Kimberly Williams Paisley Raped


Kimberly Williams Paisley stepped out of her hotel room shower, her magnificent body dripping wet with steam rising from her skin. She dried her hair and put on a robe which only extended to her waist. That didn’t matter, she thought. She walked out of the bathroom and crossed the room to where her suitcase was. She opened it up and selected black lace panties and a matching bra. She slid the panties up her tan legs and slid out of the robe to put on the bra. Then she began dressing. She put on a red tank top and a pair of blue jean short shorts. She then finished doing her hair, picked up her purse and stepped into her flip-flops and was out the door.

It was her first day off since the filming of the new season of According to Jim had begun and she was going to make the most of it. There were people gawking at her wherever she went that day. It was not just that she was a moderately famous actress but also because she had an amazing body and did not conceal it with her choice of outfits.

She began the day with shopping and at noon had lunch alone. She was liking being alone that day. There were no costars, no family, no director around. It was just her.

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   What she didn’t realize however was that she was not alone. A table across from her was filled with men who were repeatedly looking at her perfect body.

“I think that’s that bitch from that Jim show,” Tony said to his three companions. Tony was the fattest of the bunch with a receding hairline and rancid breath.

“And Father of the Bride,” John added. John was the exact opposite of Tony. He was thin and had hair growing wild.

“Then which is hotter?” Nick asked. “the bitchy character from the show being raped or the sweet innocent girl from Father of the Bride being raped?”

“Who cares?” Larry said. “She’s alone. If we do this right, she’s ours. ”

Kimberly paid the bill and left the restaurant. The four men had paid theirs earlier so as to be able to see her leave and follow her. They had a plan for getting this woman as their personal sex toy. When Kimberly was walking along the sidewalk, Nick, who was the smallest and fastest of the four ran up to her and snatched her purse.

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   Kimberly yelled after him but it was too late. He was gone and no one was going to stop him. Her pleasant day having suddenly taken a turn for the worse she decided to head back to the hotel room.

When she arrived she realized that her key was still in her purse. Luckily the clerk at the front desk knew who she was and was able to replace her key. She went upstairs to her room and laid down on her bed going over in her head every credit card she would have to cancel and every form of identification she would need to replace. Little did she realize that identity theft was the least of her worries.

She heard a click at her door. She turned over and looked at it, not sure if she heard what she thought. Suddenly the door opened and in walked the four men.

“Who are you? Get out!” she screamed.

“I think not!” Larry said before he charged her. He pinned her to the bed and Tony gagged her with a ball gag. Nick set up a video camera to catch all of the action.

“That’s better,” Larry said looking into his victim’s eyes.

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   There were tears streaming down Kimberly’s beautiful face. He licked them off, one of his favorite things to do was lick the tears off the face’s of his victims.

Nick opened Kimberly’s suitcase and found her bras. He took two out and he and John used them to tie her hands to the bedposts. Larry then used a sharp knife to cut the tank top off of Kimberly’s body. He sliced through the bra straps and exposed her perfect, amazing breasts. He took one breast while Tony took the other and they both sucked like newborns. Nick took Kimberly’s flip-flops off and ran his hands along her feet and lower legs. John unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them off of her. He then removed her panties. All the while Kimberly was too frightened to move for fear of being cut.

“John gets you first whore,” Larry said.

The four men stripped. Larry took his belt and wrapped it around Kimberly’s neck.

“I will take the gag out of your mouth now.

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   If you scream I will tighten the belt and you will die. While John rapes your pussy I will be raping your sexy mouth. If you bite me, you die. If you scream, you die. Am I clear?”

Kimberly nodded.

“Good. ”

The gag was removed. Larry rubbed his cock on Kimberly’s face. She grimaced and would not open her mouth. But when John thrust his cock into her pussy she gasped and Larry forced his cock down her throat. She choked on the cock and gagged. She could barely catch her breath and it only got worse when Larry grabbed the back of her head and began forcibly raping her face. John was grunting and laughing as he pounded the poor woman’s pussy. Larry pulled his cock out of her mouth when he felt he had to cum. He painted her pretty face with his cum.

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   He then got up and allowed John to look into her face as he shot his load into her pussy.

Tony was next. He got on top of Kimberly and wrapped her tits around his cock. He began titty fucking the actress. When they had been waiting for Kimberly at the restaurant they each decided by rock/paper/scissors/ who would take which spot during the rape. Tony got tits, John got pussy, Larry got mouth. Nick would get to rape her ass. Tony finally sprayed his cum all over Kimberly’s tits.

Kimberly thrashed on the bed and cried. She wanted it to be over. When she felt the bra’s being untied she thought it was over but she was wrong. The men forced her on her hands and knees and Nick began raping her ass. While this was happening, Larry gagged her again and removed the belt. He then started beating her back with it leaving red welts wherever he struck. She would scream but the gag turned it into a moan.


   Nick came in her ass and the feeling disgusted Kimberly. He got out of her and threw her off the bed. The four men gathered around her, all with belts in hand and beat her with them.

Finally the four masturbated over the humiliated actress and painted her body with cum. It was on her face, in her hair, on her tits, on and in her pussy, in her ass, on her legs, on her stomach. When they were done they left the stolen key and her purse on the bed and retrieved the video camera.

“Part one of our celebrity line,” Larry said as they left the room.

What celebrity should be next?
1) Courtney Thorne-Smith
2) Bitty Schram from Monk
3) Jean Louisa Kelley from Yes Dear (she plays Kim)