The Taking of the Beast


Posted below is the First chapter of a story I have been working on.   Its way out of my league as to what I normaly write, but I would like some constructive feed back from those that know the meaning of the word constructive.   Thank you.
The moon slowly crept in thought the curtains as he sat there watching over her.    The sights and sounds had even haunted me, where had she come from.   He glanced at his watch, Eleven O’clock.   The night was still young as he heard the calls from out in the city.   The beasts were alive, and they knew she still lived.   No one would get to her now, not without going though him.   He had to know more, but could she take another trip like that.   She was already weak but her scent soon began to fill his naustrals.   Her lust violently grabbed a hold of him as he stood there watching over her.   He wanted her once more, and she would be his once again.
He stood over her, staring at her, as she lay motionless in the bed, just a corner of the sheet covering anything that was her.   He stared at her sleeping body, the silky, velvety black hair flowed from her, caressing her body as it reached down her body.   It lay tangled in some spots, straighter in others, victims of an earlier struggle.


     Her breath was short and shallow, as she lay there motionless.    He couldn’t take it much more; her scent was invigorating, intoxicating.
The night had taken hold, and the change was coming. It was always so violent, so harsh on him, but this was who he was.   There lived a beast within him, and as the sun gave way to the night, it came though as well.   He knew his lust for her would drive him even more.   A rage washed over him, it was about to happen.   His blood boiled as his heart pounded faster and faster.   The pulling was about to start; he looked down to watch his hands, the nails starting to grow longer.   “It is happening,” he thought.
Howls could be heard off in the distance as this new creature was taking shape.   How whole body began to grow violently, His hands now grew to twice-there size.   His arms and legs had grown as well, now more powerful, fully developed masses of muscle.   His chest seemed to be ripped out from him, it moved as waves on the ocean, the ripples growing more and more.   The intenseness of the whole transformation had finally taken its toll as the collapsed on to the floor.

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     His body continued to transform as he called out his name, groggily, and still asleep, “ Brian?   Brian!”
He heard the calls, and moved himself closer to the foot of the bead so as to not be seen.   “Yes Karen, I am here,” he replied to her, his voice deeper and with a hint of a growl.
Karen looked around the room, her dark eyes searching frantic for her new found love.   “Brian?   What are you doing, come back to bed with me. ”
Brian’s ears perked up, all the sounds around him seemed to be magnified now.   He heard everything, that made a sound, and her movements were all heard.   She was moving towards him, and her scent hit him hard, like a slap in the face as the sheets fell from her body.   The animal lust that was inside him grabbed a hold of him, his mind raced to gain control with no luck.   He stood up before her at the foot of the bed, a growl of lust slowly emanating from him.
Karen screamed as she saw the beast rise from the foot of the bed.   She frantically moved away, pulling the sheet up over her body trying to conceal her nakedness as she screamed for help.   The Beast moved towards her, what was it she thought as she tried desperately to push her self though the wall. She screamed once more, hear fears choking her up, Screams, now just gurgling.
Brian moved methodically, the beast he was now was no were near as charming as the man that brought this lovely beauty back here.   The beast lived inside of him, but now he lived inside of it.

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It had all control; it wanted its own satisfaction.   He moved even closer to Karen, her scent was even more intoxicating.  
Her screams were going nowhere, Brian was gone, probably killed by this beast, and it was moving closer to her.   She looked at it, her eyes still filled with tears.   She trembled every move it made towards her.   Its face was nothing like she had ever seen; yet she had seen it before.   Pictures and movies, but this couldn’t be real.   It was all fantasy, nothing real.   She tried to rear back as it moved closer, its snout so close to her, she could feel its hot breath breathing down on her.
Brian stared at her from deep with in the beast that he was.   Watched as she trembled, flinching as he moved his head around her.   Her scent was intoxicating… the perfume she wore, mixed whit the scent or her cunt.   His heart began to pound even greater as he knew he would make her his once more.   He raised his had and tore the sheet she held to protect her.   He drank in her body with his eyes, his nostrils flaring as he moved closer to her.

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Karen squealed a little as the sheet was ripped from her, exposing her bare body to the beast.   She held her legs close to her as she leaned against the wall.   Fear griped her throat, squeezing the breath from her, as the beast seemed to smell her.   She flinched again as its cold nose gently grazed her thigh.   It reared back slightly and growled at her as it looked into her eyes.   She gasped as she seemed to see into the beast, and the beast seemed to know her…   “Brian,” she thought?
Brian couldn’t look at her gaze any more; he saw the flash in her eyes as she realized who he was now.   He reached for her leg and pulled it towards him, trying to open her up.    She screamed out, “NO!”   The noise angered the beast as she pulled from his grip.   He let out his own growl as he raised his other hand, and swung it back against her head.   Her body fell away from him, slithering off of the bed, slumping onto the bare floor next to the bed.   Brian leapt towards her coming to a rest over top of her, a low growl coming from him as her head turned towards him.
Karen’s mind came to a crashing halt as the force of the beast’s hand threw her from the bed.   She felt herself falling, slumping to the ground.   He was over her as she tried to turn over, his fiery breath heating her soft skin.   She could still feel the burning, stinging feeling of his hand on her head and tried to reach up to touch it.

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     His grip was fierce on her wrist as he grabbed her hand and started to pull at her.   She screamed out “NO!   STOP THIS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”
Brian grabbed at her arm, pulling her to where he wanted her.    He loved the fighting she was putting up; it fueled the fire inside of him.   He burned wildly to have his satisfaction with her, and her struggles making it even more exotic for him.   In her struggles, he managed to get her turned to all fours, and grabbed a fist full of her raven black hair.   He yanked hard on it, getting her attention, stopping her from her feverish attempts at escaping him.
The tension on her hair caused Karen to stop her struggles, her whole body tenses up as this creature moved over her.   She started to move away again, only to have her hair yanked back, pulling her head back.   Every time she tried to scream, and get away, it was always cut short by another violent tug.   His hot breath seemed to be burning a hole though her neck and back.   She felt him moving over her, and again she struggled o get away from him, and again he yanked her back in line.    She felt his arm wrap underneath her.   The soft fur on his arm was caressing and frightening at the same time.   He now had a firm grip of her, and her body was now his to do as he pleased.
Brian slowly moved tighter to her, his body in line with hers.


     He couldn’t keep his passion of her any more.   She was in the perfect position, and he held her tight, not letting her go.   He kicked her legs open slightly more as his own manhood began to grow.   It slowly started to emerge from its sheath.   The reddish pink head came first, slithering its way out with every pulse of his heart.   His own hips soon began to move in a rhythmic manner.   He was ready for her now, and still grew even more and more.
Karen felt the beasts cock rubbing up against her.   She started to panic, and screamed out, “What are you doing, you can’t do this!”
Karen’s screams fell upon ears that would not hear her.   Brian started to adjust his thrusts; he could feel her wetness sliding on his cock.   He knew were his mark was, and had to hone in on it.   With a couple more thrusts, the mixture of her wetness and his own pre-cum, he began to slide into her.
Karen felt this creature find her womanhood.   She gasped as he entered her.   Tears began to fall as he began to thrust deeper and deeper into her.

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     She was powerless to stop him, and let him have his way with her.   He pounded her harder and harder, and soon began to really fill her up. She felt him begin to swell inside her, her own passions starting to take control of her mind.   She tried to fight it, this just wasn’t right, but she found herself wanting more and more.  
Brian felt her start to get into the rhythm.   She liked it to, and he lusted for her even more.   He released his hold from around her waist and grasped her shoulder and began to thrust harder and harder into her.   He felt the knot starting to grow inside of her.   Her own secretions were mixing with his.   She was in heat for him and he was powerless to stop himself from being one with her.   His own fur was matting as her own cum was making its way onto him.   His knot grew even more inside of her, linking her with him.
Karen couldn’t believe she was starting to enjoy this.   This beast, this monster had taken her as his own and she was starting to like it.    She began to herself for it.

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     He was raping her, and she was enjoying it.   She was even thrusting back at him, fucking him even.   Her own body was fighting her on his.   Orgasm after orgasm flowed though her body, as this foreign cock seemed to know every mark, every point to touch.   She felt him growing inside of her; she wanted more and more of him.   She wanted to feel him more and more.   She reached back through her legs, and started to rub her own clit.   Her hand was now moist with her own cum.   She reached back to touch him; he was so massive in her.   She began to caress the semen filled balls that slapped up against her legs.   They were so soft in there downy soft, fur covered scrotem.   She gently rolled them though her fingers.    Her thoughts were racing, more and more.   She wanted to explore this creature more and more.
Brian’s thrusts were more systemic now.

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     He felt is cum starting to boil over.   His knot was deeply embedded in her; she could not escape him now.   He moaned his own pleasures as he felt her caressing him nuts.   He thrusted more and more inside of her, he leaned back to grab her hips as he dug into her more and more.   Everything was becoming a blur, the excitement, the pleasure, the joys, all combining for a wonderful experience.
Karen felt his grasp on her, she moaned out in her own pleasures as he held her tightly.   She put her hand back down on the floor, balancing her for his harder thrusts.   She could feel him about to cum.   She wanted it even more now.   She thrust back to meet him on every thrust.   “Oh god, oh god this is so great!” she thought.   She wanted him more and more now; She had to have him as her lover.   A Fiery lust grew inside her for him; he had taken her by force, now she would be his forever.
Brian tilted his head back as he thrusted deeper into her, burying himself into her.   He let out a great Howl from deep with in him as his cock began to extrude his fiery load of seamen deep inside of her.

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     Pulse after pulse; Wave after wave of his hot seamen shot into her.   Her own body convulsed with each and every shot that he buried inside of her.  
Karen’s juices were making there way down her legs, and she could feel each and every drop as it slipped out of her overflowing cunt.   It was like rivers flowing down her leg, pudding around her knees.   She heard the beast that was entwined in her let out a heart-stopping howl as Karen felt her new lovers climax fill her.   Her own screams of pleasure danced with his, a song of the night, a song of ecstasy.
As the last pulses of cum squirted out from Brian’s cock, he looked down upon Karnes back.   Her hair was to one side, and she seemed to be panting slightly, a bitch in heat, a bitch satisfied.   His lust for her was soon replaced by an even greater hatred and feelings of disgust.   Her neck was an inviting target, and his anger drove him into her.   His cock was still imbedded in her as he opened his jaws widely and came down on her neck with a great vengeance.   His teeth pierced though her flesh, sharpened daggers making their mark.   Her blood squirted from her veins, filling his mouth.   It covered his muzzle, and started to gush everywhere as he loosened up his grip on her.   She tried to move away, and he sunk his teeth even deeper into her.


     He pulled back, ripping out the flesh of her neck.   He held onto her tightly, her screams slowly fading away as haunting songs prancing though his mind.   He chewed the flesh he had in his mouth, its flavor something to savor, something he enjoyed.  
Her body fell limp, and Brian let lose the grip he had of her, her head hitting the ground, her body still attached to his throbbing cock.   His knot had remained swollen inside of her, and his sexual arousal was being peaked as he felt her lifeless body fall forward.   He moved forward himself, picking her up slightly once again to have his way with her.
Brian started thrusting in her once again.   His cum provided plenty of lubricant for him as he thrust his cock in and out of her dying cunt.   He groaned and grunted, quite enjoying the fucking of this lifeless bitch.   The thought of her lifeless body excited him even more, and with a second round of pleasure, his climax filler her warm cunt once more.
Brian leaned on the bed, the rush and high of the second orgasm slowly washing off of him.   He felt his knot, still buried in this lifeless being, slowly begin to soften, and then with a thump of Karen’s body on the floor, he was free of her.   He snorted at her, disgust showering his face as he looked at her slumped body.   He stood up; his seven foot nine inch body towered over her.   He moved over towards the window, walking on her corps as she lay there getting cold.


     He looked down at himself, she was all over him; his fur was matted with her cum, and her blood.   He reached out the opened window and readied himself to leave.   He looked back at her, his thought were savage, “Stupid hommid you were, but a toy.   A simple toy for my pleasure. ”   His voice fell upon deaths ears, but she couldn’t tell anyone.
The savage beast made its way out the window and back into the city from where he came.   The city streets were always quiet at this time; this made his travel so much easier.   He knew he had to make his way to the park; the fountain would quickly wash away all this mess that still covered him.
Brian scanned the park as he arrived; nothing seemed to be moving but the water at the fountain.   He quickly made his way for it, not stopping for the police barriers that had been set up around it.   The water was cool as it penetrated his outer coat of fun, reaching his bare skin.   Brian soaked up the water, standing over the spraying fountain.   The water started turning a pinkish color, and Brian moved off the fountain and came down on all fours on the concrete ground around the fountain.   He shook violently, throwing all the excess water from his body and pelt.   It showered down all around him, turning the light grey cement its darker, wetter look.

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     He looked back at the fountain for a moment, then leapt over the barricade, and ran back into the city to his final resting place for the night.
Sergeant Magnetos started at the report that sat on his desk, his hand tapping his pen on the desk.   His partner sat across from him, staring at the ceiling, seemingly lost to the world.   A large stack of manila folders took over a corner of his desk.   Another victim to add to that stack just landed on his desk.   He read the report to himself, everything the same, just the names and faces were different.   This one read:   Karen Reynolds, age 26, five foot four, 125 lbs, Black hair, brown eyes.   Cause of Death:   Extreme Violent trauma to the back of the neck.   Special notes:   body found to be filled with animal fluids.   Sergeant Robert Magnetos picked up the crime scene photos and looked at the victim’s trauma.   He threw them back down on the desk in disgust, cursing at his partner.   “God Damn it Tom, This is the Fucking 29 th victim here, and it’s all the same.   When are we going to get a break in this?
Fade into chapter two

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