Year of the Beast: Cassandra's Story, Part 1


"Miss Radcliffe, you are tresspassing on private property!" That Bastard Sean Williamson shouts at me through a megaphone. Just because the man runs a logging company, dosen't mean he rules the forests.
"This tree is hundreds of years old, you can't just tear it down!" I shout at him, struggling against two burly loggers.
"What we are doing is completely within the law," Sean says, making me glare at him.
"Maybe the laws of man, but not the laws of nature!" I shout.
"My offer still stands, all you have to do to save this tree, is fuck with me," Sean says, and I growl.
"Not if you where the last man on earth," I say.
"Suit yourself," Sean says, and nods to one of the loggers, who drives his knee right into my chest, knocking the air out of me, and making me fall to the ground gasping for breath.
"Stupid tree-huggers, when will they ever learn?" the Logger says, and laughs as they move over to cut down the tree.
That bastard, he'll never respect nature like he should, I think, and suddenly hear a voice from behind me.
"Cassandra, if you want to stop them, follow the sound of my voice," it says in a strange, femminine way. I look around, not seeing anyone else, I head deeper into the forest.
I follow the strange voice deeper and deeper into the forest. Finally I reach a cave, when I enter, I see a large pool of water at one end with a beautiful waterfall.
Seated on a rock below the waterfall was a beautiful woman, she had long brown hair that cascaded over her body, but that barely covered her nudity, she had breasts that had to be at least 36D, huge compared to my meager B-cup, and a neatly trimmed pussy with only a short strip of pubic hair.
"Isn't it kind of dangerous to hang around here naked?" I ask, not seeing any clothing around.

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"True, but I find clothing too, unnatural," the woman says.
"Was it you that was calling to me?" I ask, recognizing the voice.
"Yes, I am Gaea, the Goddess of Nature," the woman says, and I gasp.
A Goddess? What's she doing here? I think. "How do I know your what you say?"
The woman sighs, and makes a motion, from the woods emerges a silver wolf, who kneels before her.
"This is a special wolf, his name is Felix, he's my trusted companion and pet," Gaea says. "I have seen how much you want for revenge for how humans have destroyed nature, and I am going to give you a chance. "
"How?" I ask.
"I am ready to start over, but to do that, I must give those humans who deserve it, the ability to spread the seed of the beast," Gaea says. "Once infected, any human becomes an animal. And then the world can start anew. Are you willing to do this, Cassandra? You certainly seem worthy enough. "
"I'll do anything," I say, and Gaea nods.
"Felix will help you," she says, and vanishes.
Felix looks at me, I shudder, wondering what was going to happen next.

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  "Are you really willing to do this?" He asks in a voice that is more like a growl.
"Yes, I'll do anything," I say.
"Then remove your human clothing, you no longer have a need for them," he says, and I nod, stripping off my clothing, revealing my small breasts and shaven pussy. "Now, get on your hands and knees, girl!"
He's gonna fuck me doggie-style, I think, and then remember that of course he's a wolf, so that comes natural for him. I do as he says, as I bend over, he positions himself behind me, pressing his huge cock right at my pussy.
"Last chance, human," Felix growls.
"Do it," I say to him. I let out a scream as he rams into my pussy with his cock, but it soon turns into a moan of pleasure as he thrusts deeper and deeper into me, his claws piercing my skin as I feel him thrust even harder into me.
I hadn't ever really been turned on by the thought of being fucked by a man, it seemed weird, but this seemed more, natural, more enjoyable, despite the fact that it was a little painfull as his huge wolf cock penetrates my tight pussy.
The more he thrusts into me, the more I feel a burning. It starts in my pussy, and then spreads to every inch of my body. When he finally cums deep into my pussy, I actually howl instead of scream.
He pulls out, and dissapears into the forest, leaving me retching.
I look down at my hands in shock, my fingers where shrinking into little stubs as I fall to my hands and feet as my bones rearrange into the skeleton of a wolf. Fur grow from every pore of my body except my pussy, and my tailbone elongates to form a tail.

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   My nose and mouth fuse together to form a snout, and my teeth elongate, forming fangs. My ears move up my head and become more pointed, I hold my head back and let out a howl.
Gone is the human, all that remains is the beast, and she will reign in this forest forevermore.
A few days later, back in the logging camp, Sean is sitting at a campfire with some of the workers.
"Hey, we haven't seen that Cassandra bitch in days, I wonder where she went off to," one of the workers says.
"Not to mention half of the other workers," another says.
"Ahh, who cares, she's not around to bug us about the trees, and there's a few less men to pay," Sean says, and stands up, heading towards the forest. "I gotta go take a piss, be back in a few. "
I've been hiding in the forest for the past few days, sneaking into the camp only to take some of the loggers and make them into wolves, the chief servants of Gaea.
Now I see Sean standing by a tree, unzipping his pants, and relieving himself, I wait for a second to let him finish, and then pounce, knocking the company man to the ground. I tear off his clothing with my long sharp claws, and grin in my wolvish way.
"Still want me, bastard?" I say, and his eyes widen.
"Cassandra?" He gasps, and I impale myself on his now hard cock.
I thrust onto him harder and harder, hearing him grunt and groan I laugh.
"Its payback, you bastard, payback from nature, soon you shall serve Mother Gaea!" I say, and feel him cum deep inside me while I let out a howl, soon he joins me, and a new wolf howls at night.

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