The Time Shifter Chapter 63


The school year ended without any contact with Mary's folks. For allwe knew, they had totally disowned her by then. Socially, thingswould change for me. Dave was moving on to San Diego State, one ofCalifornia's more notorious party schools with an occasionallydecent sports program. Mary and Janice were going to stay in thearea to go to college, but I obviously wouldn't see them at schoolany longer. Carmen was heading to Arizona for her university career,where she had an athletic scholarship. Missy, though, was going toStanford. Denise moved into an apartment with Kana and we wouldbasically see each other only once in a blue moon now.

Dave and I didn't break up because we were never boyfriend andgirlfriend to begin with, just friends and fuck buddies. It was anice time being with him, but now I was going to be able to move on. I had sex with him for the last time a couple of days before hepacked off for San Diego in mid-August. Mary was excited for herfreshman year of college  She was smiling all the time as she rompedaround the house since she was in a pressure free environment.

Her fall quarter began a week before my fall semester and I feltlike a mom sending her child off to first grade when I bid hergoodbye after breakfast. Then she came home around one a littledaunted but still enthusiastic about how different the atmospherewas at that school than the one she recently graduated from. Janiceshowed up a little while later and we went out to eat. When we gothome, they had sex.

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The ensuing Monday, I was now a junior and one of the leaders on myteam since our volleyball squad was comprised almost totally ofunderclassmen. Our talent level, unfortunately, didn't improve muchwith the influx of new blood, so our fortunes would hinge largely onmy right arm.

I wanted to invite everybody for a sleep over, but I had to clear itwith our coach, who said  no because I warned him that I have a gayhousemate. The irony of that was that if I had an older or youngerhetero brother who might also want to hit on the girls that wouldhave presumably been okay. But because Mary was lesbian, it was allof a sudden verboten. "If something happened we just wouldn't needthe p. r. headache,"  he claimed. "But if my brother knocked somebodyup that wouldn't have been controversial?" I questioned. "Dawn, theanswer is no and that's final. " "What if  I have it informally as anevent between friends and not as a team event?" I challenged. "Dawn,if you insist on going through with it I will suspend you forbreaking team rules. " "So there's a team rule about going intohouses with gay people in them? You're about this far from an UnruhLaw violation. Moreover, you're infringing on my right of freeassociation. " "Listen Dawn, I have to protect my players and so theanswer is no.

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  " "So you're slandering my roommate by saying she'sgoing to rape or harm one of my teammates when you don't know who itis?" "I didn't say that. " "Would you feel better if, say, myroommate was a Catholic priest?" "That's it, Dawn, this discussionis over!" "Shit, coach, you like to talk about character, but whatkind of character is it when your first resort is trying to coveryour ass so you don't have to stand up to the nuts in this society?You're a gutless wonder, you know that?" "And you're suspended for aweek. " "Fuck you, asshole, I quit!"

With that, I stomped off and went home. The next morning, in firstperiod, I got summoned to the principal's office. My coach was therealong with the principal, Mr. Butler. "So what are you guysinterrupting my education for?" I snarked. First, they wanted toknow who my roommate was. I declined to tell them, citing privacyreasons, the very rationale they would have used to refuse any pressinquiry into this matter. Then they asked if I was gay, which I saidthey weren't supposed to even ask because such a question wasillegal in California. "Okay you guys, you're wasting my time," isaid, trying to get the upper hand and knock them off their heels alittle bit. "So unless you  have a 'yes' answer to my request to dothe sleepover then I am out of here. " They started with some othershit, but I cut them off. "I didn't hear a 'yes', so I'm going backto class. Then you can try to use the cops to get me out of it andhave to explain it to my $450 an hour lawyer and the judiicialsystem why you did that,"  I snarled, daggers in my eyes.

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   "Oh comeon, you don't have a $450 an hour attornney. " I let out a sigh andpulled my cellphone out of my purse. "Hi, is Karen Stennard there?It's Dawn Anderson. Yes, I'll hold. Hi Karen? This is Dawn Anderson!How are you? Great! Hey look, here is my problem. . . . " I ran throughthe whole thing blow by blow.

"She wants to talk to you," I informed them, handing the phone toMr. Butler. "Hello?" "Who is this?" "This is principal DonaldButler. " "Mr. Butler, I would personally like to thank you for the$4 million dollars in fees I'm about to take your school districtfor. You've broken so many state and federal laws and regulationsthe copy of the lawsuit I will  have you served with tomorrowmorning will be pretty thick.

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   You must be a rookie at your job. Dawnis going to be a very rich woman once this gets through the courts. "Mr. Butler's face went white and sweat broke out on his forehead. "What laws are those?" Mr. Butler stammered. About ten minuteslater, Karen finished explaining her case. "If you like, we can opensettlement talks right now and you can avoid the expense of some ofthe court costs. So what's your proffer?" "Fuck!" Mr. Butlerexclaimed. "I don't consider that a constructive response Mr. Butler. Let me speak to Dawn. " He handed the phone to me and thencalled the school district's attorneys. I went outside to talk toher.

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   "So what do you want out of this, Dawn?" "Karen, I don't needthe money. Charge them whatever legal fees you want and get thetermination of my coach and I'm a happy girl. " "If that's what youwant to do, Dawn. I'll have the suit served tomorrow morning by aguy I know in the Marshall's office and then I'll let you know howit's progressing. " "That's great, Karen. Thank you so much again. ""That's what I'm here for sweety. You have an outstanding day. ""You, too. Bye1"

I went back into the office and Mr. Butler is holding the phoneabout six inches from his head because the attorney on the otherside is screaming at him. Then he asked who my attorney was. "KarenStennard? Oh fuck! Your career is toast! So tell me genius, where doyou think  the school board is going to find anotther $10 million topay for this suit? Because minimum, that's what they'll have to forkout over for this fiasco. I swear to God, why do they keep hiringdumbfucks to run these schools? I'll call her and see if we can worksomething out, but you better start planning an early retirement. ""Dawn, what do you want out of this?" an obviously shaken  Mr.

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  Butler asked me. "Mr. Butler, at this point, it's in the hands of myattorney. So you'll have to wait until she gets back to you. " Andwith that, I went back to what remained of my first period class.

During fifth period, I was summoned to the office again. Mr. Buttlerwas the first to speak: "Miss Anderson,"He began rather formally,""We're very sorry for the misunderstanding. . . " "Don't speak ineuphemisms. It insults my intelligence and is, at best,patronizing," I interrupted. "Sorry," he reacted. "Our attorney hasmade a proffer and your attorney has agreed to it pending yourapproval. In exchange for dropping the lawsuit, we will pay yourattorney's fees plus Mr.

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   Handleson here will be relieved of hisduties as coach. " "Uh huh.   I'll talk with my attorney tonight andI'lll go from there," I said. I got up and circled back to my class.

After school, I called Karen. I wanted the settlement amended tostipulate that a new coach will be hired within seven working days. "This is a deal breaker, Karen. If they can't agree to that go aheadand hit 'em with the full lawsuit," I commanded. The next morning,the amended settlement was in my fax machine. I signed it, faxed itback and the sleepover was on.

Of course, everybody was shocked when our coach was forced out. Butthat's the price you pay for being a bigot. As part of thesettlement, I couldn't discuss any of the underlying facts withanyone nor was I to interfere with Coach Handleson's ability to getanother coaching position. He would also remain as a teacher at theschool. And I was reinstated to the team.

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    In addition, CoachHandleson was not to denigrate me to anyone, nor was he allowed tosay a word about what led to his dismissal.

The other girls sat around with me after dinner Friday as thesleepover got underway and speculated as to why our now former coachgot the axe. When they asked me what my guess was, I just threw myhands up in the air and didn't utter a word. I finally broke thesilence by saying that we were going to have to really pull togetherto overcome this.

With the supervision of one of the other PE coaches, I conducted ournext three practices. We had another coach by the followingWednesday, but that was less than a week before our first match. "Ifinally get to see you in the flesh," Coach Costello remarked thefirst time we met. I guess he had heard about me somehow. He had tobe 6'6" and 250 pounds at least. He was fucking huge. He worked usharder than Coach Handleson did and I think I sweated about fivepounds off during that workout. The practice on Thursday was rugged,but not as much as Wednesday's was. Friday, he worked us over prettygood, but I was fine with it. The freshman girls really needed thereps.

Monday, we worked out for maybe two hours.

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   Then Tuesday, we went outand crushed our opponent. As soon as we got the ball, I would eitherroof their spikes or their spikes were so anemic that one of ourgirls could dig it and then I would hammer it for the kill. It wasover in an hour. Of course, Coach Costello was not pleased at theoverall level of our play. But the problem wasn't a lack of effort;it was a shortage of talent. Wednesday, he got the bright idea ofmaking us try to dig his own spikes. He was a below average playerin world level terms while I was average for a female on a worldlevel. So I didn't have THAT much trouble setting his spikes, butthe other girls couldn't even handle mine, much less his. When myturn came again, he spiked it and I did a spinning back heel kickthat sent the ball rebounding hard off of the wall above thebleachers. If he was going to do something clownish so was I. Hecouldn't believe that I just did that, so he drilled the ball at meagain and I cannonaded it off the wall once more. He had me stand inyet again and this time aimed at my head. I got an overhand set onit and then bicycle kicked it over the net and into the back corner. My teammates were hooting and hollering.

"How in the hell do you do that when the other girls can barely geteven an arm on my spikes?" he admired.

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   "First, coach, you're not aworld class athlete, but I am. Secondly, I have a black belt in JeetKune Do. I know how to hit things. " "I guess. " "I just want to say,though, coach,  that if you got a world class male player in here, Iwouldn't have a hope in hell of duplicating any of that. " "Well, onthat note, hit the showers girls and see you tomorrow!"

I stayed out of school Thursday to take my driving test for mylicense and passed. I drove Mary's car for the examination. Then wewent to a dealership and I bought my own ride. Friday, I gotinsurance for it after school, though I had to skip most of practiceto do that, and I was good to go. Now I could get stuck in trafficlike everyone else.

I went to a party that night, but got bored and left only a coupleof hours in. But Saturday, things were a lot more interesting. Dave's team was  playing Cal State Long Beach. He left tickets forme, though I only went by myself in a strappy white mesh one piecedress and white heels. Dave smiled at me when he saw me about 15rows up behind his squad's bench.


   The arena was maybe half full. Heplayed forward for my high school, but was a guard for his collegeoutfit. Since he was a freshman, he only played for about fiveminutes. Just before tip off, this black guy sat next to me and,within a couple minutes, hit on me. He was in his mid 20-'s, about6'3", athletic looking and dressed in a neat longsleeve shirt andbrown dress pants. He suddenly turned to me and asked who I wasthere to see. He said that he he had a younger brother who was a senior small forward on the CSULB contngent. The "little" brotherwas three inches taller than him. He also claimed to have playedsome college ball himself. He asked me to tell  him about myself. "I'm a junior in high school and play on our volleyball squad," Iaverred. He bought me a coke and the conversation continued for awhile. He slowly moved the topic of discussion to sex. I knew whathe was doing. This guy was smooth.

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He asked if I had a boyfriend and what I like in men. Now one thingthat signaled this guy had his pro player card was that he held myinterest without once giving me a compliment. That already made himdifferent from all the white guys who hit on me, who use complimentsas their opening gambit, which only makes them sound like they'retrying too hard. As the match was winding down, he abruptly put hismouth next to my ear and uttered, "You look like you'd want someblack dick. " I giggled and countered that I'd had worse offers. ThenI added, "You know I'm only 16, right?" He whispered, "If you're oldenough to breed you're old enough to be on my dick," he insistedwith a wicked grin. Dave turned around on the bench and made eyecontact with me and I waved to him. Now I could have slapped the guyfor what he said, but it made me wet instead. "Come on baby, let'sgo beat the traffic over to my place," he commanded. He grabbed myhand and we walked out of the arena. "I only live a few blocks fromhere," he stated. "So let's take your car there " I consented tothat and, a few minutes later, I pulled up to a home in anapparently okay neighborhood.

We went in and I called Mary to let her know where I was. After Ihung up, he stood right in front of me and pulled my hips towardhim. I gazed up at him and he laid a series of slow, lingeringkisses on me.

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   He wrapped me up in his arms and the kissing becamemore heated, but on a simmer rather than a full boil. He squeezed myass both over and under my panties before pulling the straps of mydress off my arms and then taking the entire dress down to thefloor, leaving me in my underwear. He resumed kissing me as heunhooked my bra and helped me out of it, My DD cups popping out infront of him. "Shit, those are some bangin' titties!" he praised. Igiggled and started unbuttoning his shirt. He played with my breastswhile I opened the shirt. He allowed it to drop off of his body andwe exchanged more kisses while he fondled my gazongas some more, hisbig hands rubbing and stiffening my nipples. He had a really nicebody! I unclasped his pants and pulled them open. There was a hugebulge in his briefs and I hurriedly slid them and his pants down tosee his cock. It was long, around ten inches, heavy because of itsfull thickness, and hard.

I couldn't wait to  get my mouth on it and folded my knees to effectthat. "Lick those balls, bitch," he urged. I turned my head underhis schlong and the tip of my tongue skated over the skin of hissack while I stroked his dangerous dangler. I drove the tongue upthe bottom of his shaft and then opened my mouth as widely as Icould to usher his cockhead into it. I gently tugged on the looseskin around his balls while my lips eased as far down as they couldon his enormous fuckstick.

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   I nodded my head back and forth inincreasingly rapid increments, endeavoring to get the whole thinginto my throat, but gagging on the last inch or so and emittingthick ropes of spit on each outstroke. "Fuck, you really know how totake care of some cock," he praised. On and on my attempt to triphis trigger went and then it happened, as his flesh bazooka blastedcum rockets into my mouth. And that was just the beginning.