Locker Room Rape


This is a true story that happened to me when i was 16, I'm 6ft even and 195 lbs white i had just gotten on the football team, and it was just after practice everyone on the team took turns staying late after practice to clean the locker room and put up gear that was used. It was my turn and one of the seniors, so we set about doing the chores we had to do i started to mop the locker room and he said he was going to hop in the shower right fast to and then start on putting up gear. I told him sure and went to listening to my mp3 player. I hadn't taken a shower yet and was just in my boxers cause i was going to do the chores jump in the shower and head home in time for dinner. I finished up in the locker room and was headed into the coach's office/ medical room in the room is coach's desk and file cabinets and a couple medical cabinets and a medical table used to asses injuries and the such. Well i started on the far side of the room which was the medical side and was working my way around the table, when i get shoved from the back towards the exam table. Me completely off guard i throw away the mop and reach out to grab the table to stop myself from smashing into it. I hit the table rather hard and bent over in a weird way i laugh thinking it was we'll call him "john" fucking around with me. So i start to push myself back up and i feel him press against my ass and lean down on top of me and grab my arms. Now i am rather well built and spent my free time lifting weights and running, but he had me when it came to strength. I struggled under him and told him to knock it off he got me. Then i feel something twitch against my ass crack, I knew what it was but i played it off and tried to get up again but he held me in place firm and then pushed his cock into my crack and let out a moan. At this point i start getting really uneasy and struggle a lot more and tell him to knock it off and get up off me. He laughs a lil and tells me to make him so i try and wiggle trying to free myself from under him which did nothing to help me out of my situation. Then i realizehis rock hard cock pressing against my ass crack, I freeze not sure what to do or whats about to happen. He laughs and tells me that hes been watching me for the past couple days and that i have a beautiful ass and he was wondering what it would look like with his cock in it at this point i scream and struggle with all i had to get away from him.

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   He just leans against me and giggles in my ear and says to knock it off or he'll choke me out and fuck my ass anyway. I stop struggling and he pulls my hands around to my back and grips my fingers in on hand unknown to me his dad was a retired cop. With his free hand he pulls my boxers down and runs his hand up my ass and squeezes it and lets out a moan. He asks me if ive ever been fucked before and i mumble a soft no fighting back tears. He gets excited at this point and exclaims how nice it will be to break my cherry ass in. As he says this he reaches over to the medical stand next to the table and grabs a jar of vasiline and pops the cap off and tells me to relax and i might enjoy it. He takes a huge glob of it and smears my ass crack with it and runs his finger around my tight hole i flinch and pull away which was not anywhere far enough to get away from him. He then jams two fingers into my ass, I scream in pain as he begins to jam his two fingers in and out of my ass and he tells me to quite down or hell put his fist in there. I bite my lip and do the best i can to stay quite. Then I feel the tip of his cock slide up and down my ass crack building up lube as i hoped he was smaller then me, I had glanced at the guys in the shower like everyone else did comparing and i was in the top five at best in size but my mind had gone blank when i tried to think if he was up their as well and at this point i realized i was about to find out. I feel the head of his cock against my hole which was no where near loosened up to accommodated anything at that point. I struggle and try to pull away from him but all he does is lean into me against the table and sinks his entire cock in my ass in a mere second i let out another scream as i feel my ass being teared apart and i hear him moan as he slowly pulls back to the tip and slides all the way back in. He continues to do this for about 15mins. I'm crying and he's enjoying himself to the fullest, he tells me to stop crying and if i fuck him while he fucks me it will be a lot faster and easier on myself so i start pushing back against him and ride his cock as best as i could he started to speed up telling me id make a great slut for him and a few of the other players. He continues to talk dirty to me and begins to really fuck my ass, its at this point i realize i was starting to like it the dirty talk, his huge cock in my raw ass, being used like a slut.

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   It was turning me on before i knew it i had a hard on and he noticed and began to laugh. I start moaning and trying to work his cock with my ass as best as i could and doing what my girlfriend did to me when i fucked her. He started to slap my ass and call me a ass slut and any other name he could think of while he pounded me. Then i felt his cock twitch in my ass and i knew what was about to happen i yelled for him to pull out he slapped my ass and said hell no bitch im breeding my new slut. Then i felt his cock twitch again and a wave after wave of cum shoot into my ass while he slammed his cock into me making sure he shot as far as he could into my ass. He relaxes his grip on my hands and slaps my ass one more time and pulls his cock out and wiped it on my ass cheek. He then walked over to the coach's desk and grabs a digital camera he had setup prior and stops the record and tell me that if i tell anyone he'll post it on the internet and send it to the entire school. I stayed limp bent over the medical table crying and full of cum leaking out of my ass. He grabs his stuff and leaves, I slowly get up and pull my boxers back up dry my eyes and get dressed and headed home the whole time cum leaking out of my ass. I get a phone call a few hours later from him telling me that i belonged to him and his friends and if he calls me over im to service him and his friends as they please or he'll post the video. I agree and start a 2 yr service to him which i a whole other story.

Which i might write or tell if interested let me know submale66547@yahoo. com.