Possessed By the Devil


The darkest parts of the old country still haunt me.   Outside of the small village of Peruses near the Romanian border was where I grew up with my mother and two aunts and a cousin that was odd in the head.
We lived on a small farm nestled snuggly between two large dense parts of the forest.   Our only way to survive was to grow our own food and be used by anyone who could pay for it.
My mother was 32, and 5’5” 180 pounds, red headed, green eyes and pale as snow.   While she was round she was not ugly by any means, many men liked her face most of all her mouth as much as her large 40D boobs.   My aunts, Helena and Rachael were both in their late thirties.   Helena was not as big but had the same round proportions as mom, yet she was a dwarf, 4’8” 36D-30-34 and her hair was reddish brown with a frizzy natural wave that made her look insane.   Rachael the oldest was worn by time, men and much more.   Standing 5’5” 150 pounds, she was 34-30-38 and with a pug nose and big buggy eyes of green her bushy red hair made her look like a troll and that is what men called her.
Now I was only 17, 5’ even 34-22-34 petite and slender and envied by them all.   I had blonde hair and blue eyes and had they allowed me to be seen by anyone I am sure someone would have swept me away.  At night I was locked into the basement with my cousin Alicia who was 24.   She was a troll like her mother Rachael.   She had bulging belly button and wore no clothes ever.   All she wanted to do was play with her pussy and be played with.

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    She had taught me more before I was twelve than anyone could have though.   They kept her in the basement on a leash and on occasions for the right men they would bring her up.   Standing beside her mom, except for the wrinkles you couldn’t really tell them apart.
The women made their money while I kept the house in the daytime and tended the gardens and milked the goats and cows.   Then as dark approached each night I was fed my dinner by a candle light in the basement while I watched my Troll Cousin make herself happy.   Now I really had no ideal how good sex was, after all this time we never had tried anything meaningful on each other, nor had the women allowed me to experience it even once.
Then it snowed one night heavily, so heavy in fact the roads through forest were impassable.   That meant two things no business for the ladies upstairs and I could sleep in my own bed.   I climbed up the stairs and into the loft where my bedroom was hidden away at.   I snuggled into bed and began to dream as soon as my eyes closed.
Then just an hour or so after midnight I awoke to the sounds of crying and sobbing from outside my window.   I peaked out the tiny two pane window through the frosted glass and saw only the snow.   I could hear the sounds but not see anything, so I went downstairs and as I did my mom called me to her room.   I opened the door as she said, “Best you not open the door or the thing we hide you from most will see you are here.   If that were to happen you would be forever sorry that you did not listen to me child.

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    Now go back to bed and forget that which you do not hear. ”
“But mother I can hear her crying, she sounds hurt maybe she is injured, shouldn’t I,” I tried to ask in a way meant to be thoughtful and then added, “What if it was one of us freezing in the snow?”
“Hear me child off to bed now.   No more talk of this nonsense tonight,” Mother scolded me as she ushered me out the door and up the steps to the loft.
I was slowly complying with her demand when I heard the sound again and this time the voice said, “Please want you let me warm myself by your fire.   Please let me feel the warmth of your home before I die. ”
Those words stuck in my head and as my foot neared the uppermost step, I swung around and slowly crept down the stairs until I was only inches from the front door.   My left foot raised to plant softly as my cousin cried out from the cellar, “Beware little bit of the thing which calls to you may devour you instead. ”
I let my foot softly land and looked back up the stairs to be sure I had not been seen.   As I took one more step closer the voice called out, “Please child I am freezing here in the snow. ”
My heart raced as my hand unlocked the latching quietly and as the door released a swoosh of cold artic air flooded me and the house, as the flames in our fireplace dimmed until they were but embers.   As the door widened in stepped a woman maybe 80 or 90 years old, wearing a dark gray cloak and dress and a hood of black.   Shivering and jittering she walked through the doorway as I quickly pushed the door closed after her.
She wobbled towards the fire and as she held her hands in front of it, the flames shot upward and grew full as if it were filled with wood.   She rubbed them slowly together and pushed back her hood as she stood with her back to me.   I heard the stirring upstairs and the footsteps of mother and the aunts, just as she turned to reveal her wrinkled distorted face.

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    It was gray almost purple looking and her nose bent as if it were broken several times.   Then in a creaky voice she said, “Now child you have heeded my call and I will not forget you.   Those who did not answer my need will be sorry when they do come down. ”
Just then my mother and the aunts in their night gowns walked down the landing and into the room and mom quickly called out, “Millbrae, you have no right to be here this night, be gone witch. ”
“I was allowed to enter and you have no power over me Felicia.   Maybe it is you who should remain quiet this night and all those to come, unless you are asked to speak,” the old woman said with a creeping smile and gesture of her left hand.
Suddenly my mother clasped her throat and groaned in agony as her sisters came to her aide.   Rachael quickly blurted out, “Millbrae we know your charms and your powers and you have no right to be here.   The debt owed was paid in full.   You have no rights to anything else. ”
“Come now sweet Rachael when you were naked, starving and alone in the forest who was it that clothed you, fed you and made you feel love?” the old woman croaked back angrily.
“I paid my debt and my sisters theirs.   Why do you come here tonight?” Rachael chastised her with a fiery tone.
“Oh now that debt is paid, and your sisters as well, but the fathers is not.   He left for the new world and without care of his obligation to me.

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    Now I come for my dowry,” she said as she dropped her cloak on the floor.
My mother struggled to speak and could not and it frightened me, as Helena spoke up, “No dark mistress, not this not now.   It is not hers to pay for his mistakes as well.   You must release this one untouched or you violate the code you taught us. ”
The old woman croaked aloud, “Then perhaps if you remember your lesson why then do you not use the things you were taught.   Why do you sell yourself to men and not offer yourself to the master or me?  I would give you the beauty you desire, the body that Rachael craves and the man that her mother dreams of.   I would give all of these now for her. ”  She said as her finger pointed at me.
The clock was fast approaching three am as the women gripped in fear huddled.   Mother struggled to speak until Rachael ordered her to do so, and then I heard her call out, “No we fell for those lies once and we now have the offspring below to thank for it.   You will not tempt me anymore old woman, be gone now. ”
Laughing madly Millbrae stuck her warped bent finger at me and said, “Show me what wares you have to trade for your freedom child. ”
It was if my mind went blank and as I started to react Millbrae pointed to the others and they froze stiff as I opened my gown and tossed it into the flames.   I wore no undergarments so my naked body was exposed as Millbrae examined me with her eyes and hands.   She slithered up to my side and slowly ran her warped fingers along my right breast as she said, “Subtle young and tender, a tasty feast for the master and more.

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    You would make a handsome prize to and a worthy offering. ”
I spied my mother and the aunts as they seemed petrified and rigid.   They could not speak nor did they blink, as Millbrae slowly allowed her fingers to dabble along my left breast and when she did I asked, “What is to become of me old one?”
“I wonder child what is indeed to be done with you,” she said now allowing both hands to slid along and around my breast and as the nails touched my nipples they perked up and stood erect and I felt a shuttering tingling in my body.   She smiled at that response and said, “Would you but ask me to make the tingling turn into a roaring orgasm of love, I would child. ”
Each second that she caressed me I felt so close to letting go and submitting to her, that I hardly contained myself, and when her hand drifted down to my wooly clit it was all over for me.  
I began to feel her fingers glide along the tip of my clit and for a second I tingled like never before, and then it grew into a wave and as one fold opened and her nail caressed it I shuttered into a multiple orgasm that climaxed with me jittering wildly and calling out, “Oh yes…yesssss…yes…. take me…freely…I am yours. ”
She let her finger enter me fully and with it I trembled in pleasure, passion and lust and as it touched my inner fold she demanded, “Strip me naked and suck each breast one hundred times until your pussy drips for my mouth. ”
I immediately tore away her dress and then her under garments were rent in to pieces by my hands.   I exposed her wrinkled crippled saggy body to the air and its almost eerie gray tone.   Her breast sagged mightily almost touching her waist line and her nipples looked like udders from a cow extending almost three full inches.   I lifted one the left one to my lips and began to suck it like it were a cock.   In my lust I devoured her juices that extruded from it, not milk but a tangy salty taste almost like pee.   I sucked her first breast until I reach the mark given and how I know I can only say was implanted in my mind.   Then my mouth swapped to the other and the streams of juices from it were the same only thicker and each intake made me weaker in my mind.

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    I actually remember desiring to do it more, a need to have them, a lust for their feel in my mouth.   The skin of them was rough and almost felt like a thumb but the rigid texture of the nipple sent me into a thrusting hunching orgasm as my hand fell between my legs and was slopping in and out of me to my wrist.   I could not believe that all of it went inside me, as nothing had penetrated me before this before.
When I reach the limit of the second nipple I fell back on the bare wooden floor opened my legs widely and begged, “Oh please my mistress, devour my pussy now. ”
She knelt and slowly allowed her hands caress my ass as her mouth drew near and when it touched me I tingled into wave of desire and lust that produced an endless flow of my juices and a climax that sent me thriving in ecstasy for many minutes.  
My cream flowed like a river from me until I was screaming for more, and as I was about to peak above my current orgasm, she sent her tongue deeper inside me.   It felt like a snake or maybe a large worm wriggly in me deeply it sent shock waves of lust throughout my body and I came so much that I shook uncontrollably long after she ended her oral assault of my hole.
Then without a word she stood and taking me in her eyes I leaped to my feet.   I bent my head towards her and gave my lush locks easily to her hands to grasp and that she did taking me by them and leading me into the cold snowy night.   Both of us bare ass naked strolled as if it were spring through the two foot drifts along the pathway.  
I didn’t look back to see what had become of my family, for some reason under her spell I only knew they were not in any real danger.   Then as we trudged along the path to her house, I was told, “In my home you will find a chest and that you will open and enter and shut behind you.   In it will you find the reason I have come for you.   In it will do as you are told and never again will you give thought to your freedom.   You are now an offering of loyalty to my master and he will devour you in his own way for his own use.

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We finally came to a dark old rotten house.   Like a cottage covered in snow, vines and death it stood there silent and foreboding.   The door opened and in we walked and as I followed her through the dim creeping manner, the long hallway we entered shortly after passing through door led to a black chamber.   The walls were black as was the ceiling and this after she lit a candle of six.   She hoisted it above her head and pointed to the small three foot by three foot chest in the center of the room.   I walked towards it and without looking back at her; I opened it and placed my own body inside it.   When I was snuggled up inside I pulled the lid closed.
For the longest time nothing happened at all.   I was crammed into the chest and in a way that I could move only my left arm and hand, which were trying to find their way to my still wet pussy.   After some time I found it and then making room for my arm to dwell close to my pussy, I let my hand slid two fingers inside me.   I was beginning to get myself off as the air grew stale and thick.   I felt faint and horny at the same time, almost as if death and sex were now calling me to come to them.   Then I passed out.
When I awoke I was strapped at the ankles and wrist on top of a cold flat stone.   Flames and torches burned round me and as I was able to move my head slightly I could see it was some sort of stone ruin I was now imprisoned in.

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    Then came the darkness and the demons and the devils of the deep and they did take me repeatedly.
I was screwed in all three holes at the same time by a hoard of beings best described as ugly hideous horned gargoyle looking creatures that stank and smelled of waste and death.   I had no choice in the taking of me as they controlled my body.   Cock after cock went in my mouth ass and pussy until I was swamped by their fluids.   I felt myself almost choke on their beefy dicks and it felt as if my ass were being pushed inside my stomach below.   When they had their fill of me it stopped.
Now panting and craving hit me.   While it was going on I did not desire it as much as I did now that it ceased.   I felt urges to screw myself by hands remained tied down.   They had freed my ankles but I could not get off the stone platform.   Then from the darkened tunnel in front of me and gigantic horned creature appeared.  
He was 9’ tall, broad as two axe handles and crimson, orange and a fiery red colored and on his head two large horns rolled up like a ram nearly two feet tall and his hands had fingers as massive as nine inches length and three round and their tips look like cocks and as he dangled them near my mouth I gasped and begged to lick and suck them for him.
Then in a terrifying deep voice he spoke to me, “You are mine are you not?”
“Yes master, yours for the use and pleasure,” I replied panting and lusting for his attention.   I snapped back and added bonus of, “Use this slave who gives her body willingly, her mind fully and her soul eternally. ”
He then stood upon the stone altar.

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    He long massive legs hand clawed feet attached and his cock dangled nearly fifteen inches long and hard and purple and black and as he stroked it I felt my heart stop as it swelled another foot when it reach its peak.   The head of it massive and fat nearly five inches in diameter exploded inside my asshole.   I held my legs back by myself with no support from my arms as I invited it in me.   When he drove it in so far I thrived in pleasure, pain, lust, agony and pure excitement.   It was huge that I felts its girth and bumping knotty shaft enter me and each movement of it made me cream more and more.   As he fucked me I began to cry and sob for love of it and then as it went deeper in I groaned in pain but thrived in ecstasy.  
“You are my slave and you will obey my desires and be mine for the taking,” he demanded and not stated.
I nodded yes and managed to scream, “Forever master I am yours. ”
 Then he fucked me through a massive explosion of cum that warmed drained and enslaved me.   While his dark black eyes starred inside me I wanted nothing but him and after he removed it from my ass and offered it to my mouth, I had to have all of it.   I sucked it until I felt it pass down the back of my throat and the air in my lungs began to wane.   Then he pulled it back and did it again and again and again until his hot cream flooded me.
I was tasting his flavor as he retracted it and shoved inside my pussy so hard that I felt as if I had been stabbed by it and after ten minutes more had passed I was screaming loudly, “Oh fuck your slave master, please fuck me more, more master, fuck me all the time master.   Fuck me more and more and never stop fucking me master, I will do as you wish…oh…uh…I will…I will do…anything for you…I am your bitch slave…fuck me!”
He laughed evilly as he came not once or twice but five full times more after the first one.   When he finished I knew how my cousin was distorted and what happened, for it ha d happened to me.

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    I had to have more.   When he retreated I screamed for more until I cried for it.   I couldn’t get enough of it.  
The next eight years were replay of this night.   The only thing that changed was that I was fed something that kept me alive some sort of excrement from the demons and devils gave my body what it needed.  
Then after I had satisfied his desires, I was expelled into the darkness once more and found myself in the chest gasping for breath.   I opened the lid and wept never wanting to return to the real world.   I tried to crawl back inside but each time I came close to passing out I opened the box.   Then after a very long time of trying I gave up.
I made my way back to my home to find my family older, more worn and ever so ashamed of me.   My mother gave me one choice leave or be enslaved as my cousin was.   Then I traveled far and wound up here in the southwest and the desert.   I found cold too horrible enough in real life to embrace it daily.  
I do know this; sometime in the future I will be called back.   Although I may never be fulfilled as I was then, I await it now.