17 and it felt so right


It was late one night and I was in my dorm room pleasuring myself just I usually do on occasion.   I was pretty good at making sure no one was noticing, but this time I looked up to see my roommate looking around the wardrobe staring right at me.   I immediately stopped and looked away trying not to make eye contact with my roommate, Cole.   I could feel him still staring at me, and I knew he was still trying to figure out what to say.   He finally said, “I see someone has been a little deprived,” chuckling a little as he said it.
“Yeah,” I said trying not to be embarrassed, “It has been a while. ”  At this time he didn’t know I was curious about guys and I was pretty sure that Cole was straight.   I have a girlfriend that I had been dating for almost three months, but it had always been a fantasy to be with another guy.   Cole was pretty hot, he was about 5’9 and pretty muscular just like me; he had played sports most of his life.   The thought passed through my head about doing something with him, but it quickly vanished because I was sure he wasn’t into that kind of thing.  
“What are you watching?” he asked
“Just some pictures of some girls, not really anything special. ”
“I have got some videos.   Do you want to watch some with me now?  I don’t mind. ”
My mind went back to those thoughts that I was having.   He seemed like he may be interested and I didn’t want to let this chance slip away.   I could feel my cock getting a little harder as I said, “Yeah, if you really don’t mind.

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“Oh yeah it’s no problem.   Here, this one is one of my favorites. ”
I couldn’t have cared less about what he was showing.   I was so horny now and now he was rubbing his crotch looking at his computer screen.   I sat just behind him and off to the side so he couldn’t see me looking at him unless he turned around.   Those thoughts of him kept running through my mind while I was starring right at him, but I just could not figure out what out what to do.   He glanced back at me with a smile on his face but he didn’t say anything.   I couldn’t tell if he knew I was checking him out because I looked to the screen once he turned around.   I just couldn’t resist it any longer.  
I moved my chair next to him so that we were right next to each other, but he just kept watching the screen.   I reached my hand out slowly and placed it on his thigh and moved it up his leg towards is ever growing bulge.   He looked at my hand as it moved to caress his cock and a slight smile appeared on his face.   He then reached over and placed his hand on my cock and immediately I felt a wave of lust fall on my body.   We sat there for a few moments massaging each other hard-ons.   I looked up from his hard-on and saw his eyes looking right back at me.

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   I stood up and knelt right in front of him and said, “I want to taste your cock in my mouth right now.
“I have always wanted to try something with another guy, now what are you waiting for. ”
I reached up to his waist and slid his pants off and I could see he had a nice sized cock underneath his boxers.   I peeled off his boxers and I gently placed my hand on his shaft.   I leaned over and touched the tip of his cock with my tongue which sent his body into ecstasy.   I licked up and down his shaft while holding his balls in my hand before putting his head in my mouth.   Cole let out a gasp as his cock slid down my throat. I slowly raised my head up and pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, “You like that don’t you Cole.   You like having me suck your cock. ”
“Just keep sucking my cock you dirty little whore. ”
I put my mouth around his cock and started bobbing up and down again.   His pre-cum tasted so good in my mouth, and I just wanted to suck him dry.   I could feel his cock pulsing in my mouth as I bobbed my head up and down.   He started to let out short gasps and I knew he was about to lose his load.
“Awwww…I’m about to cum.

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    That feels so good. ”
His cock grew slightly as he blew his load of hot gooey cum right into my mouth.   It tasted so good in my mouth and I spit it back on to his cock before licking it back up and swallowing it back down.
“Your turn,” I said as I pulled him over to the bed.
He knelt down in front me and massaged my cock through my boxers before pulling my boxers off.   My juicy cock was fully erect and just dying to be sucked.   He put one hand on my balls and one on the cock and gave them a little squeeze sending my body into an ecstasy.   He slipped his lips over the head of my cock and slowly pushed it down his throat.
“Oh yeah keep doing that. Awwww…that feels so good. Don’t stop. ”
I put my hand on his head and pushed his head up and down on my cock.   He kept sucking my cock for a few minutes as I reached closer to an orgasm.   He slowed down a little and started taking in more each time.   Right as I was about to cum, I pulled his head down on my cock and unleashed a huge load of cum right down his throat.

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    He slowly pulled his head off my cock and I said, “I want to fuck your ass now. ”
I reached for my cock and gave it a little life by stroking it up and down.   I wanted him to feel my hard cock in his ass so bad.
I turned him over and he stuck my as in the air just waiting to be fucked.   I licked his ass hole and lubed up my cock and placed my head right at his hole and pressed in a little.   His ass was so tight and I stopped before pressing in again.   The third time my head slipped in and filled his virgin ass up.   He let out a little scream and I paused a moment before pushing my cock any deeper into his ass.   I started slow and then sped up as he began to moan.   I couldn’t believe how tight his ass was around my swelling cock.   I put my hand on his hips and fucked him doggy style for a while.   I was nearing another orgasm, when I slipped my cock out his ass and went to pleasure his dick again.   His dick throbbed in my hand as he quickly got rock hard again.
“Cole, fill my ass up right now.   I want you inside me.

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I laid down on my back and he pulled me to the edge of the bed.   He spit into his hand and rubbed it on my ass before pushing his cock deep into my ass.   His cock filled me right up, and it felt so good after a few moments.   He was already pumping my as real hard.   It felt so good and I felt like a little slut being fucked.   He slowed down a little and said, “I’m about to cum.   Where do you want me to cum?”
“I want you to fill my ass up with your hot, sticky cum. ”
He started pumping my ass again and in matter of seconds he thrust his cock into my ass one last time and let out a huge load of jizz right in my ass.   Cum kept filling my ass shot after shot until finally he slipped his cock slowly out.   I could feel the cum sliding right to the edge of my rim and I pulled his head right to my hole.   He stuck his tongue out and licked up all the jizz that he had just pumped into my ass.   His moist tongue felt so good on my stretched out ass.   He smiled as he gobbled up his own cum.
“Remember, I’m still not done with you Cole.   You know you want to feel my cum in your tight little butt.

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 I started stroking my dick again and told him to straddle me.   He climbed on top of me facing me and I stuck a finger up his butt watching him squirm.   He took my cock and pushed it up his ass hole like he couldn’t wait for me to cum inside of him.   He sat down all the way with my cock deep in his ass for a moment and then started moving his ass and hips up and down, trying desperately to milk my cock.   He started moaning and it wasn’t long before I was on the verge of cumming.   He bounced his ass up and down twice more before I let out the biggest orgasm I had ever had.   I filled his ass up with spurt after spurt of jizz into his tight butt.  
He smiled and said, “I just love your gooey cum all in my ass.   It feels so good and warm. ” 
He pulled his ass off my cock and put his butt over my face and let the cum drip onto my face.   I couldn’t believe how much there was.   There was a steady stream of cum running right on to me.   I licked up some, but Cody stuck his tongue out and got the rest of it up. We kissed swapping the cum in our mouths.   I love the way it tasted and felt in my mouth.

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    We laid right where we were, smiling and slept the rest of the night away.  Every day after, we would find time to pleasure each other. Whether it was just blow jobs or filling each other’s asses with cum, we loved the way it felt and couldn’t get enough.   I just love boarding schools.