A Walk In The Park

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My cousin was getting married, and my mother being the pushy woman that she is INSISTED that I have a date for it. Being that it was Thursday, and the wedding was on Saturday, gave me very little time to find one. Luckily, my best friend Sean took pitty on me, and told me that he would be my date. I gave him a big hug, and told him that he should be at my house by 2 o'clock.
Sean, being the prompt guy that he is, showed up a half hour early. He sat in the living room with my brothers waiting for my mother and I to finish getting ready. I was in my room wearing nothing, when I heard a creek in the floorboards outside my door. Knowing that I closed it, I thought nothing of it. I slipped my dress over my body, and turned to walk out of my room, when I noticed that my door was cracked. When I opened it, Sean jumped, and said that once he saw I was naked, he turned away. I could see him blushing, and covering his hardon. I laughed and walked downstairs.
The wedding was long, and the reception seemed to drag on. I was out on the patio of the Community Center where it overlooked the park smoking a cigarette. Sean walked out, and asked if I had one that he could smoke. When I stumbled because I was drunk, he laughed at me, and insisted that we go for a walk.

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We were walking down the path in the park when he stopped. Being that I was drunk, it took me a few steps before I realized that I was talking to myself. I walked back to him and asked him why he had stopped. "I just- I just have to tell you how beautiful you look tonight. "
I blushed and told him thank you, then insisted that we continue walking. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him. Once we stood chest to chest, he grabbed the back of my head, and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I felt his hand rising slowly to my tit, so I began to get turned on. He was rubbing my brest, and pinching my nipples. I pulled away from the kiss, and said, "You don't want to do that, you're going to get my panties all wet. "
He laughed and replied, "But what if I said that I knew you weren't wearing any panties? I did see into your room today, I lied. If your parents weren't there, you would have been fucked hard right then and there. "
I kissed him again, only this time harder than I've ever kissed a guy before. I pulled away, grabbed his hand and told him that I wanted to show him something.
We came to the little league baseball field, and he said, "What is so special about t-ball?"
I leaned towards his ear and whispered, "I've always fantisised about a guy fucking me in the outfield.

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This time, it was not me, but Sean who grabbed my hand and drug me into the dug out. He pushed me up against the wall, and began to kiss me passionatly. His kiss moved from my mouth, and he started to lick, and nibble my ears and neck. By this time, I was panting. He pulled one of the straps on my dress down, and took my nipple into his mouth. Twirling his tongue around the tip, and sucking it hard into his mouth. My pants turned into moans as he slid the other strap off my shoulders, letting my dress fall to the groung. He pushed one of my legs up onto the bench, and dove his tongue into my slit. "Oh, God, oh, God, I'm cumming!" I screamed, tugging on his hair.  I pulled his head away. Sean did nothing, but said with a smirk, "What you didn't like it?"
"Oh, Sean, I think it's perfectly clear that I liked it, but it's not fair that I should be the only one to have fun. "
He stood up, I unbuckled his belt, and with one swift tug, pulled it out of his belt loops. While we began kissing once more, I undid his pants, and pulled his pants, and boxers to the ground. He kicked them into a pile on top of my dress. While unbuttoning his buttons, he began to undo his tie.

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   I pushed him away from me and said, "Keep it on. " He nodded, and pulled his shirt off, now wearing nothing but his tie. I shoved him towards the bench, and he sat down. His cock was so much bigger than I had expected. (I didn't have a ruler on me, but I'd expect nothing less than 9 inches. ) I eagerly took his cock into my mouth, and began to move up and down his member. I pressed his cock up against his stomach, and took his balls into my mouth. I could tell that he was getting close to a climax, so I once again, began to suck his cock. He grabbed the back of my head, and pushed me down as far as I could go. I felt his cock in my throat, and heard a loud grunt.
I was now kneeling in front of him, rubbing my clit. Once he realized this I saw his cock re-harden. I stood up, and staddled him. Easing his cock into my pussy, I let out a small sigh. It felt so good.

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   I started bouncing up and down on his cock, my boobs bouncing in rythym. I could hear the sound of my juices and the slapping of my ass on his thighs. After a while, I began to get exausted. Sitting down on his lap with his cock still in me, Sean stood up, slammed my back up against the wall of the dugout. It stung a little, but turned me on. I grabbed his hair and pulled it. His face tensed up, and I could tell that it hurt him. "Daphnie, I don't think you realize how long I've wanted this. "
"Being that your cock is in me, I know you want me, so how about you shut up and fuck the shit out of me?" With out thinking twice, Sean began pounding his cock into my pussy. Each thrust made my ass and my back hit the wall of the dugout. I screamed loudly as I came again, but Sean kept fucking me. Harder and harder with each thrust. I was nearing my third orgasm of the night, when I saw a look on Sean's face that could only mean one thing. He was getting close to his climax as well. I began to yell things like, "Fuck me Sean, this is what you've dreamed about.

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   You are about to cum inside your best friend. How good does it feel to have my pussy wrapped around your huge cock?" I was cut off by my own climax. "OH SEAN!! OH MY. . . OOOHHHH SEAAAANNN!!"
His thrusts got faster, as well as his breathing. He grunted loudly and I could feel his cum fill me. He kept his cock inside of me, and set my feet to the ground. He pulled his cock out and a loud slurp sound was made.
As he backed away from me, I grabbed his tie, and pulled him into a deep kiss, and I told him, "I can't believe that I have been your friend for this long, and never thought of doing this. "
Once we were both dressed again, we started walking back towards the Community Center. He stopped and brushed some dust off of our clothes. As we were walking back into the hall, I leaned towards him, and said, "It wasn't the outfield, but I couldn't imagine anything better. "
He grabbed my ass, and said, "Well. .

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  . there is always next weekend," and with a smile, walked over and joined my brothers in conversation.
I cant wait until next weekend.