Watching Barry and Chantille (Part Two)


The first time I saw my little sister Chantille getting her brains fucked out really turned me on. I knew I had to see more of it and it was my luck that ensured that I would surely get to. Chantille had limped around the house for an entire week after Barry had brutally pounded her at our apartment. But she had developed a sort of craving for him and wanted more of his manhood. They had started dating soon after and they would always "passionately" fuck. Actually fucking was all that encompassed their "dates. " Its funny but my 5 foot 5, 107 pound, petite little sister actually loved being done hard and rough. She enjoyed Barry's massive dick penetrating her tiny hole and leaving her with painful mementoes. It was on one such date that I saw one of their brutal but extremely erotic sessions. That night Chantille told me she was going out with a group of friends, but I knew better. She said she was probably going to stay at a friend's house so I shouldn't wait up for her. I honestly gulped when I saw the drop-dead sexy woman standing before my eyes. I couldn't believe that was my sister. Even I was turned on as I scanned over her magnificent body. Chantille had on this expensive, tight red dress that clung to her every curve. Her long wavy brown hair looked amazingly sexy as it came down to her shoulder blades.

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   Her long slender feminine finger nails had been painted a light pink and she had put on a lipstick of matching hue. Her face had been carefully blushed and mascara had been applied to her eyes to give them an extremely exotic look. She had on some of her nicest bracelets and anklets as well and she held a neat little black purse in her hands. But what caught my attention the most were these incredibly hot stiletto heel sandals she was wearing. They were covered in a satin-like material, also pinkish in colour, slightly rounded from the front and had a very sexy slender heel of about three and a half inches. Her figure looked incredible. All her years of dieting and working out had certainly paid off. She had been a ballerina for many years too so she had a very small but tight and athletic figure. Her tanned arms and sexy long legs were perfectly chiseled to a very feminine size. She was curvy where she needed to be, but had no fat where there shouldn't be any. Her dress completely revealed the sultry shape of her hips and buttocks. It came down to just above her knees so you could see how her buttocks and tight round thighs developed into her toned slender legs. Plus Chantille's stiletto's made her heart shaped ass pop outwards in a hot way. I had a feeling Barry would be pleased tonight. From the way her breasts moved so freely, it didn't look like she had a bra on and as she turned around to leave it didn't look like she was wearing any panties either (probably because she wouldn't need them anyway).

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   I was so turned on that I knew I had to see her get fucked again. I heard the door close so I too dashed to it and stealthily began to follow her at a safe distance. Our destination was more than familiar to me; it was the way to Barry's place – one floor below! Chantille walked, swaying her hot hips, to Barry's door and knocked on it three times in sing-song fashion. Barry answered it immediately, Chantille grinned at him sexily, showing off her perfect teeth, and Barry grabbed her by her hips and wrenched her inside. That very action made my balls lurch. In their rush they didn't close the door all the way so I carefully peered inside. They were both wrapped in each others arms, madly frenching one another, and Barry had his hands on Chantille's butt, massaging and groping it roughly. Then Barry picked Chantille up by her ass, she wrapped her legs around him, and he carried her to his bedroom. I made my way inside. For a bachelor pad, Barry's apartment was pretty big. He had very large rooms so I used that to my advantage. I snuck up to the door to his bedroom just in time to see him drop Chantille onto the bed. He got on top of her small frame and resumed kissing her. As she kissed him back, Chantille writhed and wriggled beneath him and she threw her purse on to the floor so she could wrap her arms around his neck. Instinctively Barry began to push Chantille's dress upwards and started to put his hand up it as he kissed her.

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  Barry told Chantille to lie down on her back on the bed with her head drooped over the edge. She did as she was told. When Barry pushed down his pants to reveal his throbbing 11 inch hard-on, my little sister squealed loud enough that any guy would have wanted to slam into her right then and there. Chantille opened her mouth for Barry and he began to slide his cock into my sexy little sister's mouth. Inch by inch it disappeared down her throat. Chantille gagged a few times so they had to start over but eventually she caught on. Soon Chantille was deepthroating Barry like a pro and he enjoyed every minute of it. Then Barry put his hands down the front of Chantille's dress and began to fondle her large round breasts. She moaned as he massaged them. Using her jugs as leverage, Barry began to throatfuck Chantille. I could clearly hear the swishy noises they were creating together. This went on for about ten minutes and then Barry grabbed Chantille's head and came in her throat. He stayed inside of her so all she could do was swallow his come. When Chantille broke free she said, "I want you to rape me Barry. I want you to blister my pussy again like our first time.

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   Fuck me like an animal. Rape me Barry, rape me. " And with that Barry ripped off his shirt and began to strip her too. Soon my baby sister was on her back again this time with her sexy long slender legs in the air, spread wide open, and the only things left on her were her seductive pink high-heels and her bracelets and anklets. Barry got in between Chantille's long slender legs. My little sister tried to spread her legs as wide as she could to try and accommodate Barry's throbbing dick but Barry used his arms to pin both of Chantille's legs to the sides so her wet pussy could be stretched wide open. He positioned himself at the entrance to her paradise, pausing for a bit, and then with one long but swift stroke he entered his cock about half way inside of her. Chantille let out a series of screams and squeals and closed her eyes. She sort of turned her head from side to side trying to think past the pain. Barry had stopped momentarily inside her to let her adjust but Chantille's reaction caused his basic instinct to kick in and he began to pump her with hard fast strokes, now going in balls deep every time. Chantille literally went crazy. As Barry continued to ravage her pussy, all Chantille could do was scream. Usually, Barry would start frenching Chantille when she screamed so all she could do was make soft muffled moans. Chantille's sexy screams and her breathless grunts drove Barry to ram her harder and harder, it was almost as if he used them as fuel. It was clear, even from my distance, that Chantille was crying since her blushed cheeks were now wet with tears.

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   Overall she still looked maddeningly gorgeous and Barry didn't stop penetrating her. Chantille's entire body shook every time Barry slammed into her. Her sexy legs and high-heels were pretty much waving in the air on either side of Barry, matching her loud screams. While her lean calves wobbled, her pink stilettos violently went up and down with each powerful stroke. While he fucked her, Barry had his hands around my sister's tiny waist which he was holding for leverage. His hands could almost completely wrap around it and he had his thumbs in her navel in a rough sort of way, pushing into it. He moved his hands upwards and groped and massaged Chantille's rhythmically jiggling breasts. He kneaded them and licked them from time to time then finally positioned his hands on her shoulders so he could slam into her even harder. During that time, Chantille wrapped her long, tanned legs around Barry's waist locking them at her ankles and moved her sexy hands onto his elbows for support. I noticed how her gorgeous hazel-blue eyes were looking directly into Barry's as she lay there beneath him, crying and screaming, receiving the pounding of her life. It was an amazing sight to see someone like Barry, a guy of pretty big build, penetrating Chantille, who was fairly small and slender. I loved watching her scream because it looked like Barry was doing her really roughly, even raping her. The fact that Barry was so big and that Chantille was basically powerless as she lay there beneath him was an extremely powerful turn-on. Chantille had wanted this, even though she was screaming and crying at the top of her lungs, and her pussy was reddening again. Barry continued to penetrate Chantille at a fast rate with really hard strokes.

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   He also kept kissing her and sticking his tongue in her mouth. Then, quite suddenly Barry became rigid and began to grunt loudly. You could tell that he was filling Chantille with his hot seed. He collapsed onto her and took hold of her hard so that he could completely empty himself inside her. Chantille kept screaming, "Ahhhhh!!" and "Yesss Barrry!" repeatedly as she received his warm load inside of her. He still kept pumping her slowly through his ejaculation though. Chantille's hair was spread over the pillow now as she lay underneath Barry, who was still thrusting slightly to continue filling her up. Chantille looked really small compared to Barry. A woman is so hot when she's being fucked by a man who is almost twice her size. Chantille's reddish pink pussy looked incredible stretched with Barry's thick pole still impaling her. Her beautiful hands were on Barry's back, pulling him into her and her long nails were shining in the dim light. Those sexy high heels were still locked around Barry's waist holding him inside of her. Soon, after some frenching, Barry got up, still inside Chantille, and carried her to the sofa in his room. He turned her on his cock and put her over the armrest of the couch so that her knees and feet were on the seat area. Her feet looked so sexy in those high-heels.

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   He began to pump her again, slowly at first but picking up speed as his energy returned to him. Chantille began to scream at the top of her lungs again since she had never been done from behind before. Barry first held onto her hips then moved his hands down to her sexy ankles, grabbed them and began to slam into her very hard. Chantille was still screaming, "Yes Barry!" repeatedly as he pummeled her. She also moved her hands down and grabbed the long stiletto heel of her sexy pink sandals. Her beautiful hands clenched the heels and I could see her long nails shining. Chantille turned her head to look at Barry and he started to kiss her again. Her muffled screams sounded so sexy. Her round buttocks wobbled every time Barry slammed against them. Then Barry pushed her down and basically lay down on top of her so he could penetrate her even deeper. Chantille's face was on the armrest now and she kept screaming even though her screams were muffled out. Barry held onto Chantille's shoulders as he lay on her and he kept kissing her on her back and the nape of her neck. He moved his hands from her shoulders around to Chantille's front and grabbed a hold of her hanging breasts. He pinched her nipples and cupped and squeezed them as he continued his thrusts. It was an amazing sight to see how Barry went in between Chantille's spread legs and penetrated her pussy.

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   He was going in all the way every time and Chantille definitely felt it since she responded with a squeal or scream each time. Chantille was waving her hands around at first because of the pain, but soon she grabbed the armrest and found some stability to counter Barry's dominant thrusts. As Chantille continued to be manhandled she also continued to scream and squeal nearly at the top of her lungs (her throat was probably really tired by this point). My little sister was definitely getting what she wanted. I was so turned on watching Chantille "getting raped. " It seemed so real since Barry did her so hard and so roughly with absolutely no concern for her. Chantille probably did feel like she was being raped since she had been either screaming or crying non-stop since the whole thing started. I wouldn't be surprised if I could hear her from our apartment upstairs.

The two of them looked like a stallion and mare in the middle of pure copulation. Barry’s muscular frame ramming into Chantille’s small figure was an amazing site. While I was pondering, Barry began to grunt again and slowed down a bit. He bear hugged Chantille from behind her and pushed really hard and stayed inside her as he came again. Chantille really screamed as Barry pushed hard into her, since his humongous cock was probably poking at her womb. They both lay there breathless once again and I assumed the fun was over, for now at least. I made my exit and went back home to reflect on my lucky day, all the while wondering if anything at all could have been better.

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