In the night


            The night was cool, with a warm breeze.   I was sitting on the porch listing to the crickets chirp and watching the lightning bugs.   I was slowly rocking back and forth in a chair sipping on some whisky.   I was lost in thought, drifting from one notion to the next, when a sudden quietness caught my attention.   For some reason all the crickets had stopped making noise and there was an odd silence.   I stood up, adjusted my bath robe, and looked around.   I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, nothing that would cause the bugs to stop their usual symphony.   I was about to turn and go back inside when I saw something like a shadow move quickly out of the corner of my eye.   I did a little double-take, looking around again.   I realized my heart was pounding.   I quickly dismissed the shadow telling myself it was a cat or something, and went back inside.
            I live alone now, my girlfriend moved out about a month ago.   It wasn’t much of a relationship.   I guess we just didn’t love each other enough to keep going.   I wasn’t too sad to see her go.   I walked into the kitchen to put away my glass.

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    I was looking out of the window I have above the sink.   Suddenly I got that feeling that I was being watched.   The hairs on my neck went up.   I looked around outside, but all I saw were the trees being swayed by the wind.   I went up stairs to get ready for bed, trying to escape that eerie feeling.   It was going to be a long day tomorrow and I wasn’t look forward to it.   I walk to my bathroom forgetting about what I felt downstairs, replacing it with the loathing I had for tomorrow.   I turned on there water in the shower and walked back to the mirror, shedding my robe and hanging it on the hook.   I studied myself.   I had taken up running again, trying to get back in shape, and it was paying off.   I had just about got my six-pack back.   I smiled to myself, satisfied.   The water had warmed up by the time I had finished brushing my teeth. I finish my shower, toweled off and went strait to bed.   It wasn’t long before I was asleep; it had been a long day.

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            I awoke.   I blinked at my clock trying to focus my eyes.   12:33.  I’ve only been asleep an hour.  My stomach tightened.   There was someone in my room with me.   I turned and saw a small outline.   The person was thin, about five feet ten inches tall.   They were standing their watching me at the foot of my bed.  
            “Who are you!?” I shouted. Without waiting for a response I reached quickly for my pistol that I kept in the night sand beside my bed.   A hand stopped mine.   How did she move that fast.   Now that she was closer I could see that it was in fact a girl, a beautiful girl.   She couldn’t have been older than her early twenties.

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    She had long jet black hair that reached the top of her back.   Her eyes were some wonderful shade of green that looked like they were on fire. She had a great body, and her grip was surprisingly strong.   My heart was pounding.   At first I was scarred to see someone sneak into my room but now it was pounding because of something else.   A million questions ran through my head. Who was she?  Why was she here?  How did she get in?  What was she doing?  What did she plan on doing with me?  I couldn’t take my eyes off of hers, it was like I was in a trance.   Her grip loosened and I made no attempt to get my gun.   Her right hand moved around and caressed the back of my head.   Her touch electrified me.   She brought my head close to hers, and we kissed, deeply and passionately.   I couldn’t think strait enough to question it.   I just soaked it all up.   Our tongues danced in each others mouths as she pushed me down on my bed.   She straddled me and began to rub my cock through the sheets.

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    I was hard as a rock now.   She moved her hand underneath the sheets and started pumping me.   I removed her skin tight top she had been wearing.   She hadn’t been wearing any bra under her top.   I began to caress her breast with both hands she moaned softly into my mouth.   She took off her bottom and I threw away my covers.   We embraced, it felt so good just touching her.   Our lips locked again, and with her right hand she took my cock and guided me in her. She threw her head back and moaned as she took me all in. Her pussy was so tight and wet with her juices.   She began to bounce up and down, fucking me faster and faster.   She rubbed and squeezed her tits as she fucked, moaning and screaming.   I rolled her to her back and began pounding her with everything I had.
            “Oh, YES! Fuck me!  Fuck me harder!”  I was completely enthralled with her.   She arched her back suddenly and I felt all her muscles tense as she screamed with orgasmic pleasure.

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    Then she wrapped her arms around my back, her nails dug deep into my back.   It hurt, but I could care less at that point.   She threw herself into my thrusts, matching my pace, and she began moaning more and more.   I knew she was close and I was too.   I started fucking her faster and even harder.   Her moans turned to screams again and I found myself screaming as well.   At first I thought to pull out, but she pulled me in with her powerful legs.   I came inside her.   Load after load was shot into her vagina, and I just kept cumming.   Finally I was out.   I sat there on my knees trying to catch my breath, watching this beautiful vixen lying there panting.   Her breasts moving up and down as she breathed.   I leaned forward and our lips met again in a fiery passionate kiss.   I realized my back was bleeding from her clawing.   I was growing tired suddenly, too tired.

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   I broke the kiss to say something but all I could do was catch my breath.   She began to kiss and bite my neck, and suddenly I felt a sharp pain, and then, nothing…
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