Giving it to Her at the Mall


When I was in high school, I had a smoking hot latina girlfriend. She was gorgeous; deep brown eyes, dark brown hair, smooth tan skin, plump dark pink lips, and a smoking figure. Her 40D breasts were accented by her huge, tight ass. One day, late in my sophomore year, we went to the movies together at the local mall to see a movie that both of us really wanted to see. She was dressed beautifully and sexily at the same time. She had her hair worn down, and it reached down to her breasts. She was wearing silver hoop earrings and a smooth black dress which showed an ample amount of her huge cleavage and barely reached her knees. I met up with her at the entrance, said my hello, and kissed her, then said "You look beautiful tonight. . . " She smiled and thanked me, kissing my cheek, and said "Let's go inside, shall we?"
We walked through the doors, and I bought the tickets and some popcorn and soda, and we made our way to the theater. We sat on the right side in a corner so that nobody could see us, and during most of the movie, we were passionately kissing. Our lips brushed furiously against each other's, our tongues intertwining in the heat of the moment. She broke the kiss to catch her breath, and I began kissing down her neck and then biting it, causing her to make a quiet moan of pleasure. She whispered breathily, "Not here. .

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  . there's people. . . the movie. . . " but I kept right on going, biting her neck and enjoying her hushed moaning. I then kissed back up her neck and laid a quick, but full, kiss on her lips, and she gave me a devious look and smile and said, "You naughty boy," brushing her hand against my already hard cock. I gave her an apologetic look with a small grin and said, "What do you want me to say? You're hot. . . " to which she replied in a needy voice, "Yeah, in more ways than one. " I slid my hand up her dress only to find that she wasn't wearing any panties. I gave her a shocked, turned on look as my hand neared her pussy and I felt her juices running down her leg.

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   I rubbed my fingers against it and found that she was soaked. I rubbed her juicy, wet lips for a while before massaging her clit to an orgasm, which she had to try her best not to cry out in pleasure to. I then rubbed around her lips again before sticking my two middle fingers into her still-throbbing pussy. She gasped from pleasure, and I fingered her, at first slowly, then building up speed until my fingers were almost pounding against her G-spot, leading her to another orgasm. She was gasping and moaning but whispered "More. . . I need more. . . " and I continued, but she said "No. . . more fingers. .


  . I want your whole hand inside me. . . " I added one finger, then another, and then her needy pussy sucked my whole hand in, and I was thrusting it into her, watching her beautiful sexy face contort from pleasure. She was squinting her eyes, and biting her lip, trying her best not to cry out from the pleasure as she reached yet another strong orgasm. Luckily, the movie was ending. I withdrew my now-soaked hand from inside her and put it in front of my mouth, first savoring the smell, then sucking her sweet juices off my fingers. She gave me a look and asked, "So, you like the way that tastes?" and I eagerly half-moaned, "Yeah, I love it", and she grabbed my cock through my pants and slightly squeezed it, sending a sensation through my entire body. She said, "Let's go somewhere private" and pulled me by my throbbing cock through a crowd of dirty, puzzled looks.
I was desperate by the time she finally pushed me down onto a staircase. She kneeled down in front of me and almost ripped off my pants and threw off my underwear to gaze hungrily upon my throbbing cock. There was already precum leaking out, and she said "Looks like guys can get wet too when they're really horny. . .

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  " and took her finger and wiped it off of the head, eliciting a moan from my lips. She stuck her finger in her mouth sexily, and I tauntingly asked, "So, you like the way that tastes?" in the same way she asked me. But, seemingly ignoring me, she started stroking my throbbing seven-inch dick. I grew even more in her hand as she stroked up and down, circling around the head with her thumb, sending me into a pleasured frenzy. After a while, she said "Yeah. . . I did like the way that tastes" and suddenly slid her lips down onto my needy cock. She swirled her tongue around my dick and took me fully into her mouth, and to my surprise, began fingering herself! She moaned while my dick was still in her mouth and soon closed her eyes, clamped her lips around my dick, and had a loud orgasm, pulling on my cock with her juicy lips, leading me to unload all my cum into her mouth. She sat on the steps next to me after swallowing my load and said sexily, "That's not all. . . " and kissed me. I didn't mind the slight taste of cum on her lips, as I felt myself already getting aroused again. She sexily slipped her dress off, revealing a leopard skin bra that her tits were ready to burst out of, and a still-swollen wet pussy.

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   I kissed down her neck and took off her bra, kissing her left breast and flicking the nipple with my tongue. I took her other breast in my hand and began squeezing it and pinching her nipple, as my other hand squeezed her breast and I lightly brushed my teeth against her nipple, sucking on it and flicking it with my tongue. She began moaning, and I slid my right hand down to her pussy, pulled my head up from her breast and asked, "Still wet, huh?" She simply nodded and moaned, and I began kissing down her smooth stomach until I reached her pussy. I teased her lips with my tongue, before setting my lips on them and sticking my tongue inside her. I tongue-fucked her for a while, buzzing my lips against hers, which set her into an orgasm. Then I withdrew my tongue and began licking her clit. She immediately moaned loudly, and I only quickened my pace, setting my tongue against her harder. I stuck my first two fingers into her as I licked her clit, until she starting moaning steadily, and quickly cried "Take out your fingers and move away!" I complied, and she nearly screamed as my face was drenched with fluids. I was immediately turned on by the fact that she squirted, and my dick, which had already hardened from eating her out, was now throbbing once again.
Since we were both still virgins at this point, we weren't going to have sex right then and there. But she said "Well, I see you're still not satisfied. . . you've satisfied me quite well. .

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  . time for me to finish the job also. " She began slowly stroking my dick, locking her eyes with mine in a sexy stare, then once again wrapped her lips around my cock, sucking me very slowly, until I moaned and said "Faster. . . please. . . " She looked up at me and leaned back a bit, then suddenly sandwiched my cock between her tits! She started stroking me with her huge 40D tits and asked in her sexiest voice, "Oh, do you like that? Do you like my tit fuck? Want me to suck your dick as I fuck you with my titties?" All I could do was nod, and she took me into her mouth and moved her tongue swiftly around my head as she stroked me quickly with her tits. I began gasping and moaning, and she took her lips off of my cock, which was ready to explode, and began stroking me with her hand, right above her hot tits. Seeing her smooth tan tits with her nipples hardening, and her eyes watching my dick, waiting for it to cum, set me off. I blew my load right onto her tits, deeply groaning as I emptied all my cum onto her.
She stood up and wiped the cum all over her tits, making them shine. "It's pretty sticky. .

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  . but you like it, don't you?" She then brought one breast into her mouth and sucked on her now-shining nipple. "Mm. . . tasty" she said, and then kissed me. I kissed her back passionately, the same way I had in the theater. We then put our clothes back on and went home satisfied. . . at least, for that day.
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