Swingin' (ch.10)


She seemed well pleased to notice that my seven-incher was standing straight up for her viewing pleasure. I made a motion as if to join her on the blanket only to hear say, “Stay right there. ” She reached for the baby oil and tossed it to me. “I want you to put lots of this all over your body. ” The recorder had reached the end of displaying our previous night’s escapades. She stood up, placed the camcorder on the tripod and aimed it at the blanket and me. Then she took her position back on the blanket and said, “Stroke your cock for me. ”I did as she commanded. As my hand worked up and down the slippery surface of my shaft she grabbed the baby oil and placed a liberal amount over her body again as well. When she was done one hand remained on her tit, twisting and tugging at her nipple, while the other hand found its way back to her vagina to resume the pussy fingering she had been administering to herself before I awoke. I stoked my own manhood as I watched her adept fingers expertly work around the hard nub of her clit, then slide down to disappear into her wet hole. As her fingers jabbed into her pussy I could tell she was extremely wet cause they made a squishing sound each time they came out, and the wetness formed little hairy strands momentarily between her hole and fingertips when she removed them to go back to her clit. She spread her pussy lips apart with two of her fingers to give me a real good look at the hole she called her pussy. Then pulled them up and back as she pinched them together to clamp her clit between them and started frigging her hand fast back and forth over the hard little knob. We were both slippery as I kept slowly stoking myself. She laid back onto the blanket and spread her legs wide so I could have a good view of her glistening body, including her pussy, which she continued to rub vigorously.

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  Then she reached into the bag and pulled out the big dildo. She looked me straight in the eye as she started to rub that rubber toy all around her wet, oily pussy. “Keep stroking,” she reminded, as she started to insert the pink rod into the folds of her womanhood. I drooled in anticipation as I watched the tool slowly fade from view, wishing it were my cock sliding into that simmering wet hole. Her eyes closed now as she started to lose herself in her own pleasure – moaning and writing on the blanket in delight. She kept squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples as the rubber cock fucked her pussy. I knew that this was not just an exhibition for her pleasure alone. It was apparent that she had other plans for me too because of all the oil I was wearing, so patiently waited as I continued to stroke my penis and watch as she fucked her hole with the dildo. She rammed the fake dick into her pussy a few more times before pulling it out and bringing it to her mouth. Slowly, teasingly slow, she started to suck the head of the cock in and out her mouth. Then lick it invitingly with her tongue, only to see it glide back into her pouting, red, parted lips. Next she rammed it fast – in and out of her mouth, and I found myself imagining that it was my cock she was sucking into her mouth that way. I kept stoking. Now she moved the dildo back to her groin and started rubbing it across her clit a few times before returning it back into her love passage. An audible gasp escaped her lips as the head of the cock slid past the entrance to her pussy and vanished from view.

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   She shoved the dildo deep with each plunge this time and was rubbing her clit madly in circles with her other hand now. She was climbing mount pleasure now and this time would not stop till she reached the summit. She let out a loan moan as her cock and fingers worked in fast unison. I knew it would not be long now. I have made her come thousands of times, and the warning signals were always the same. Her stomach tightened. Now her back was arching as her head started to jerk fast from side to side. Her back arched and tummy tensed. Her groin started to jerk forward and back in a rocking motion. It was soon followed by the spasm of pleasure that would make her tits bounce and jiggle all over her chest as the rubber toy remained buried deep inside her now. Her ass ground down hard into the sand beneath the blanket. Her breathing was extremely fast and shallow now, making little squeals each time she sucked a little air in. Once the passion ebbed, her breathing became heavy, filling her lungs with the air her orgasm has deprived her of at it’s height. She now opened her eyes and turned to me with a very satisfied look on her face. She Said, “I’ll bet you would like to quit stroking that hard rod of yours and put it inside of me, wouldn’t you?” She read my mind.

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   “You bet your sweet ass I would!” I replied. “It looks like you have it lubed up quite nicely,” she said next. “Since its my ‘sweet ass’ your betting, maybe you would like to collect your bet and fuck me in the ass right now. ” She rolled over onto her hands and knees as she said that, and started rubbing and spreading the milky white mounds of flesh that formed her beautiful ass. It was now pointed high in the air in my direction, revealing her nice, tight asshole for my gaze, begging for attention. Her finger played at the entrance of her backdoor – inviting me in to come and play, or should I say ‘play and CUM!’A wicked smile was painted on her face as she exclaimed, “Go for it, Baby. ”I kneeled behind her and positioned my soldier at her back door. Very slowly I began to slide my cock into that tight orifice. We were both so full of baby oil that I was surprised at the ease of entry that I had getting it in. I felt her ass literally suck the head of my knob in once her muscle relaxed enough. It happened so fast that I stopped immediately thinking that it might have hurt her a little. She assured me that everything was fine, “Just go slow at first. OK, honey. ” Slowly I worked it in and out her bum. I wrapped my arms all the way around her back.

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   Each hand had a tit in it that was spilling over the sides as they hung down. The slippery texture was a terrific feeling. Our backs glided across a layer of oil, and made sucking sounds as I pumped my meat into her ass. That ass of hers was so nice and tight that, even in spite of all the oil, I felt like I was going to blow my load right away. I backed of the pace a bit because I wanted this to last so I could enjoy it for a while. Soon she was rocking back and forth on my cock, setting the pace herself. I met her thrusts my ramming it in the full length and could see that she was enjoying it as much as me because she kept increasing the tempo. As fast as she had her ass pumping back at my cock I knew that it was useless to hold back any further. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore my wife reached over, took the rubber cock again, and began to slowly work it into her pussy as well. As soon as the member entered her pussy she started moaning deeply, “Oh yeah, Oh yeah, Oh Yeah. ” Her moans told me she was about to Cum again soon. She was really getting into it now, and telling me to get deeper. I felt the rubber head rubbing my own head with each thrust she made as she was really fucking her pussy hard now with the dildo. I started ramming my cock deeper and faster into her ass in a futile attempt to keep up with the speed that she was fucking herself. At that point she let out a loud scream as her body tightened and jerked around my cock.

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   Her back arched repeatedly with each wave of her orgasm. The waves that washed over her were long and hard, and each time caused her ass to clamp harder onto my now pulsating cock. The action was more than I could stand. I felt my balls start to let loose of the cargo they were carrying. My cock jerked deep inside her ass as the first shot burrowed its way deep into her bowels before I could pull out. As my cock exited her ass it started spraying cum immediately all the way up her back and falling back over her rosy hole. Cum was now pumping onto her cheeks as I let the rest of my pleasure flow from the tip of my shaft to find its final resting-place coating her flesh. We collapsed into a heap utter contentment on the blanket. Eventually we found the strength to get to the stream and bathe before packing up the campsite and making our journey home. .