Office Fantasy Fulfilled


About four weeks ago, I had one of my biggest fantasies fulfilled. I work for a small architecture firm of about twenty employees. There are three other licensed architects in the company, each with their own secretary. Another one of the architects and I had a large presentation due. We were working ten to twenty hour days for the past two weeks to get ready for it. We decided that we should have a Saturday workshop to wrap things up for it. In the best interest of time, we had our secretaries come in to work also. Since it was Saturday, we tried to make the day quite casual.
I got to work first at around 7am. One by one the others arrived, and we got down to work. Around noon, we were making great headway and decided to have lunch. I ran out and picked up some pizza and beer for the group. We each had a couple beers to relax and enjoyed our lunch. Shortly after lunch, the other architect had finished his portion of the presentation and left. His secretary followed shortly after, leaving Michelle and I alone at the office. We worked for another couple hours and finally finished the presentation.

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   What a relief it was to be finished. I went back into the conference room to enjoy another couple beers before taking off to the wife and kids. Michelle came into the conference room to join me.
Michelle and I talked for a while and got to know each other better. I had hired Michelle about three months ago, after I made partner in the firm. It was really between her and another candidate, but Michelle was way too good looking to pass up seeing every day. Michelle is about 5’-2” with an athletic build. She has a very nice ass that I admire often in her skirts. She is about a 34D with implants. She has long dark brown hair with piercing blue eyes. Michelle is 24 years old (11 years younger than me).
After our second beers (4th of the day), I could see that Michelle was getting a little tipsy. Her speech was a little slurry. I was enjoying my time with her, and decided to have one more beer. Michelle had one also.

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   Half way through my beer, I found myself looking at her chest more than usual. She was wearing high heels, a short jean skirt and tight fitting button up shirt that showed plenty of cleavage. I had often fantasized about Michelle, so seeing her sexy outfit today was making me excited. I figured that after Michelle left, I would probably jerk off in my office and head home. One of the times that I snuck I peak at her, I noticed that she caught me. She didn’t say anything, but she started drinking her bottle of beer way sexier. Even lightly licking the rim of the bottle. Wow, was she hot. I was pretty certain that she making moves on me, but I had never crossed that line at work before. After all, Michelle was my employee and knew I was married. I decided to leave it alone and use it for fantasy later.
We finished our beers and began cleaning up the conference room. Michelle put the pizza into the fridge and came back into the room. I noticed that she had an additional button undone. Michelle began to wipe off the conference table.

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   She looked very sexy as she bent over the table to reach the middle. Her little skirt would rise up a little. As she reached the edge, she knocked something off the table. She kept her legs straight and bent down to get it. Her back was facing me, so I could see her little thong under her skirt. Before standing back up, Michelle looked over her shoulder at me and smiled. I smiled back at her. “Did you like what you saw?” Michelle asked.
I took a moment, but said, “yeah I did. ”
“Want to see more?” Michelle asked. I said nothing at first. “Look I know that you are my boss, and I know that you are married, but I am so turned on right now. We are all alone, and no one needs to know. ”
“Are you serious?” I ask.
“Do you think I am?” Michelle asks as she sits up on the conference table unbuttoning her shirt.

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   I walk over to her and stand between her slightly spread legs. Michelle reaches her hand down to my crotch and feels my already stiff cock through my jeans. Michelle lets out a soft sensual moan. I lean into her and kiss her, gently at first, but then our kiss becomes very passionate. Our tongues dance, as Michelle gets more aggressive with her hand. I break our kiss and start kissing down her neck as I remove her unbuttoned shirt. Her tits look so hot in just their bra. I keep kissing her neck and tonguing around her ear, as Michelle is moaning and breathing really heavy. I slide my hand down to her skirt and raise it to her waist. She scoots towards me and rubs her panty line against my bulge.
We begin kissing again. Our hands stray over each other bodies. I slide my hands to her bra clasp, and remove it. Her tits bounce free and look gorgeous. I have seen my share of implants before, but hers were done extremely well.

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   I lightly circle my palm over her nipple. It gets very hard and is perfect. I break our kiss again and take her breasts into my mouth. They are so firm, but soft. Michelle reaches for the front of my jeans and opens them up. “Oh my, you’re not wearing any underwear. That is so hot,” says Michelle. She drops my jeans to the floor and I step out of them and my shoes. Michelle begins rubbing her thong over my cock again. It feels so good and I can see that she is very wet. I take off me shirt and Michelle rubs her nails across my chest and starts kissing my pecks. She kisses her way towards my cock. We trade places and I sit on the table. Michelle takes my cock in her hand and slowly starts stroking it. She lifts the shaft and starts licking under my balls.


   Then one by one puts each one in her mouth. She licks her way up the shaft and circles the tip with her tongue licking off the pre-cum. Then slowly lowers her mouth and takes the whole thing into her. She gives me one of the best blowjobs I have ever had. She gets me so close to cumming several times, but like a pro holds back each time. My balls are so tight at this point. She massages them gently and stands up.
Michelle sits on the table near me and spreads her legs open. Seductively, she slides her hand down into her panties and starts fingering her pussy. I stand up and walk over to her. I slide her thong down her legs and off, leaving just her skirt and heels. I kneel down and kiss my way up her leg towards her wet pussy. I start licking around the sides and put a finger inside her. Then begin teasing her clit with my tongue. “MMMmmmmm,” Michelle moans.

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   I lick harder as slide my finger in and out of her. Michelle is now laying flat on the table with her legs bent and spread. I see Michelle massaging her tits as I keep licking her. Her shaved pussy is so sweet tasting. After several minutes, I stand up and start kissing Michelle tummy towards her tits. Michelle sits up and we kiss again.
Michelle reaches between her legs and grabs my cock. She pulls it harder, and slides it into her pussy. I pull out and reach down and take my cock in hand. I begin rubbing the head over her dripping pussy. Michelle lays her back down on to the table. I run the head over it several times. Michelle begs, “Fuck me please!”
“Oh I plan on it, but I really want you to want it first,” I say. I slide just the head of my dick into her and take it back out, then again, and again, then a little deeper and back out. I do this several times.

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“Oh please, oh please fuck me, I need you to fuck me,” she begs some more. Finally, I push all the way into her. After a minute or so, Michelle begins to moan uncontrollably. “Oooohhhh Shhhhiitttt. Ohhhh yeah. Oooooooooooooh. I am going to cum. OOoooOOOohhhhhh. ” She cums very hard. I continue fucking her for some time feeling how great her pussy feels. It is so tight and warm. I pull out of her and lick her pussy a little more. Michelle stands up and leans over the table. I begin fucking her from behind while squeezing her tits. She begins a loud rapid moan as I fuck her little pussy.

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   She tells me she is going to cum again. The sound is so sexy that it is going to make me cum. I get ready to pull out as she starts to cum, she holds me close. I cum deep in her pussy. We lay there twitching together for a moment. I pull out of her. Michelle then flips around on the table and catches my cum as it falls out of her pussy, and licks it up. Then Michelle sucks the rest of the cum off my cock.
Slowly, we dress again while making out a little more. Michelle asks me, “So what happens from here? I mean is this a one time thing, or do you want to continue our fun for a while?”
“I would love to continue for awhile as long as we keep it discreet,” I say. We do just that. We have fucked several more times since then (including a few midday blowjobs). I may add another one of Michelle’s encounters at a later date. In the meanwhile, I am thrilled to have this sexy little thing working under me, literally.

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