The Time Shifter Chapter 20


It was exactly two weeks later when Mr. Easley sent me, Pete and Joenotes via one of the student office assistants that the pictureswere ready and we could all come in after school to have a look atthem. The quality of the shots ran the gamut from horrible toexcellent. Of the 1000 or so snaps, maybe 20% were of some kind ofusable quality. I expected that to be the case anyway. We critiquedthe photos for the students, telling which ones weren't composed correctly for the purpose we had undertaken the project. Any obviousflaws (out of focus, etc) we didn't mention because they werereadily apparent and thus didn't bear much discussion.

A good percentage of the high quality pics were by one guy, Al Snow,who took home five $20 bills. I also told him that if he wanted tobe our band photographer that would be great, but he wouldn't getpaid for it. Instead, he would gain experience for being a rockphotographer by shooting show after show and doing further photoshoots on his dime if he was so inclined. He also had to agree togive us first shot at the photos and we would pay for developmentcosts of the snaps we wanted and, if we used them, we wouldadvertise that they came from him. I gained possession of the shotshe took at the rec hall and had a professional photo house print theones we needed/wanted.

I did choose shots from a couple other photographers, too, andreimbursed them for the rolls of film they shot those on, which wasvery little money. Those, too, I had printed. Jim wanted a color8x10 of me playing live with my Les Paul tilted up toward my body asI was fingering a lead break and a couple wallet sized photos, one ahead shot of me, the other a full length one.

With the black and white photos, we assembled a press kit and sentit out to Southern California clubs that used cover bands.

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   Whatlimited our opportunities was that we were strictly hard rock. Weweren't going to do R&B, pop stuff or country rock. We did getsome bookings, though, by clubs that chose to have hard rock nightsafter the first of the year since we decided we were going to shutit down after the junior high Halloween gig as  far as doing shows.

We weren't allowed to use our pyro at that junior high appearance,either, but we went down pretty well for what the occasion was.

November 1st, the Scorpions released what I think of as their firstproper album (Lonesome Crow I view as a horrendous aberration), "Flyto the Rainbow. " I had the band learn "Speedy's Coming" while Ipersonally memorized every song on the record. Then on the eighth,Queen's "Sheer Heart Attack" was issued and I directed the group tonail "Now I'm Here," "Killer Queen" and "Stone Cold Crazy. " When were-started activity in February, we would open our shows with "NowI'm Here. "

Deep Purple dropped their "Stormbringer" opus on December 10th and Iadded the title track to my personal repetoire, but not the band's.

With Christmas now looming, I told Jim not to get me anythingbecause I already had everything I could ever want, including him. Isaid the same to Pete and added to both that I would be steaming madif they showed up present handed. However, I did buy Pete a newblack Rickenbacker 4003 bass since he had been mooning over themforever. For Jim, I took him to a couple of motorcycle shops andencouraged him to have at it, including whatever modifications hewanted made on his ride or parts he wanted to buy so he could dothose alterations himself. He bought some new leathers and differentparts, but I had to keep prodding him to make sure he was gettingeverything he wanted short of ordering a new custom chopper. Iwasn't going to go for that.

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I spent Christmas day alone. Jim saw it in with his family. Heinvited me to go with him, but I didn't want the pressure of havingto deal with people I didn't know or couldn't tell to fuck offwithout making Jim looking like an idiot or worse for choosing me. Ijammed for a few hours, listened to music and read. My Christmasdinner was spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread. I missed nothaving him there, but Christmas has such a peculiar pressure aboutit that it was cosmically for the best that he wasn't over at myhouse again until the afternoon of the next day.

New Year's Eve we spent together in my bed having sex and we werealready well into snoozeville when it became 1975. I had encouragedJim to go out and party if he wanted, but he said that he didn'twant to be out on his bike at night with so many drunks on the road,so he opted to be with me that evening instead. I was glad he was.

Two days later, the holidays were over and I was back in school. Inow only had five months and change left in my schoolgirl career andI wasn't going to miss it once I put it in  my rear view mirror. Italked with the others in the band and we scheduled a legion hallconcert for Valentine's Day. On the fliers we left in record storesand such was the headline, "rock hard with us on a day wheneverybody else goes soft and sappy!"

I went up to L. A. that weekend to leave flyers in record storesthere.

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   I brought my Strat with me because I decided to stop by RandyRhoads' mom's music school and see if maybe I might be able to jamwith Randy again. I came in with some fliers in my hand and myguitar on my back. Mrs. Rhoads came out to see who just walked in. "Melody!! How are you dear!" she greeted me warmly. "Hi Mrs. Rhoads. May I please leave a few fliers here about my bands upcoming show?""Of course, dear. " Then I asked if Randy was available for a jam. "I'm afraid not," she responded. "He's with one of his studentsright now and then he has a classical guitar lesson after that. "Just as I was about to excuse myself, Randy emerged. "What's goin'on Melody?" he chirped. "Hi Randy! I was just distributing fliersfor my band. " "Cool! Hey, can you come back here for a coupleminutes?" "Sure honey.

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  " Mrs. Rhoads let me in the back and we wentinto a room where there was a kid who appeared to be about 15. "HeyGeorge, this is one of my former students Melody," he introducedwhile winking at me mischievously. George and I did the soulhandshake thing that kids did back then. "Melody's going to show youwhat you can do when you practice religiously. " Of course,  I knewwhat Randy was doing. I plugged my Strat into George's littleMarshall combo amp, cranked it and began hammering out "The SongRemains the Same" and then tthe solo sections from "Burn. " "Sodude,  you aren't going to let yourself be shown up by a girl areyou?" Randy teased. "No," George said defensively. "How often do youpractice, Melody?" he asked. "When I'm not rehearsing with AtomicSunrise, I play 6-8 hours a day," I advocated. Then I wacked thevolume control on my Strat back up and did a hyper speed Yngwiestyle version of Bach's "Air on a G String. " Both Randy and George'sjaws hit the floor. "Well Randy, I have more fliers to distribute. Take care sweety!" I said and gave him a quick peck on the cheek,waved "bye" to George and left.



That week, Jim was over at my place four or five times, but I onlysaw him twice during the two weeks after that. I wondered ifsomething was up and, as I was to find out, there was. The last weekof January, he said he wanted to talk to me about something. Nowkeep in mind that we had an open relationship anyway, so it's notlike I was going to be shocked if he sprung the new girlfriend thingon me, especially after I rejected his kinda sorta wedding proposala while back. He said that since he was now 34 he wanted to havekids while he was still young enough to enjoy them and so he hadrecently begun dating another girl and was going to end hisrelationship with me to focus on her.

I prefaced my remarks by saying that I was grateful for the time heand I were able to be together and that I thought he was a wonderfulman and how lucky the other woman was for landing them. Then Iinterjected the "HOWEVER" on him and went into a long monologueabout the pitfalls of marriage (especially on the financial end formales), how women operate and urged him to be very careful about whohe got involved with. I also said that he was welcome back in my bedif he broke it off with her provided that I wasn't involved withsomebody at the time.

"For such a young chick you're really smart about a lot of things,"he complimented. "I've had to be, honey. I've been living on my ownsince I was 15," I lied. I hugged him, kissed him and he left. Thatwas the last I ever saw of him and I hope that he found happinesswith his new mate.

During our next band rehearsal, I informed Pete that Jim was out ofthe picture now, which he was conspicuously happy about. For thefirst couple of weeks after the break up with Jim it felt weird notto have him there, but I was eventually able to move on.

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   I neverquite found someone like him again, either, and I admit that even ifI moved on I still often wished the guys I met had more "Jim-like"qualities. But everyone's different and you have to accept them forwho they are.

Van Halen had a gig scheduled at the Whisky that Friday and so Iwent to see it. After getting in, I went up to the club's manager,Mario, who was always very personable and had a great sense ofhumor, and asked if he would allow me to have a quick chat with theband. He also really liked his patrons and so he led me upstairs tothe band's dressing room. I was dressed in a black corset with redlaces up the front, a black leather mini skirt, black fishnet thighhigh stocking and matching four inch heels with black lacy pantiesunderneath. "Fuck, it's you again!!" Eddie said when I entered theroom. "Hi guys," I began. "Why don't you let me sit in with you?" Irequested. I had my Gibson Explorer and Marshall amp and cabinet inthe trunk of my car just in case, though I thought the best I wouldactually get out of such a request was probably a, "you gotta bekidding!" Nonetheless, I guess Eddie was intrigued enough and hadhis guitar tech go with me to my car and fetch my equipment. I tookmy Explorer back into the dressing room while my amp and cab wereput alongside Michael Anthony's. Eddie did a run through of "D. O. A. "and I picked up on it right away and then we jammed on it for alittle bit, with me doing some tapping improvisations of some lickshe put on the later Van Halen records while Dave was still in theband.

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   "Where did you learn to do that? I thought I was the only onedoing that," he said. "I learned it from you, sweety. When I saw youguys the first time it was pretty apparent what you were doing evenwith your back turned to the audience," I lied. We then jammed on acouple ZZ Top numbers, including "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers,"which was a regular part of their sets when they mostly did covers,Cream's "Crossroads" and a couple more tunes while the opening actwas still hacking through their allotted time slot.

Eventually, Van Halen came on and were playing a blinder when"D. O. A. " came up next. "We have something very nice for your nakedsteaming eyes tonight," Dave mused in his Jim Dandy-ish growl, "andyou're not going to believe what you're about to see," he asserted. I scurried downstairs to the stage, plugged in and clicked my ampon. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Melody Kang!" he declared and weslammed directly into the tune. As planned, we were going to stretchout the solo section. Eddie crouched with one leg outstretched andhis guitar on the stage for the first part of his solo beforeleaping up, spinning around and doing a quicksilver tapping passagebefore he nodded to me and I did my take, playing fast pentatonicarpeggios before I also turned my back and unleashed a blisteringhail of two handed hammer ons. Then Eddie came on for another solo,using some wittily phrased pick harmonics to conclude it beforehanding it off to me, whereupon I took some cues out of the JeffBeck playbook and then finished up with a neat legato phrase beforewe took it home. Fuck, jamming on stage with Van Halen.

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   Thank youVishnu!!

After the show, Eddie complimented me on what I did. Michael wasvery sweet to me, too, and I told them to just keep at it since Ibelieved they were going to be one of the biggest bands in the worldby the end of the decade (which, of course, was true!). That was thelast time I bothered them. Mario told me I "was quite a littleplayer. " I gave him a hug and thanked him before rolling my rig andmy guitar out to my car.

On Valentine's Day, after me, Pete and Joe departed from school, wewent to my place to get ready for the show that night. Our road crewcame and hefted our stage and equipment into a rented truck and Ifollowed them to the venue. We met the hall manager there and he letus in. Two hours later, we had soundchecked and were ready to go. Welet what looked like a sizable crowd file in and just about filledthe place, which had a capacity of 200. We kicked it off with "NowI'm Here," went from that right into "Stone Cold Crazy" and didn'tlook back for the next two and a half hours, including threeencores, blistering the crowd with heavy riffs, intricate and showyleads and plenty of pyro. We fucking destroyed. What a rush thatwas!

I decided to cap it off with some sex and, after we stowedeverything back at my place, everyone left but Pete. He and Irepaired to my bathroom, where we showered together. I gobbled somemore of his sperm down my gullet before we toweled off and floppedinto my bed, where he returned the favor by giving my clit a goodsorting out and me quite a number or orgasms.

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   He climbed on top ofme and I felt his stiff dick crawl into my cunt. It was then on withlots of humping, pumping and moaning before I began screaming inorgasmic euphoria, culminating in his cum making a mess of my womb. I invited him to spend the night with me and he did, though he hadto go to school in the same clothes, including his socks, that hewore the previous day. .

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