The Time Shifter Chapter 8


For Christmas, I bought her a promise ring and took her shopping ata local department store. For Valentine's Day, I took her to a veryexpensive french restaurant that was in my town. Her 18th birthdaywas soon after that, but she had to spend it working. I reallywanted to take her for a holiday somewhere, but I wasn't old enoughyet to do that. So I baked her a birthday cake and brought it to herfamily's restaurant. She blew the candles out in the backroom, had apiece, as did the rest of her family, and then went right back toher job. That night sucked, to be honest. She deserved a lot betterthan that. Monday, I made dinner for her and her family. Not much ofan 18th birthday present, I know. I felt like a total ass. The thingwas that she was so sheltered she hadn't been exposed to anywherenear as much stuff as I had, so she didn't have much of an idea asto what she wanted in the way of material things or where she wantedto go. Plus she had her family obligations to consider.

We graduated in June and I still hadn't gotten further than secondbase with her. There just wasn't enough opportunity for privacyother than my car. I was jacking off a treat, but that didn't bluntthe frustration I felt one iota.

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   During summer vacation, since wehad our mornings and afternoons now largely free, we explored a lotof southern California together. We also went to my favorite place,the beach, at least once a week.

Finally, in the early fall, I became a legal adult. During the nextdate after that, I told her that I was taking her for a weekend inCoronado. Now she knew what my  intentions were without me needingto say anything. I said that I needed to make sure she was going tocome before I could make the reservations. It was still going to bewarm enough to be comfortable during the day there. However,  evenin the 1970's, unmarried people staying in the same hotel roomtogether and living together was still somewhat controversial thanksto the usual suspects at Big Religion. I anticipated that her folkswould strenuously object. I told her that at some point they weregoing to have to let her make her own decisions and she was going tohave to stand up for herself. She agreed and stated that she wasgoing no matter what her parents thought about it. I assured herthat if her people decided to toss her out of the house or some suchextreme reaction that we would get a house together.

There apparently was a strenuous argument about it, but I guess shehad siphoned off enough of the anger born energy by the time Iarrived to pick her up in the early afternoon that they didn't tryto stop us. Now here's the thing about Chinese: the outward moralityis very conservative, but get them in the sack and they are asfreaky as anyone else. It was also no secret that her parents, intheir heart of hearts, would have preferred that she date anotherChinese.

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   At that time in that area, however, there just weren't verymany. There was something of a Japanese-American community and itwould be swamped by Vietnamese in the wake of the South's defeat atthe hands of North Vietnam. But Chinese? Most of them were in theSan Francisco area. A little later, there would be a sizable Chinesepresence in Monterey Park and environs, but that was still a fewyears off. Thus, the reality was that their daughter would be an oldmaid, which at that time was shameful among Asians of all cultures,or she could marry a Caucasian or a Mexican.

We arrived at the hotel about 90 minutes later and went to our room,changed into our swimming gear and hit the beach, taking a nice longwalk hand in hand. We didn't go in the water because in mid-Octoberit was too cold even if the air temperature was very comfortable. Ihoisted her on my shoulders on the way back to our accommodation. Wecuddled and kissed for a while, showered (separately), dressed inour Sunday best and went for dinner at a very fancy restaurant nearthe hotel. We had an outstanding meal and leisurely walked backfeeling full and relaxed. I had made arrangements with the hotelconcierge to have two bouquets of roses and scented candlesdelivered to the room while we were out. When we got to the door ofour room, I opened it and picked her up and carried her over to theleft side of the bed (if you were laying in it) in the dark. "Stayright there," I pleaded. I took a book of matches out of my pocketand lit the candles and then opened the curtains and the slidingglass door that led out on to a little veranda to let the gentlebreeze in. She giggled when I unbuckled the ankle straps of herheels and pulled them off.

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   I kicked my shoes off and peeled my socksoff and went to wash my hands.

She noticed the roses and her eyes sparkled as I looked down intothem. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this moment,"I said. "Me too,"She  smiled. I tenderly caressed her cheek as Islowly and lovingly kissed her soft lips. For the next half hour, asI continued to silently talk to her with my kisses, I graduallydeprived her of her clothes, leaving her petite body naked, heruntrimmed black pubic hair the last line of defense for her sacredgate. After dotting her neck with kisses, my mouth surrounded herleft nipple and used suction to tug on it while my righthand pushedher short legs open and I fingered her clit with a combination ofslight pressure and up and down strokes. "That feels so good,," shemoaned with an almost dreamlike nuance to it. Her breathing wasedgier and her pussy was filling with its lubricant. I was reallyturned on and I hoped that I would be able to hold my orgasm offwhen they big moment came.

I kissed her all over her tummy,  her sides and then went down toher small feet and left a trail of smooches on both legs all the wayto her inner thighs, where I nibbled and sucked them. I pulled heralready erect clit into my piehole and, sucking, licking andslapping it with my tongue, in five minutes, her hips were buckingand she was sighing and moaning madly when her first orgasm rupturedher connection with mundane reality. Provoking those kind ofdesperate pants out of her lent me a sense of fulfillment. I keptthe orgasms coming for her, her tasty juices slurped up by my eagertongue. I stopped at around the 30 minute mark and scooted up nextto her and kissed her passionately.

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   "Oh my God Ricky, I've neverfelt anything like that before!" she gasped. "You're so beautifulwhen you climax," I remarked. She displayed that trademark littlebemused smile and kissed me.

I moved in between her legs and on top of her. "Listen Li-hua, I'llbe as gentle as I can, but it's going to help if you can relax,clear your head and let your body go limp during the early part ofwhat we're about to do. " "Okay," she acknowledged and I carried mydick to her tight opening and barged in on her quite literally. Sheemitted a gasp. "Okay baby, take some deep breaths and let all yourmuscles just go slack, while your thoughts go right out your ears,"I recommended. My cockhead hunkered down between her snug vaginalwalls and crawled forward. "Ahh unnh, that really hurts!" shereported. Fuck. I didn't want to hurt her. This is the part oftaking someone's virginity I hate. I knew I had to just about be ather hymen. I jabbed it quickly most of the way in and I thought shewould begin crying the pain was so sharp.

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   I held it there for aminute or so and then popped it in the rest of the way. I cradledher head in my hands and brushed her cheek. "I love you, Li-hua," Iwhispered before I kissed her.

My hip movements were exceedingly turtle like in order to graduallystretch her vaginal canal. I was struggling to relax myself becauseI was so concerned for how she was feeling. Over time, the vice gripof her vaginal muscles on my cock was loosening and the pain wasbecoming increasingly dull for her. "How are you doing sweetheart?"I solicitously inquired. "Much better," she passively pronounced. Ipassionately kissed her, my tongue whirling all around hers while Irocked my hips just that much faster. I withdrew my lips from hers,took a deep breath, cleared my head and just turned my body into apenis pumping machine, my senses dimmed by my having relaxed all mymuscles. Five minutes later, she was being taken up the mountainpath toward the summit of pleasure by my cock, her brain now cravingmore of the friction we mutually generated. I carried on with mythrusting, relaxing my hips further to get more range of motion andspeed out of them. The quicker her panting became, the faster theflexion of my hips and she climaxed in muscular tremors around herpubic region and thighs. "Oh God Ricky!" she called out in an almostagonized voice as the internal pleasure quake collapsed allresistance to the euphoria the endorphins induced inside of her.

I ravaged her as I continued to cradle her head, intermittentlykissing her, and she had another orgasm and then was beset bymultiples before I turned my sensory perception back on and flushedmy juice down her pink channel.

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   I hugged her firmly almost like wastrying to swallow her body with my arms. "I love you so much,Li-hua. You're so fantastic that I can't describe it in mere words,"I conveyed to her. That enigmatic smile crossed her face again andshe hugged me tightly. We eventually fell asleep and the nextmorning, I woke up early. I watched how gentle her chest rose andfell as she slumbered and lightly stroked her forehead with myfingertip.

I slipped out of bed to shower and brush my teeth. I called roomservice and had them bring breakfast up. We ate it sitting togetherin bed and then had a nice long kissing session. Fuck, just lookingat that face, Jesus, that alone was a good reason to keep on living.

That was the only time we made love that weekend. She was quite soreSaturday and I wanted to give her time to recover. She did, though,have me teach her how to give a handjob and got a kick out of howbig a wad I shot when I came. She got off on it so much that sheseemed to have developed a thing about masturbating me and did itoften with a mischievous grin on her face from that point on. Ofcourse, I would often rub her clit when she did that.

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On the way back home, we discussed having kids. She wanted at leasta couple. I lied that I had a vasectomy because I had previouslydetermined I didn't want children when the truth was that Vishnu hadmade me sterile at my request. She wasn't very happy about that. Ithen promised that I would look into getting it reversed once wewere out of college and, if  not, we could adopt. "How is it thatyou decided to not have children when you were in high school andnow you want to have them with me?" she pondered. "Because otherwomen aren't you," I declared. "I didn't know I was going to be ableto be with you," I reasoned. "I'm not angry with you or anything,"she retorted. "But I think it's natural that a married couple wouldwant children. "

This was her behavioral pattern. She'd never showed steaming madanger, but she'd get this look of disappointment on her face and itjust made you feel like shit. She never said "I love you" to me,either. Instead, she would sit next to me on the couch with her armhooked in mine or want me to lay in her lap or wrap her arms aroundme and want to cuddle. Having lived in Asia during my original life,I guess you could call it, I could intellectually cope with it, butdeep down I didn't like it.

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   However, I had to accept responsibilityfor who I chose as a mate. It's just the way a lot of Asian womenare.