The warriors' Initiation Ceremony


The warriors were weary to the bone as they made their way up the long hillto the village. Sweat glistened on their muscular torsos and dust and grime streaked their handsome faces. At last the battle was won and their homeland was once more safe.
The women of the village started ululating when they saw their men slowly making their way home. ‘The gods be praised!’ they cried out as they set about building a fire to heat water for the men to bathe with. Anxious eyes scanned the approaching band; mercifully no one was missing.
When the men reached the village the women fell at their feet and burst in to tears, happy to have their men back again. Jugs of weak wine and water were brought out and the men drank deeply to refresh themselves. Then they lay down their swords and took off their loin cloths and stood there, naked as the day they were born, and what a sight to behold they were.
To the last man they were fit and strong, the best fighting men for miles around. One or two of the widows gazed longingly at all that prime male flesh on display. Large cocks and small jutted out of black pubic hair that nestled at the base of flat stomachs and between powerful sun bronzed thighs. The women brought out the hot water and the men washed away the grime that coated their bodies and eased the aches and pains out of their muscles. The men laughed and joked as they recounted tales of their epic battle. They were completely at ease with each other as they washed each other's back and were totally unconcerned with having spectators as they eased back their foreskins and cleaned their cock heads.
Later that evening the men were reclined on cushions in the home of the village elder while the woman fussed about them.

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   The best wine was brought out and they were offered olives and cheeses while the smell of roasting lamb filled the air. Everyone was happy and the men soaked up all the attention. But even happier than the women were the young men in the village; now that they had seen out nineteen winters they were due to join the ranks of the warriors.
After the meal was over the women withdrew from the room and the young men were sent for. The custom of their people demanded that the first seed that the warriors spend after returning home from battle be not in their wives, but in the hot firm asses of the young men who were due to join their ranks.
The young men had spent quite some time preparing themselves for the occasion. They too had bathed and oiled their bodies. Most had put a dab of scented oil behind their ears. They had spent the past half hour speculating which one of the warriors they would catch the eye of. While the men were at war the young men had been practicing to be penetrated by easing their fingers up their buttholes. Now they were ready and they stood in a small circle in the middle of the room and loosened their tunics and let them fall.
There was a loud wolf whistle as their eager young cocks started to rise and the warriors drank in their beauty. The warriors got up on their feet and walked around the circle of young men, inspecting them closely, now and then tweaking a nipple or cupping a pair of plump balls.
‘What a fine collection you are. ’ Akamas, the warriors’ leader declared.

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The young men blushed, each wondering which one of them would have the honour of receiving his semen. To receive the jism of such a handsome, powerful and influential man would surely bring any young man much good fortune as he set about becoming a warrior himself.
Akamas went around the circle three times before he came and stood in front of Erki. There was something intriguing about him; his hair was much lighter than most of the people in the village and it was rumoured that the man he called father was not his father at all. Erki had high cheekbones and the sexiest mouth Akamas had seen on a man. Akamas gazed into his Erki’s deep blue yes and reached down and took hold of his erect cock and gently pulled on it.
And then Akamas went down on one knee and took Erki’s throbbing cock into his mouth. There was a collective gasp from the young men; it was very rare for an older man to do that. Normally the warrior would be serviced by the younger man who would then lie down and receive the older man’s cock up his ass, and although it was the older man’s job to please his young man that was usually done with kisses and cuddles, not by kissing his cock! The other young initiates were extremely jealous as the watched Akamas’ mouth bobbing up and down on Erki’s cock.
Akamas got back on his feet and took Erki by the hand.
‘Come and lie down with me. ’ he said.
Erki could hardly contain his excitement when Akamas took off his loin cloth, exposing his large cock that was now fully erect. The two men embraced and Erki felt faint as Akamas’ lips sought out his own. His hands stroked down Akamas’ strong smooth back until they came upon the little patch of hair at the base of his spine.

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   Akamas’ large hands stroked over Erki’s taut body and onto the firm globes of his pert little ass. He looked forward to being able to slide between those sweet cheeks, but knew that tradition demanded that he pleasure his young man first. This one night of love was meant to forge a bond that would last the whole of their lives and would see each look out for the other on the battle field.
The village elder felt a prick of jealousy and a stirring in his loins as he watched Akamas lay down with Erki and hold him close, whispering in his ear. Once he had been the older warrior who had chosen Akamas for his night of man loving. One by one the other men had paired off, leaving one lucky warrior with two young men to pleasure.
Erki reached down and wrapped his right hand around Akamas’ big hairy cock. It felt warm and weighty in his hand. He slowly stroked his way to the crown and smeared the drop of love juice he found there over the spear head of Akamas’ love tool. Akamas kissed Erki’s brow and down his nose onto his lips. Once more Erki received Akamas’ probing tongue and felt himself drowning in a sea of pleasure. The older man’s expert hands stroked up and down Erki’s body as the pair made slow and tender love to each other.
The village elder went from pair to pair, observing the ritual close up and making sure that none of the warriors took liberties that they were not entitled to. They had to earn their passage up their young man’s ass by turning him on so much that he was desperate to be mounted and receive his warrior’s seed. The elder’s cock was harder than it had been for a long time and he had to reach under his tunic from time to time to give it a little tug.

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   He was no longer sure which group he was more jealous of, the warriors for being able to penetrate those tight little butts or the young men for being able to receive a nice hard cock and to get royally fucked by it. He could still remember his rite of passage when he had been penetrated by a ruggedly handsome and hairy warrior who had proved to be a most gentle and able lover.
Akamas could see that Erki was growing desperate. He was the first young initiate to be chosen and he had the right to be the first to be penetrated. But Akamas was not yet done with teasing his young man. He slid his cock between Erki’s thighs, just under his balls and gently stroked it back and forth.
‘Oh, sir! Please! Fill me with your seed. ’ Erki begged.
‘The night is still young, my friend. ’ Akamas whispered in his ear as he continued to stroke him.
Erki was almost whimpering in desperation as Akamas reached down and started to slowly jerk on his rampant cock.
‘Just one more kiss,’ Akamas whispered ‘before I give you a seeing to that will leave you breathless. ’
Erki already felt breathless as once more he surrendered to Akamas’ kiss. Their hands roamed all over each other, touch stroking and tugging. It was Akamas who broke off the kiss to nibble his way down Erki’s smooth chest.

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   Erki’s cock bobbed about as his lover covered his whole body in kisses, even sucking on each of his toes. All around them men were locked in love and little gasps and moans rose on the still night air.
‘Turn over. ’ Akamas told Erki at last.
The young man quickly flipped over onto his stomach. There was suddenly a heightened air of excitement in the room as the other pairs took time out to watch Erki receive his lover. Akamas gave Erki a small cushion to place under his hips, pushing his pale little bubble butt out into the air. It was a beautiful ass, one of the most perfect ones that Akamas had ever seen and he just hoped he could last long enough to give the young man the kind of pleasure he had received on his initiation.
Akamas reached down and fondled Erki’s peachy cheeks, making the young man even more desperate to be taken by this high status warrior. Erki could see the envy in his age mates’ eyes as they watched Akamas slide a finger between Erki’s cheeks. Akamas sighed softly as his finger brushed over the textured folds of Erki’s hole. He stroked it for a couple of seconds before gently pressing his finger against it, and felt it yield to his probing finger. The young man was well prepared; Akamas’ finger slid in with ease and he gently worked it back and forth in the slippery warmth of Erki’s chute.
At last Erki was ready and Akamas positioned himself over his lover and rubbed his hard cock between his cheeks, teasing the young man until he pushed back and ensnared Akamas' cock head. It slid in very easily after that until it was all the way in.

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   Akamas lay down on his lover’s back for a few moments, enjoying the warmth of his ass and watching the other warriors start to probe their lover’s butts.
Akamas raised himself up once more and slowly withdrew from Erki’s ass before sliding back into him. He fucked slowly and tenderly, now and then whispering sweet nothings in his lover’s ear. From the moment he was first penetrated Erki had felt nothing but pleasure. That pleasure just seemed to keep on increasing with each stroke of that big, hard cock deep inside him. He looked around him and saw his friends all lost in their own little worlds as they felt the pleasure of being taken by a man.
The village elder had jerked himself into a frenzy now and he came and stood over Akamas and let fly his ball juice. Only a high status man such as he could get away with doing such a thing to a full grown man, but Akamas didn’t mind. That spurt of man cream up his back just added to the excitement he felt. He was close now, so very close and he had already warned his young lover that he could not last much longer. As much as Erki wanted their lovemaking to go on forever he was also desperate to receive that precious seed that would bond him to the handsome warrior for all time.
Akamas grew very vocal as he approached climax and the other couples paused to watch him now. His brow was furrowed and he was sweating profusely as he increased the tempo of his fucking, driving his big cock faster and faster until the sound of his fucking filled the room. Erki’s toes were curled as his pleasure intensified. He could feel his own approaching orgasm as he rubbed up against the silk covered cushion underneath him.

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   It seemed to start deep in his ass and spread rapidly and soon he was crying out in amazement at having blasted off such a massive load of sperm without even touching himself.
When Erki’s cries filled the room the other men started to cheer. How skilful that Akamas was, both on the battlefield and in bed. It was clear that he had given his lover much pleasure and now it was time for him to take his own. He bellowed like a gored bull as his protesting cock let loose a volley of potent warrior spunk that seemed to go on forever. When at last the last drop of joy juice was drained from his balls he collapsed onto Erki’s back and fell into a satisfied slumber.
Erki lay there and watched the other men achieve orgasm. Now, at last, they were truly men. They could take wives and go into battle in defence of their land. But all that could wait until tomorrow; right now he was happy to enjoy the contact of Akamas’ skin along the length of his back and the feel of Akamas’ big bull balls nestled close to his well used and happy ass.
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