The Time Shifter Chapter 60


There were a couple of girls who were in the popular clique who werealso on my school's volleyball team. So I began receivinginvitations to the popular clique's parties. The first Friday ofDecember, I went to one such affair along with Dustin, Ronnie, Lisaand Ryan and spent a couple of  desultory hours until I hooked upwith the 22 year old older brother of the guy who was throwing thewing ding. We went upstairs to his younger brother's room and gotbusy. He knew I was a freshman but yet decided he wanted to fuck meanyway, power screwing me to several orgasms a little while after Ihad given him a blowjob. He was cute, so what the hell. The copsshowed up not that long afterward to break the party up. So hedodged a little bit of a bullet there.

Denise and I spent a lot of Saturday together, including in bed. That night, I received a booty call from Lyle and he gave me a goodsorting out and then slept over. When we woke up Sunday morning, wehad sex again and then I made him breakfast before he went home. Acouple hours after that, Dustin turned up and we whiled the day awaytogether, including doing the old in and out. So suffice to say, meand my pussy had a busy weekend.

And oh, I also finally remembered to order a strap on online.

I spent Christmas Day with Lyle, first cooking dinner for us andthen having him bone me into next week. God, what a good fuck he is!When we tired of the food and the sex, he curled me up in his armsand helped me sleep very peacefully.

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   The next morning, after I madebreakfast, he told me that he doesn't know what he misses more whenI go home, the sex or the food. We took a shower together and hesubsequently drilled me again before I departed. We did the samething for New Year's Eve.

On occasion, Ryan and Lisa would come over and use a spare bedroomto have sex in or just get some privacy. The initial condition forme to allow that was to be permitted to see Lisa naked. Her lockerwas two rows down from me, so I had never seen her fully in thenude, just her tits at the sleepover. It was quite the nice sight.

Of course, Denise and I were still having sex every now and againand she hung around a lot with me at lunch at school. We would alsogo on occasional dates. She was great company and it was just fun tobe out with her. She was able to spend the night with me a fewtimes, too, which was nice.

One Tuesday in late January, I joined Ryan and his friends duringlunch. However, Lisa wasn't there. I asked him what happened to her. He said he had put her on a two day suspension for arguing with hmwhen he said he wouldn't go shopping with her.

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   I was so proud. Ipulled him aside, praised him for what he did and remarked that shewould complain to her girlfriends about it and try to look like avictim,  but her friends would think what he did was totally hot. Ialso told him that if she didn't go back to him Thursday, he shouldconsider them broken up. However, if she apologized by the end ofthe suspension then he was to act like the argument never happenedand not rub her face in how he punished her.

I pissed off to track Lisa down and had a conversation with her,too, telling her how guys operate and why it was necessary for Ryan,who had heeded my warning to keep his girlfriends on a short leash,to do what he did. "Look Lisa, I know you love it when he's incontrol. All girls do. But you have to recognize men for what theyare or all you end up doing is exert stress on them, which leads tothem getting rid of you. They basically want to eat, fuck, shit,piss and feel like the king of their domain and when they can't dothose things they look elsewhere. Now go up to him Wednesday andapologize. Then stop overthinking and personalizing everything, lovehim for who he is and you'll be a lot happier, not to mention howmuch happier he'll be with you. "

She still didn't get why he wouldn't go shopping with her and I hadto explain it to her. "Lisa, guys aren't girls. They like the endresult while we like the journey. They also don't like the way weguilt trip them when we ask them how something looks on us.

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   Thatmakes them feel like they have to hide the truth from you so thatthey can keep getting laid, which is really stressful on them and itmakes us look, frankly, insane and narcissistic. So stop thecraziness! Men are not girls and they don't care about the sameshit. They're raised different from the way we are. If you want tofind a guy who loves going shoppng with you get a gay friend. "

The next day, Lisa went up to Ryan during lunch and apologized tohim before giving him a hug and a kiss. Ryan took her hand and heldit while he continued to talk with the rest of us. Then as we allwalked home from school, he had his arm around her. "Hopefully Lisalearned something from all this and her future relationships will bebetter for it," I thought to myself.

I was walking with Ronnie's hand in mine and he banged me after wereached my place. A couple days after that, he began going out witha cute Jewish girl named Maya and he and I never did the horizontalbop again. So that more or less left me and Dustin as the onlyuncoupled people in our group and therefore, except for the timeswhen I was rubbing pussies with Denise or being booty called byLyle, he and I were more or less a couple without portfolio. Thatwould end, too, though.

About a month later and with a new semester underway, I hookedDustin up with a girl in my science class named Carla. She, likeDustin, was cute and nice but not exactly the brightest bulb on theChristmas tree. Knowing that I was going to try to get them together, I lectured Dustin on women and how to handle their needsand personalities before I introduced them.

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   I did the same with hervis a vis men in hopes it would make the arc of their relationshipflow smoother.

A new semester meant a new crop of boys who would get to know me inmy classes as well as more male teachers to tease when the weatherheated up. The first day of spring, March 21st, after I had beendressing mostly in turtlenecks and jeans over the winter, I walkedinto first period wearing a black leather bodycon dress and stilettoheels. Mr. Connors, when he saw me strut into the classroom, let outan involuntary, "woah!"  Everybody laughed, including me. The dayafter that, I donned a pink leather biker vest, white leather pantsand pink knee high boots with spiked four inch heels (worn under thepants).

I had athletics for sixth period, which was devoted to physicalconditioning for us volleyball players. We couldn't yet start topractice our sport as a team due to CIF rules, but we could weighttrain and run together. Denise skipped those workouts since she wasgoing to graduate that semester and she wasn't really athleticallyskillled enough to play major college ball. Instead, she playedsoftball with the regular PE classes that took place during thatperiod. Afterward, we usually showered together and then we would goto my house, have sex and eat dinner. When she turned 18 inmid-April, though, she could begin going to the gay dance clubs andwithin a month got herself a real girlfriend. I was really happy forher.

The female basketball squad also worked out with us during thatperiod. I hadn't known any of the basketball players at all becausealmost all of them were a year ahead of me or I didn't have any ofthem in my classes the previous semester.

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   I also hadn't talked tothem at any of the
parties I went to. I became pretty friendly with three or four ofthe girls on that team, including the two I knew to be lesbians. They were both juniors and had even been lovers at some point. Theywere femme, wearing long hair and very girly attire. One of thegirls was actually a dyke, but her parents were big Christians andso her manner of dress was more of a defense mechanism thananything. I told her that if she had any trouble with her folks shecould stay with me. That sucks, though, when a teenager has to beafraid of revealing their sexuality to his or her mom and dad. Shewasn't even allowed to date boys, not that she would be interested,which turned out to be pretty funny and ironic.

How I found out they were gay was pretty simple: by the way theylooked at me and the fact that once we got friendly they touched mea lot and fiddled with their hair. I saw that same look from Denise I took the one girl, Mary, aside during our weight work andwhispered to her that I knew she was a lesbian and that I wasbisexual myself. Her eyes got real big. She denied it at first, butthen when I approached the second girl, Missy, and said somethingsimilar to her and didn't do that with any of the others, they knewthat I had sussed them out. Missy's parents were really liberal andprobably wouldn't have cared if she came out of the closet, but shewas afraid of somehow disappointing them. And then there was justthe whole skeevy aspect to discussing your sex life with yourfolks. .

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   So she didn't feel she was ready to tell them yet.

Anyway, Mary's mom was dumber than a box of rocks. She didn't wanther daughter dating any boys until she was 18. Yet, once Mary hadchecked in at home after school, she would be allowed to stay outuntil 7 p. m. unsupervised, where she could do all the horrible stuffher parents imagined, like use the internet unimpeded (at herfriends' house), have lesbian sex and even smoke a little weed everynow and again. She wasn't allowed to have a cellphone because theydidn't want her being tempted into sexting. The father worked 70hours a week at a notoriously fascist company and was a crankpolitically. "He's just this side of mentally ill," Mary assessed. "Thank God he's not home that much. "

Mary's virginity had long ago been claimed, except by Missy's strapon and not a teenage boy's penis. I wonder which one her parentswould  prefer? They didn't allow Mary to wear pants, only skirtsthat went down to the middle of her calves. I offered to buy hermore fashionable clothes that she could change into once she got toschool, but she was afraid one of the evangelicals on campus wouldnarc on her and she didn't need the headaches. The only reason theytolerated her being on the basketball team was because they figuredit would siphon off some of her youthful energy that otherwise wouldbe preoccupied by thoughts of boys and sex.

Both her and Missy took the bus home from school and lived rightnear the border of the district's boundaries.

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   Once she said 'hi' toher mother and tossed her books into her bedroom, she would meet upwith Missy and they took a regular bus to come to my house, where wehung out, had sex with each other and listened to satanic music likeDeep Purple, Bruce Springsteen and Otis Redding.

Mary was tall, 5'9," and skinny at around 120 pounds with B cups. Her light brown hair hung down to her ass due to some pentecostalinjunction against women cutting their hair. She had pretty averagelooks facially, had above average intelligence and was a little onthe shy side that belied her tiger-like sexual enthusiasm. I alsofound out she was a great kisser and had a very sensitive andresponsive clit. It could be that the repression in her householdwas being exorcized through her sexual ferocity.

That Saturday, I took Mary shopping at a mall in Costa Mesa, wherenobody was likely to know her, and let her get things she actuallywanted to wear. I hung her new togs up in the closet of a sparebedroom so she would have something to go out in public in now andnot feel like such a geek. Mary also knew Denise, but was so afraidof having her true orientation being discovered  by hanging aroundwith that tomboy that she decided to kind of shine Denise on. WhenDenise came to my house one afternoon and saw Mary, I could see thepuzzlement on her face at what Mary was doing there. Denise knewabout Missy, and had done the deed with her many times, but Missydidn't want to violate Mary's privacy, so she didn't spill the beansto Denise about Mary being gay. .

One thing, though: my fondness for ridiculing religious nuts in nouncertain terms and my own chequered sexual history made me urgeMary to not be seen with me at school lest a bible pounding snitchsend word back to her parents about being under my wicked spell. Allthis bullshit for the sake of a bunch of fairy tales. Amazing.

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While all that was occurring, I met one of the tallest guys on ourbasketball team,  Dave Oliver, at a party one night and he asked meout. He was 6'4," which should tell you something about the lack oflength on his squad. I let him now that I wasn't into having anexclusive relationship at that moment, but if I liked him we mightstill be able to to have some kind of intimate relationship. He wasnonplussed by that response initially. So I told him that if hedidn't want to go out with me now I would understand. He realizedthat he could have somebody to fuck without a lot of the hasslesbeing with a girlfriend entails. It would also leave him a chance topursue other poon, though he had to understand that I was going tosleep with other people, too (of both sexes, though he wouldn't knowabout me going for women).

He picked me up the following night. I asked him to first tell mewhere he was taking me. He said that he was going to take me to achain restaurant and then to a movie. "Honey," I retorted, "I eatbetter food I make myself every night than what that restaurantmakes. And I have kind of peculiar tastes, at least compared to mostpeople, in movies. How about you take me to coffee shop, buy me acup of tea and we can talk for a while and then go fromthere?"Considering that I was basically proposing to save him about$50, he knew that was an offer he couldn't refuse. He rejoinderedthat it was the first time a girl had asked him to not take her todinner.

I explained my thinking to him: "First, Dave, getting to knowsomebody while you watch them eat is kinda awkward at best and itmight even be a little bit gross to some people.

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   Also, when you takesomeone to a movie, you can't really talk to them and that's notvery good for fostering communication. If the movie sucks or it'ssomething one or both of you turn out to not be interested in, ittends to color the mood you're in at the end of the night. Then youhave the money you would have spent; you're hoping that you can getinto her pants after you've spent whatever you've spent. Thatinduces a lot of stress on both sides since access to her pussybecomes a kind of return on investment. So it's better if yousimplify things to get the communication rolling and you're going toget further into developing the relationship that way than justdoing the usual boilerplate bullshit. Finally, if you get a girl whois more interested in how much gets spent on her than thepossibility of having you as a partner she's a whore, not girlfriendmaterial. You kick the whores to the curb so you can find a girl whowill be a good partner for you. "

"Man, Dawn y,ou're a real different girl," he observed. "Yeah, Idon't do herd animal very well," I riposted. "When I first saw youand thought about approaching you, I was wondering if maybe I wasgetting in over of my head. Usually chicks who look like you are abig pain in the ass. " "The reason that chicks who look like I do area pain in the ass is that guys let them get away with it. If guysstart walking away from high maintenance cunts then they will slowtheir roll unless they want to be alone. Be a man, know when yourdignity is being challenged and refuse to allow that bullshit tocontinue. We like guys to be leaders and leaders don't put up withanybody's bullshit.

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"Why are you telling me this stuff? It's kinda weird to go on a dateand get lectured about how to handle women. " "Yeah, you're right. But guys have been cowed into accepting a certain state of affairsthe last 30 years and they're made miserable because of it. And someof the shit women get away with now, as a woman, it's embarrassing. I mean, who elected them princesses? Yeah, a lot of you guys are nobargain, either. I mean, shit, this has to be the slobbiestgeneration of men ever! I see guys at school who just flat gross meout! But fuck, have some standards, guys! Don't take bullshit justbecause the other party has a vagina!"

"Okay, message received, Dawn. But let's say I  bring a girl hererather than to a decent restaurant, isn't she going to think I'm acheapskate?"  "And you care what she thinks because why?" "Because Iwant her to like me. " "Dave, on the street, what do you call a girlwho demands you give her money for her time?" "A hooker. " "And thedifference between that girl who demands you spend money on her forher time and a hooker is what?" "Point taken. " "And at least wiiththe hooker, you know you're getting laid whereas regular women usetheir vaginas as bargaining chips from day one until; the day theydie. People like to condemn prostitutes, but they're probably morehonest about what they do than so called respectable women. " "Yeah,I can see that. So what you're saying is make things simpler anddon't put up with women's shit. " "That's right. And when they starttrying to fuck with you, you calmly but firmly tell them to knock itoff and to act like a rational adult or you're walking.


   And if theydo it again you leave and never come back. They will bitch to theirgirlfriends about how you booted them, but their girlfriends willfind what you did oddly attractive because their current boyfriendis probably a pussy who is so afraid of losing access to her vaginathat he allows her to walk all over him. And does she respect himfor it? Fuck no. As soon as someone with a bigger dick or, morelikely, a bigger wallet comes along the pussy will find himself outof doors so fast he won't know what hit him. "

"You know, I gotta hand it to ya Dawn. Usually chicks endlessly yapyap yap about shit I don't care about. But you've taught mesomething i  can use. " "Thanks, baby, I'm glad to be of use tosomebody," I giggled. "I'm going to get something, Dave. You wantanything?" "Nah, that's okay. " "Dave, don't be a pussy. What do youwant?" "i want a hot chocolate. " "Okay baby. Be back in a minute. "

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