The Devil His Due: Crossroads III, Chapter 2


“You take careful consideration into what apparel you’ll wear for the day, beginning with your panties. ” He continued. “That’s inappropriate!” She exclaimed, shocked that a priest would say such things. “But true. Tell me you don’t search through your dresser in the morning, looking for some nasty little pair to wear. Tell me that you don’t purposely choose a pair that’s high-cut, or trimmed with lace. Tell me that you don’t pick a bra that matches the panties perfectly. ” He said. “What the hell is your point?” She asked, her words resonating the rage she felt at Father Grant’s words. “My point is that your actions are being directed, Paris. You’re driven, just like the rest of the world, by that minute flicker of sin hiding within you. Without even realizing it, you spend every morning preparing every detail of your appearance. And for what?” He asked her, not caring what her answer may be. “To look nice. It’s called proper hygiene, you sick fuck. ” She said, enraged.

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  “It’s called the desire to get fucked, Paris. ” He smiled, sarcastically. His words left her in utter shock. Paris was at a lack for words. She watched as he sipped at his coffee, smirking at her from behind the cup. “Everyone’s driven by sin. Everyone. ” He said, before clearing his throat. “Then what makes you so qualified to consider yourself a man of God?” She asked, as an obvious retort. Her words seemed to amuse him. “I could tell you right now that I have no physical attraction to you, Paris. I could say that my devotion to the faith has kept me from partaking in the love of a woman for over fifteen years… but then, I could also tell you that you shit rose pedals. It doesn’t make it true. ” He chuckled. “The truth is, under this table, I’m suffering from an erection so stiff that it hurts.

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   I’m only human. So are you. So, when you speak to me about the biblical devil using human lust in an attempt to rule the earth… you expect me to go off on some mission to help you stop him?”“I thought…” Paris searched for the words. “You thought wrong. If burning in hell is the price I have to pay, just for Satan to force you to submit to the kind of fucking I’ve always wanted to give you… light a match. ” He laughed. Tears erupted from Paris’ eyes. His words were incredibly hurtful, and they were the last thing she expected to hear from the man who she spent most of her life hearing sermons from. With a stumble, her coffee was spilled across the table and her chair was knocked over. She ran, not knowing exactly where to go, but knowing that she had to get away from him. In her haste, she failed to notice the couple across the street, smiling at her as they strolled along their way. --Jessy couldn’t help but find herself amazed at the sheer sight of the building, in front of her. The sign hanging above the large double-doors read ‘The Cathedral,” and the design of the building suited the name. “At one point, it was somewhat of an outlandish church for the people of this area. That was before they established a number of nightclubs on the street.

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   After that, the crime rate went up, and it was decided that a church in the area was ridiculous. ” She remembered him telling her. Since then, it had become a gothic nightclub. Cody smiled at her, sadistically. “Does it suit your taste?” He asked, as she stared at the magnificence of it’s stained-glass windows and large steeple with mannequins bound to it. “Beautifully. ” She said, grinning. “And tonight it becomes ours?” “Yes, tonight everything becomes ours. ” He answered. --“You were supposed to be helping him!” Cheryl yelled to Trish. “Not hanging out with your boyfriend! Now he’s missing, Tricia. Now he’s gone. ” Her mother was hysterical. Tears streamed down both of their faces. “He told me to go! He said he had it under control, so don’t blame me!” Tricia screamed back at her, as a police officer entered the office to the store.

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   When she could find her father, she’d called her mother to see if he’d gone home. When she said he wasn’t there, the decision had been made to call the police. It was only a matter of minutes before Tricia’s mother made it to the store from the house, and a good thirty minutes later before the first of the police arrived. Since then, three more had pulled up, questioned the both of them, and were examining the burns on the floor. “Excuse me, Mrs. Bridges?” The officer asked, trying to avoid falling in the middle of the argument. “Yes?” She asked, before turning to him. Her eyes were bright red, the tears still visible on her face. It was obvious how hard this had hit her. “I apologize for interrupting, but we have an eyewitness across the street that places a young brunette female entering the store about an hour and a half ago. Do you know of anyone who might fit that description?” He asked, his notepad in his hand. “A young brunette? No, I don’t…” Cheryl started to answer, her expression one of confusion. “Sir, when you get a moment, I need to speak with you. ” Another officer said, peeking inside the room. The first officer nodded his head, dismissing him, and turned back to Cheryl and Tricia.

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  “I remember a brunette. ” Tricia said, disgusted with herself for not remembering it sooner. “About my height. She left as I walked up, but I just thought she was a customer. She had a book in her hand. ”“And you didn’t say anything about this before?!” Cheryl yelled. “I had forgotten about it!” Tricia replied, obviously upset. “Tricia, can you describe her to me? How old did she look, what was she wearing?” The officer asked. “I don’t know. Older than me, but she still looked like a teenager. She was wearing a sundress. ”--“Fuck yes!” Matthew exclaimed, unable to contain his excitement. The sheet moved slightly, and the bulge beneath it made itself known, complete with Matthew’s dick in ‘it’s,’ or rather ‘her,’ mouth. The little blonde grinned up at him, as she took his cock deep into her mouth and giggled. Suddenly, the phone rang.

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  “Shit. ” He said, before motioning to the girl to stay quiet. He answered the phone, his voice showing no sign of stress. “Hello?” Between his legs, the young blonde continued with her task. “Hey, Tricia. What’s wrong?” He asked, his voice now showing concern. The girl pulled his dick from her mouth, and began licking up the shaft, as her eyes locked with his. “What do you mean, he’s missing?”[I know, short chapter. Still setting up the rest of the story. #3 coming soon. ].