Shy Violet


Today was Violets 17th birthday. She was 5ft 6in with long brown hair and thick glasses. All she wanted for her birthday was a boyfriend. She read all the women magazines trying to figure out how to get boys to like her. She wasn’t exactly popular with the girls either. She didn’t have a single friend.
As she had feared her she found out that her mother had planned a party for her today. Her mother had called just about every kid in her school and invited them. As she changed clothes she looked down at her flat chest and almost began to cry. She was thin and mousey. She would never get a boyfriend with such small breasts. She finished dressing and stood at the top of the stairs, fearing the lack of people who would show up.
Finally determined to make the best of it she walked downstairs. There sitting at the decorated table was her mother and father. The party was supposed to start half an hour ago. No one had showed up.

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She sat down next to her mother and began to cry. Her mother held her lovingly "Don’t cry sweetheart, maybe I just got the days mixed up when I called everyone. " She knew better. She sat there weeping into her mothers shoulder.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Her mother hurried to the door while her father dried the tears from her eyes. She held her breath as her mother opened the door. Standing in the just setting sun was a boy Violet barely recognized.
He was new at school, but she couldn’t remember his name. In his hand was a package wrapped in pink paper with a white bow on the corner. "Come in please" her mother smiled. The boy looked at the ground but came in. He was 6ft tall and thin with sandy blonde hair and glasses.
Her mother ushered him to the table and he sat down right beside Violet. For the first time he looked up from the ground and stuck out his hand for Violet to shake.

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   "Hi, I am Steve Green. " Violet blushed as she shook his hand. "I'm Violet Stone. " Violets mother and father looked at each other and smiled.
Soon both found reasons to leave Violet alone with Steve. Soon Violet and Steve started to get to know one another. It turns out Steve had just moved here from Rollings a month ago and he too had trouble making friends.
Soon it was time to cut the cake. Violets mother and father sat across from Steve and Violet singing happily. Steve sang along with them and seemed to relax somewhat.
About halfway through the song Violet felt Steve reach under the table and hold her hand. She was so shocked and excited that she blushed and just sat there while her mother and father waited for her to blow out the candles.
Finally she realized that everyone was watching her and waiting. She closed her eyes and wished more than anything that Steve would like her. Then she blew out the candles.

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She opened her eyes and Steve reached under the table to hold her hand. His hand felt warm and smooth. Suddenly she though of her wish and she pressed his hand on her thigh and slowly moved it up and down. Her mother passed her a plate with cake on it and she had to use both hands to take the plate.
She feared that Steve would recoil and take his hand away from her bare leg. As she removed her hand from his to take the plate his hand continued to roam over her leg. Starting at the knee and continuing all the way until it reached her skirt. She was relieved that he hadn’t stopped and glanced over at him. He was looking around and despite the cool of the air conditioning he was just starting to sweat.
When her father tried to pass a plate with cake to him he stopped moving his hand and pulled away. She suddenly took the plate out of her fathers hand and set it in front of Steve.
Steve had removed his hand from her leg and placed it in his lap. Gingerly she reached under the table and gently took his hand placing it back onto her bare leg. This time she pushed it just slightly under her skirt and felt a tingle run all the way up her body. Her panties were beginning to get wet and she also began to sweat.

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She reached out under the table and touched Steve's leg. She ran her hand over his jeans and all the way up to his zipper. Steve took the hint and ran his hand further up her skirt until his hand brushed her wet panties.
She silently wished that this moment would never end. She also wished that her parents would leave for just a few minutes. Soon they were finished eating the cake and she opened her gifts. Steve kept his hand under the table caressing her leg while she unwrapped her gift.
Her mother had given her an electric toothbrush. Steve had given her a leather bound diary. Last her father handed her a small box and smiled. Her heart jumped. Had he gotten her a ring or earrings? Her hands trembled as she opened the package.
Not only from the small box, but because Steves hand had began to rub her pussy through the fabric of her panties. Finally she opened to box to see a set of car keys. She knew they weren’t her parents keys.

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Her father smiled and said "It's in the garage waiting for you. " Not wanting Steve to stop, but desperate to find out what kind of car her father had bought. She made a choice. Violet bolted from the table and through the door to the garage.
Sitting there with a giant pink bow was a brand new VW Beetle convertible with the top down. The red car looked almost too real under the dim light from the bulb. Her father and mother appeared next to her smiling. "We know your only 17, but we think that you can handle the responsibility. "
Steve had appeared between them and looked at past the car at her and smiled. Her keys were still clutched in her hand as she ran her hand over the exterior of the car.
Her father spoke up "Why don’t you and Steve take her for a ride. " Violets heart raced. She could finally be alone with Steve. Her wish was coming true. Her parents watched as the two teens pulled out of the driveway.

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Steve placed his hand back under her skirt as Violet sped up. He began to rub her pussy. It felt so good. She took her free hand and pushed his had onto her pussy grinding his hand. She knew just where she wanted to go first.
She wanted to go to the lake and be alone with Steve. As she made the turns and twists that led to the lake Steve continued to massage her pussy. When she made a turn his hand pushed onto her pussy so hard she almost came.
Finally they were sitting at the lake alone. Almost instantly they were in each others arms kissing. His hands roamed over her virgin body. Violet never wanted this to end. At some point She had pulled Steves shirt off and she felt his chest. He was thin, but his muscles felt like tight ropes straining under his skin.
She felt one of his hands go under her shirt and towards her small tits.

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   She felt embarrassed and pushed his hand away. He looked hurt as if he had done something wrong. She lifted her shirt off and showed her flat chest. She almost began to cry when Steve leaned over and kissed her.
His hands rubbed her small nipples and electricity shot through her body. Steve bent to her chest and began kissing and licking her nipples it felt so good that she let a low moan escape her lips. "oooohh. " Steve sucked on her nipples and she leaned to seat back.
His hand pushed her panties aside and began to rub her bare pussy. She was so wet. She had never been this far with anyone before. She had never even properly masturbated. She lay back ad let his suck on her nipples. His hand bushed back and forth over her clit. She began to shake as her orgasm approached.

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   She felt a heat rising inside of her and she screamed as she grabbed Steves hand and held it to her clit.
Steve stopped just long enough to remove his pants leaving him dressed in only his boxer shorts. She watched him undress and removed her skirt and panties. She saw that he had a large erection and decided that she wanted him to be her first. Without saying a word she moved over to his lap and straddled him.
It was a tight squeeze in the small car so she opened to passenger door and let one of her legs rest on the ground. She felt him hard and ready. Her pussy was rubbing his cock through his boxer shorts. He leaned his seat back as she dry humped his hard on.
She looked into his eyes "I have never been with anyone before. " Steve reached out and pulled her down to him kissing her deeply. Her trembling hand reached inside his boxers and released his erection. She rubbed it back and forth against the outside of her pussy lips. She was so wet she almost had another orgasm.
Finally she was ready.


   She pushed his hard cock just inside of her pussy. It felt so good. Like fireworks going off inside her. As his cock inched into her she felt better and better. Finally with only half his cock inside her she felt it rub against the thin membrane of her virginity.
With a slight effort she pushed him deeper penetrating her for the first time. She felt pain and saw a small trickle of blood and pussy juice run down his cock. She stopped and kissed his deeply then pushed the remainder of his cock inside of her. She felt so much pain. She wanted to stop, but soon he began to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy and the pain gradually turned into pleasure.
She began to rise and fall letting his cock slip a few inches out of her dripping pussy and then all the way back in. He began to match her motion and thrusts with his own hips. She rode him as her orgasm approached. Finally in unison they came.
Both let low moans escape and sat there holding each other as his cock softened inside of her pussy.

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   She crawled off of him and back into the driver seat. Both of them got dressed and she looked at her watch realizing that her parents would be asking her where she had been.
Steve put his jeans back on and pulled out a clean white handkerchief and wiped her pussy clean of most of the blood and cum. They kissed as she started the engine and began to drive slowly back to her house. Steve sat close to her holding her and rubbing her nipples through her shirt. As they approached the house he took his normal posture in the passenger seat. She parked in the driveway and both the teens got out.
Steve looked into her eyes not want to go, but it was getting late and tomorrow was a school day. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him as she whispered softly into his ear "will I see you again?" Steve let his hands roam down her back and massage her butt and whispered back "How about Friday night?" The End.