Maggie Lawson Meets A Fan


Cal sat on his couch wearing nothing but an open bathrobe as he watched Psych, a show he had discovered not long ago and was to the point of looking forward to each new episode. He especially enjoyed the times that the adorable Maggie Lawson was on the screen. At that moment he had the episode paused and was staring at Maggie’s face and furiously masturbating. When he came close to climaxing he got up and walked over to the television and shot his cum all over it pretending he was giving Maggie a facial.

Over the past few months after discovering the show and the sexy Maggie Lawson, Cal had been searching for the actress’s nude pictures on the internet. There were none to be found however and this annoyed him. Usually if an actress failed to have any nude pictures he could find a photoshop picture to satisfy his fantasies. This was not so with Maggie Lawson. It kept gnawing at him, the fantasy of seeing Maggie naked and in action. It quickly became an obsession. He had attempted to create a nude fake of her but it hadn’t worked out well. Besides he wanted the real thing.

His depraved mind immediately began solving the problem. He figured that if Maggie Lawson had no pornographic images then he would have to create them. If photoshop didn’t work he would have to go the next step. His cold and calculating mind began thinking of ways to get pictures of his new favorite actress naked.

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He was well off financially and could afford expensive electronics and thought of putting cameras in her bathroom but planting them seemed impossible. He thought of hiring someone to videotape her in her dressing room but he didn’t want to involve too many people in this scheme. Suddenly the solution became clear. He thought this over many times before he would admit to himself that it was his best option. He did not know her personally. He was only attracted to her looks. Her emotional state didn’t matter to him. He could not only get nude pictures, he could get an entire porno video made starring her. He knew however what it would take on his end to make it happen. He would have to risk prison to do this. He had to force her. He had to rape her.

Time passed. Cal took an extended vacation to his vacation house in Los Angeles and made preparations for the film which was to star Maggie Lawson once he got a hold of her. It had been years since he had actually raped a girl.

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   He narrowly escaped justice the last time but that had scared him into stopping. The other girls, three to be exact, were local girls. One was a cashier at a grocery store, one a bank teller and the last one, the one he almost went to prison for, was a young girl that ran by his house every morning wearing skin tight shorts and a sports bra. All were easy captures. They were also very fun to abuse. Maggie was different though. This was the most daring rape he had ever committed.

Maggie was filming on location that day and Cal heard about it. He drove to the spot nearest the filming and used binoculars to check out his victim. He loved it when she wore that business suit. He’d love it even more if it were on the floor beneath the feet of a naked Maggie Lawson.

Filming wrapped for the day and Maggie asked anyone if they wanted to go for coffee. No one really felt like it so Maggie just sighed and walked to her car. On her drive to the hotel she could have sworn she saw a blue car in her rearview mirror several times and thought she may have been followed. Her fears were suddenly confirmed when she stopped for gas.

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As she was pumping, Cal pulled up behind her. He got out and ran at her as fast as he could. She was in shock when he grabbed her by the throat and covered her mouth with his free hand. “You’re mine,” he said dragging her back to his car. He popped his trunk and stuffed Maggie in. This happened so fast by the time anyone at that gas station knew what was happening Cal was in his car and gone. Sirens sounded in the distance but by the time they reached the station Cal was long gone and so was Maggie.

Upon arrival at his vacation house, Cal opened the trunk and fought off a struggling Maggie who was desperately trying to escape.

“Stop it bitch,” he snarled. “You want me to kill you here?” He then pulled a gun. Maggie stopped struggling.

“Okay, out of the trunk,” he said. Maggie obeyed. “Walk forward into the house. Once inside I want you to take off your shoes.

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Maggie entered the house first and slipped off her shoes. “And now your jacket,” Cal said. “Keep walking. ” Maggie took off her jacket and let it fall to the floor. “Now your blouse. ” Maggie stopped for a moment.

“Please,” she said.

“Now. ” Cal pressed the gun into her back. She removed her blouse and dropped it on the floor. “Oh, baby!” Cal yelled. Maggie was crying now but Cal didn’t care. He made her unbutton her pants and keep walking as they slip down. When she had slipped out of them he had her remove her bra. She protested again but complied due to the gun.

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   Last to go were her panties which Cal picked up and sniffed. “Get into the bedroom,” he said.

Once in the bedroom Cal instructed Maggie to lay on the bed. He turned a key in the door and locked them inside the bedroom together. Cal then put his gun and room key into a gun safe. He slowly stripped staring at his victim.

“Please,” she said, “just let me go. I won’t tell anyone. You don’t want to rape me. ”

“But I do want to rape you Maggie,” Cal said. “I want to rape you and hurt you. And I am going to do just that.

There were three cameras pointed at the bed. Cal turned them all on and looked at Maggie one more time. She was frightened and humiliated and was now bawling.

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   Cal darted across the room and pounced on his victim. All of his frustrations were taken out on the poor woman. He forced his tongue in her mouth and pinched her nipples. He licked the tears off of her face and pulled her hair. He pushed her legs apart and forced his cock into her shaved pussy. Maggie kept shaking her head and begging him to stop but he wouldn’t stop. He was in heaven. He brutally ravaged her pussy until finally he unloaded what seemed like a gallon of cum into her womb.

“There!” he said. “The fucking is over. Now for the oral part. First I need to see you in pain however. ”

He took the belt from his pants on the floor and wrapped it around Maggie’s neck like a leash and forced her to crawl off the bed and over to a dresser. Upon that dresser was a steaming iron. He picked it up and kicked Maggie to the ground.

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   She begged him to leave her alone but he turned her over and touched the iron to the actress’s ass. She screamed in pain as the triangular shape of the iron was burned into her ass.

“Fucking bitch, you deserve worse,” he said.

He grabbed the belt again and brought her head up to his cock. Her sobs were almost uncontrollable now but when she opened her mouth for a deep breath of air he forced his cock all the way in and while holding the belt and her blonde hair he fucked her face. There were grunts and chokes and sobs and gags but seeing her beautiful tear streaked face full of cock sent him over the edge and he pulled out only to kick her onto her back and spray her body with his second load of cum.

After that he brought her back to the bed and bent her over his knees. He began spanking her burned ass cheek, making her scream in pain.

He tied her to the bed with the belt and kept her locked in the room while he uploaded the movies on the internet and took freeze frames from each for nude pics for a website he was going to start called maggielawsonexposed. com. He finally had pornographic images of Maggie Lawson.

He went back to the bedroom and fucked her three more times. He shot cum into her pussy, onto her tits and into her mouth before he was done. He then untied her, told her to leave and after she was gone, he left himself.

Months later there has been no word of Maggie Lawson having been raped.

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   Cal figured it probably wasn’t good for her career. The cameras at the gas station hadn’t been able to make out his face or hers. Cal did notice an amusing thing however when he saw Maggie on a talk show. She was pregnant.

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