinking he wipes her more aggressively than necessary, and she asks,"What are you doing?"
     "Sorry," John says, "Did I tickle you?"
     "It's O. K. I never got tickled there before," she responded.
     "Did you like it," John said daringly.
     To his amazement she smiles and says, "Yeah, do it again. " At thisJohn licks his middle finger and rubs it just inside her pussy lips fora moment, before she starts to giggle, and he stops. After an awkwardpause Kayla gets up and pulls up her pants, looks quickly at John'scrotch and goes upstairs to eat lunch.
     John goes back to his game slightly distracted, and Kayla comesback down to the bathroom again, and again calls John for help. Uponentering, John sees Kayla sitting on the toilet again waiting for him.
     "How did you do that before, when you tickled me," she asks him.

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     "Like this," he says, showing her a finger he licks it and gentlybegins to probe her virgin lips. He is about to stop when she speaks ina soft voice.
     "Don't stop. . . it feels good. . . "
     John continues probing her soft inner skin, until she starts toleek, and starts to bite her lip. "I know a better way if you want totry," he says as she begins to relax.
     "Yes," she whispers and John gets a winter jacket out of the cedarcloset, across from the toilet, and lays it down on floor. He thentells her to lie down on her back with knees apart. As she does so,John pulls her pants off her feet, and kneels down facing her.
     "Close your eyes," John tells her, "I am going to tickle you withmy tongue. " He then bends over and rests his lips on hers.

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   For a momenthe breathes in her sweet scent, then he gives a long slow lick frombelow her pussy to the top and up to her belly button. She lets out asmall gasp and briefly opens her eyes, as the new sensation sweeps overher. John tells her to relax and close her eyes again before continuinghis efforts.
     Moving in again, John extends his tongue inside her small holewith long slow strokes against her new clit, tasting her soft sweetlips. Kayla is now starting to squirm, but John continues strokingharder until Kayla spills her sweet juice. He then allows her to calmdown for a moment and licks her clean, receiving another gasp fromKayla's inexperience.
     John hears tucker, the family dog, climbing down the stairs, andquietly brings him into the bathroom. Tucker walks in and sniffsaround, while John closes the door again. Turning back to Kayla Johnpokes a moist finger in her hole and Tucker follows with his nose. WhenTucker gets close, he begins to lap up the remainder of Kayla's juice,causing more gasps, heavy breathing, and much more sweet juice to flow.
     After mere moments, Kayla is exhausted and spent, and Tucker walkstoward her face to give her a lick across the face. She opens her eyesand realizes who had caused her to feel the way she did now.
     "Oh my god! . . .

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   John. . . " she started, but John shushed her, andstarted to wipe her clean with some tissues.
     When Kayla was as clean as she was going to get, John helped herredress, and they both sat on the old basement couch without anotherword. John finished his video game, and tuned in to some cartoons, thatboth he and Kayla watched with interest. Kayla would not look Johnstraight in the face. She was still taking in the enormous fact thatshe truly knew what it was to have an orgasm. She could remember someof her friends at school talking of having sex, but now she knew thatthey were only faking for popularity points. The actual feelings werefar beyond any explanation she had heard from those silly girls. Evenas her mother called her upstairs, an hour or so later, to get in thecar, to go home, she was still only barely accepting that she just hadher first orgasm.
     John had some vague idea of how Kayla felt, and knew that she justmight come to him for more on her next visit, for which he was alreadytossing plans around in his head.