Cassie and John cont'd - Chinese Food


Cassie called the restaurant and ordered their dinner, the delivery boy was young probably about 20 or 22 years old and he loved to deliver to them because John always was an excellent tipper.
Cassie hung up the phone and went into the bedroom where John was reading a book, she was wearing a tank top and boy shorts and her ass looked really great in them, she went to the closet to get her robe, since the tank was a little see through.
John saw her grab the robe, "What are you doing, babe?" He asked.
"Putting on my robe, this outfit is a little skimpy don’t you think?" She replied.
"I think you look great honey, you don’t need the robe. "
"John, I just ordered Chinese, they will be here in about twenty minutes. "
"I know. "
Cassie looked him in the eye, "Okaaaaay. " Then she put the robe back up, this was a little interesting she thought. "So you want me to answer the door like this?"
"Sure. " John answered with a devilish grin.
Cassie got the hint finally and decided to run with it, just to see what would happen.
A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, Cassie got up from the bed and walked out of the room, pulling the door almost completely shut as she left. As she walked through the dining room on her way to the front door she yelled, "Coming…" She stopped and placed her purse on the floor, just for effect she thought. She opened the front door.
"I have a delivery for you.

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  " Said the delivery boy, Cassie noticed him look her over from head to toe, the anticipation had made her nipples hard, and her top was see through any way.
"Great," she said, "could you just bring it in and set it on the counter there while I get your money?"
"Sure. " Answered the delivery boy as he stepped in through the door.
Cassie went to her purse and bent over at the waist to pick it up making sure that the delivery boy had a nice view of her ass in the high cut boy shorts she was wearing. Meanwhile, John had moved from the bed to the door of the room and was peeking through the crack.
Cassie counted the money in her purse and realized it was not enough, "Have a seat on the couch while I go get the rest of the money. "
"Yes, ma’am. " The boy replied, and did as he was told.
Cassie had a desperate desire to seduce this young man while John watched from the bedroom, it was a first for her but the prospect of it was exciting nonetheless. She went into the bedroom to get the rest of the money. John saw her coming and moved away from the door. She walked in and shrugged her shoulders at John who simply nodded his ascent.
Cassie got the rest of the money and went back into the living room with a partial plan of what was going to happen next.
"What’s your name?" She asked as she walked into the living room.
"Umm, Mike, ma’am.

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  " He answered and got up.
Cassie was standing in front of him and she asked, "Does Mikey ‘like it’?" You know from the Life cereal commercials.
The boy grins and she pushed him back down softly, "Mikey likes everything, if it’s ok ma’am. "
"No, it is not ok, it is just what I’d hoped for!" She looked down and noticed he was starting to bulge.
"Are you happy to see me, or is that how you greet every one you meet?" The boy got even more embarrassed.
"Don’t be embarrassed, I just wanted you to know how happy it makes me! So what do we do about this, hmmm?" She asked.
The boy was unable to respond verbally, Cassie realized this was going to be all up to her, and she was not passing this up for anything. She knew she should probably be nervous too, it has been almost 10 years since she was 18, but it’s all for fun so who gives a shit what happens.
She leans over and starts to stroke the boy’s leg, "Can I sit down?"
The boy nodded, "Yes. " Cassie sat down close enough to hear the rapid breathing he was trying to control.
"May I touch you, I am very interested in, um, how excited you are?" She asked.
Again the boy nodded yes, she moved her hands up his thighs and began to rub along the length of his rigid manhood. The boy put his arm around her shoulder and began to caress her breast through her shirt. Cassie was getting very excited and started to feel the juices flow between her legs.
"I am so turned on by you right now that I could explode, I want you to fuck me hard!" Cassie blurted out.

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Mikey got up and dropped his pants, then ripped her boy shorts down. Mike pushed her back against the couch, and climbed on top of her. Cassie grabbed his hard uncircumcised cock and guided it to her dripping wet opening. She saw from the corner of her eye that John had moved into a better position, she placed her heels against the boys butt cheeks and pulled him into her.
"God you are so big!" She cried out, and cast a wink John’s way. This excited the boy tremendously and he started to plunge into her with a fury.
"You like it?" He asked.
"Yesssss!" Cassie cried out.
He was plunging into her deeply and pulling on her shoulders now to get more depth, he put one of her legs over her shoulder and was going harder and faster than Cassie had been used to for some time. She turned over into a doggy style position and he lined up and spread her cheeks, then he slid his long hard cock into her slippery hot pussy she thrust against it as hard as she could. As he thrust into her she could feel his balls slapping against her clit in this position and with each slap she moaned her pleasure. She reached under her and grabbed him by the scrotum and massaged it gently, then she began to rub her tingling clit furiously, she felt the orgasm welling inside her and could feel the boy swelling as well.
He was so big it hurt, but she was so excited knowing that John was watching, and she could see him occasionally stroking himself. This so turned her on that she could not control herself, she was so into it and decided to really blow the doors off.
"Fuck me Mikey!" She ordered.

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   She was getting close to an orgasm, and now the boy picked her up he held her legs spread in front of her and continued to fuck her hard, his length made even this position possible, and it was a completely new experience for Cassie. This position placed the head of his cock right on her G-Spot and she exploded hard and long leaving her cum dripping down the length of Mikey’s painfully hard love shaft.
Never in her life had she experienced such an orgasm, and she was seeing stars, she felt him through the daze as he tensed and started to throb deep in her vagina. Then she felt the hot juice spew and spew from his cock deep into her dripping wet pussy.
He sat her down with a satisfied grin, Cassie was just astounded, and she got up and went to get a towel to clean them up.
"How much is the dinner?" She asked.
"I got this, that was payment enough. " She smiled, he dressed and walked to the door, he turned and said, "If you are ever in need, remember to order extra egg rolls. " He walked out of the door as satisfied as he’d ever been.
Cassie, legs still weak, walked over to where John sat hidden, "Well, how was that?" She asked.
John took only one second to respond, "That was fabulous my dear!"
He stood and took her hand and led her into the shower, he lovingly cleaned every inch of her smooth, silky body. Then he gets out and dries her off . They go into the bedroom, he lays her down on the bed and began to caress the soft skin of her legs, his hands continue to wander up, until her reaches her pubic mound, and then he slides his fingers between her thighs. He spreads her legs and moves up until he can kiss her clit, it is still throbbing from her recent orgasm, so she jerks as he touches her, but the relaxes. John spreads her pussy lips and uncovers her clit and begins to lightly lick it, Cassie experiences waves of pleasure, and John is harder than he has been in a while he moves up and slides the head of his rock solid penis into her.

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Her pussy is feverishly hot, and he begins to pump into very fast, rabbit like, still turned on and even more so from the image of John stroking himself calmly while she seduced another man Cassie explodes with nearly the same intensity she had experienced a few minutes ago. John was unable to hold out and was soon ejaculating into her.
They kissed passionately and lay next to each other, spent and in love they were soon asleep, John thought as he faded, "Another fantasy fulfilled, with many more to come…"