The High school years


I met my sexy young wife Misty in the 10Th grade at Whore ville High. I was quickly attracted to her. She's got blonde hair and blue eyes big busty tits and a nice plump ass. She's in most of my classes and also on the track team. So we spend most of the day together. After the first 6 weeks we were like best friends. I found myself thinking about her all the time. I could barely get through the day without jacking off.

Then on a Friday afternoon we walked home together after a track meet. She was in a hot pinktank top and black jogging suit with white stripes and her Nike running shoes. When we got to her house she said " You want to come in for a while. " "Sure" I follow her inside. She takes her jacket off her big tits press again est the skimpy top she wore. She took the scrunchy from her hair it fell to her waist. She brushed it back having the feathered look. My dick was rock hard watching her.

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"Come on back to my room. I got to check something out. " I follow her in to her room. She turns around and faces me. Lifting my shirt and feeling my wash board abs. I go a head and take my shirt off for her inspection. She comes closer and we kiss passionately. My hands go to her shirt raising it up she raises her arms allowing me to take it from her body. I then reach for the clasp of her bra. it comes off and her beautiful 38D's spring free. Her aureoles are as big as silver dollars and her nipples are hard and erect and a light pink in color.

I give them both a healthy squeeze and kiss and suck her nipples. I feel her hand squeezing my cock. She pulls away for a moment. Looking real hard at the bulge in my pants.

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   Her hands move straight to my sweat pants uniting the string and pulling them down with my briefs. "Oh my your so big. " Stroking my fat 9 inch cock in her soft hand. She drops to her knee's and takes me into her mouth. Massaging my balls while she sucks. I gently fuck her mouth. It's not long I shoot my load and she takes every drop.

"That was awesome. " "Glad you liked it. You can eat my pussy now. " I wasted no time as she flopped down on her bed. I quickly got to work getting her shoes,socks,pants off. I noticed Her white pantie's had a big wet spotin the crotch. As I pulled them down finding her clean Shavian T dive in sampling her juices. Teasing licking and sucking.

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  "Oh baby don't stop. " she begs Holding her pussy wide open for me. I find her cl it and gently suck it till she comes. Locking her leg's around my head.

"Now fuck me. " I mount her and pump her holding her leg's over my shoulders. We move to the doggy style position. So I could get a look at her big tits swinging in the mirror. Finally she takes control getting me on my back and goes wild. fucking me as hard as she can. Before we climax together I got this funny feeling we were being watched. I look toward the door her mom is watching standing in just her pantie's and a Winston 500 T-shirt. When our eyes met she walked away. And me and Misty co med at the same time.

"Babe you know we were being watched.

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  " "Yea I could feel it to. " She gets up puts on her robe and finds her mom in the living room. Holding her pantie's to the side fucking her self with a huge pink vibrator. "Mother I have company in their. " "I know you gonna share him with me?" "No not today I can't be leave you your such a whore. " "And your just like me. " "Put the vibrator up Mikey's got to go before you fuck up another boy friend of mine. " She pushes it into the couch cushion. I get dressed and walk in. "Mikey this is my mom Debee. " It's nice meeting you. " " Same here I hope to see you around more often. " She licks her lip's and smiles. Misty walks me outside and we kiss once more before I leave. .

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