By the moonlight...


It had been a horrible day.   I was at the bar waiting on a friend to show up and console me.   I was three Cosmo's in when I spotted a real looker.   He was tall, maybe 6'4", hard to tell while he is sitting.   His green eyes were piercing through the crowd of people who were filling the available seats.   We were sitting across from each other and I couldn't help but watch him.   He was alone and had not yet made eye contact with anyone but the bar tender as he nodded for another round.  
Katie plopped down in the seat next to me, her purse flopping down in front of me.   "Look! Look what I bought!"  I glanced inside her purse and to my surprise with her wallet and keys was an enormous dildo.  
"Kat! What the hell are you doing with that in your purse? We are in public for goodness sakes!" I exclaimed, "would you put that away please?"
She sighed and and zipped up her bag, "You know Tahn, you are a total prude!" 
She ordered a drink as I smiled at her.   I told her about my rotten day, with my rotten co-workers, and my rotten supervisor.   She sipped her martini and listened intently.   I couldn't help but notice Senor green eyes though, it seemed as though he was watching us.   I am pretty shy, and while I am pretty, I am not the looker that Katie is.   She is happy to put it all out on display, we are polar opposites.   I was sure that if I directed her attention his way, I would be going home alone.

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  . . again.   Oh, don't get me wrong, I wasn't planning on sleeping with him the first night, but I certainly wanted the chance to score his number.  
Katie's phone rang and when she finished her quick conversation she leaned over kissed my forehead, as only a best friend can, and said, "I have to run, it's important.   You okay to drive?"  I nodded yes and watched as my best friend ran out the door of the bar, leaving me with her tab!  "Oh that girl, I swear," I muttered as I paid for her drinks.   I looked up and realized that the object of my desire had left.   "Great, just great," I said as I started collecting my things.  
"Is everything okay?"  The voice behind me sent chills over my body.   Deep and rich, the sonorous tones set my nerves on end.   I turned and there he was, those green eyes boring into my own baby blues.  
"I, uh, yes. Yes, thank you, everything is fine," I stammered.   I fumbled with my keys and felt unsure as to what happens next.   He took the seat next to me and moved it close.

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He leaned in and plucked the cherry from my drink.   Slowly he raised it to his lips and sucked the juices off, running his tongue in circles.   Moments later he popped it into his mouth and chewed slowly savoring it's sweetness.   His lips were stained red from the grenadine.   He licked them before running a finger over my lips.
"My name is Antonio," he said, flashing me a smile.  
"Tahanee," I stammered, "it's, um, really great to meet you. "
Antonio took my hand, and led me out of the bar having left money for my tab.   We made our way silently through the darkened streets, my heart was racing.   I don't even know this man, I cannot imagine where he might be taking me.   I am frightened and simultaneously aroused.   The mystery is overwhelming me, all I can think of is his mouth on mine.   I imagine I can still taste of his beer on his tongue.   I watch him now as he leads me through the streets, tall, slender, yet toned.   He smells of aftershave and cigar smoke.

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    His hand is firm in mine, I can feel his calloused fingertips pressing into the flesh of my hand.   He is dressed in a dapper collared shirt and tweed jacket, slacks and loafers.   His hair, dark and slightly wavy is cut short and face clean shaven.  
We turned a corner and stopped in front of a small convertible sports car.   It was sleek and dark, like Antonio.   He took my other hand in his, looked deep into my eyes and sighed.   I could stand no more, I wrenched my hands from his and pushed him against the building we were standing in front of, cool bricks steadied my hands.   I was pushed against him, two bodies melting to one.   I could feel every part of him, his legs on either side of mine, pressing together.   I could feel his hard chest against me as I breathed heavily, his hot breath on my neck as he leaned toward me.   I could feel his erection, pressing into my stomach, throbbing and hard.   His hands began to move up the back of my shirt, carressing my back and seeking for the clasp on my bra.   His mouth had found my ear, nibbling without biting, tasting.   Shivers ran down my spine as I gasped for breath.   His tongue had found the spot behind my neck, his fingers had found my nipples.

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    In one glorious motion, one twist and a lick and I careened over the edge of ecstasy.   I lost my balance as an orgasm rocked my unsuspecting body.   His strong hands held me upright and guided me once more toward his car.  
We sped along Route 93, top down and the wind taking my breath away. . . or perhaps it was his hand between shifting.   We settled into a speed and his fingers moved up my legs and between them.   He slipped the loose material of my skirt up my thighs and slipped his fingers beneath my panties.   We pulled over at the lake shore about 10 miles off the main road.   Antonio led me to a patch of sweet smelling grass where I sat and trembled.   We spoke little before this point and I could see that now would be no different.   Antonio laid me back and removed my shoes.   He massaged my feet and began licking his way up my body.   He kissed the delicate flesh behind my knees and inhaled deeply as he approached the hem of my skirt.

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    He removed the rest of my clothing in record time and hovered above me, smiling that wicked Latin smile.   I was intoxicated by his smell, his eyes.   I reached up and began unbuttoning his shirt I watched as the muscles rippled beneath the skin as he strained to keep himself up.   I unfastened his pants and slid them down with my feet, his shoes and socks were long since removed.   He removed his boxer briefs and released his enormous erection from captivity.   It sprung to life as though it had been waiting forever for freedom.  
Antonio kissed me then, he lowered his body to mine and he kissed me deeply and sensually.   He explored every facet of my mouth and when he was satisfied with that he began kissing his way down my body.   He paused at each breast and devoured them, my nipples forming hard peaks that he rolled between his teeth and tongue.   He ran his tongue down my stomach and when he reached the bottom, inhaled deeply again.   Antonio spread my legs with his warm hands, gently stretching them to the sides.   He positioned himself between them and began to lick and suck as though he was starving and required nourishment.   His fingers were pressed into my hips and I speared my fingers into his hair.   His tongue wove a magic tapestry of lust around us and he brought me to climax twice, as I screamed his name and bucked my hips.   He finally relented and moved back to where our eyes met.

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    He lay down beside me and began to sing to me, a sweet Spanish melody as he drove two then three fingers into my wanting pussy.   His thumb tracing circles delicately over my sensitive clit.   He pumped his fingers in and out. . . in and out. . . . in and out. . . faster and slower, hard and soft, making love to me through his song and rhythm.   When I could stand it no longer I reached out and took hold of his strong cock.   I ran my thumb over the head as my fingers gripped tightly to the shaft.

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    I could see his eyes cloud over now, the pumping rhythm in my pussy slowed as he lost focus.   I moved over him and ran my hands and nails over his body.   I gripped his penis in my right hand and with my left I cupped his balls.   I licked the head like a popcicle that was melting. . . licking the sides and top. . . rotating around catching every imaginary drip of frozen liquid.   Lust pooled in his eyes as he groaned his breathing shallow and fast.   I took his cock in my mouth and began pumping as he had with his fingers.   I moved fast then slow, varied pressure and intensity.   Suddenly, he pulled out of my mouth.   "I am not ready to cum, mi amor," he whispered turning me over.

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Antonio positioned himself between my legs and looked deep into my eyes.   He used one hand to guide his dick into my waiting pussy.   Once he had slid up and down the length of my wetness he found his destination and pressed firmly into my pussy.   He filled me up and held it in place.   While he was inside me, he kissed and twisted my nipples causing me to cry out in passion.   My breathing became irregular and I moaned in pleasure.   Antonio began pumping slowly.   Antonio pushed me further than I had ever gone, we came together under the moonlight.  
I never saw Antonio again, but I think of him often as I look out into the night's sky.   I think of him often and fondly.