The Night Audit: My Last Night


I was still standing there five minutes after I heard the front door slam shut. My naked body was covered in goosebumps and I was trembling from head to toe. What would I have done if my Dad had come into the kitchen like he did every morning to get his coffee? What would he have done? He had just discovered a video of me licking my friend’s pussy, and then to walk into the kitchen and find me naked, waiting for him.

I felt scared. Like I had lost my footing on the ice and I was out of control. I started walking, leaving my towel on the kitchen floor. I didn’t know where my feet were taking me. It was like sleepwalking and when I woke up I was standing in my parents’ bedroom.

His laptop wasn’t there. He had taken it with him when he rushed out the front door. I sat down at the little desk in the corner of his room. The cheap fabric on the chair was scratchy and uncomfortable against my bare bottom. I was staring out the window, wondering if my Dad would try to contact Lisa to ask her about the video, when my foot touched a wet spot on the floor.

I pulled back instinctively, but then dabbed at the carpet under his desk with my toe. I had seen enough cum stains in just the past few weeks to know what the dark spots on the rug meant. My Dad had jacked off watching my video.


   My heart started thumping in my chest. Then I saw it on the side of the desk; a gleaming white pearl against the dark cherry wood. It was still wet when I scooped it up with my finger. I stared at it for a long moment, and then I put my finger to my lips and tasted my Dad’s cum for the first time.

I was hiding a camera in the air vent in the corner of my parents’ room when my phone buzzed. It was Lisa. She wanted me to tie her up in room 311 and find men to fuck her. I was surprised. After finding the cum, I was sure my Dad would call or text her. I imagined he was actually fucking her while I was wiring his room.

I finished with the camera, and then I met Lisa at the hotel. Within an hour I found a forty-six-year-old MWM who looked like he might pass out when he saw what was waiting for him on the bed. While he fucked Lisa, I scheduled two guys who were cool with double-teaming her.

I relaxed in the chair by the window and used my glass cock while I watched Married-White-Guy fuck my friend. I was struggling with the next steps of this fuzzy idea that was trying to work itself into a plan.

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   My Dad had a video of me having sex with a girl he fucked, and might possibly still be fucking. Was he watching the video while I masturbated and whored his lover out? I wondered what was going through his mind.

I think he knew I wasn’t a virgin, but did he think I was a lesbian now? Sex wasn’t something I talked about with my Dad, but Mom knew I wasn’t a virgin or a lesbian. When I started having sex she put me on birth control. Did she tell him I was fucking boys? Would he have been able to figure it out on his own, or was he naïve enough to think his little girl was still a virgin? He knew Jamie was shooting porn. Could he imagine that I was following right in her footsteps?

When MWM was ready, I climbed on top of Lisa’s naked body and let him pull his cock from her pussy and squirt his jizz into my mouth. I rolled over and shared it with Lisa, kissing her open lips while he moved his still hard dick back and forth from her pussy to mine. He blew another load on my ass before he left, and I barely had time to clean up before the duo showed up. I helped them get started with dueling blowjobs, but then I turned them over to Lisa and went back to my chair. I was absentmindedly playing with my glass cock and sifting through ideas in my head when the two guys did something to catch my attention.

“Oh my God, that is so crazy!” I gasped, watching the two of them stuff both their cocks into Lisa’s pussy at the same time, “I have to get a picture of this. ”

“Take one for me, too,” Lisa whimpered from behind the blindfold. I snapped several shots with my phone then used video with hers. I was holding it about a foot from her over-stuffed cunt when her phone buzzed in my hand. I recorded for about thirty seconds, touching the guys’ dicks and massaging their balls while they were crammed together inside her.

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   Then I climbed back into my chair, letting them get on with things.

A name didn’t pop up with the text on Lisa’s phone, but I recognized my Dad’s number. It was what I had been expecting, but my hand still trembled when I opened the message.

I need to see you.

That was all it said. I was tempted to text him back, tempted to send him the video I had just recorded, but suddenly the fuzzy idea in my brain was taking shape. I stared at Lisa, bound and blindfolded while two strangers indulged in her young body. It was amazing how the loss of two senses, sight and touch, could alter the world around you. Lisa loved being lost in a sexual limbo. She was completely vulnerable and at the mercy of the people on the other side of the blindfold.

I watched her twist and turn, her back arching, her entire vocabulary reduced to the words “yes” and “more. ” Her thighs were wet with her own cum while one or both of the men’s cum oozed out around their cocks. I walked over and slid my finger between their thrusting shafts, and then put it to my lips, tasting their honey but remembering my Dad’s, scraped from the side of his dresser. And just like that, the pieces suddenly fell into place and I had a plan. I bent down and kissed the spot where their cocks slid together inside my friend, letting my tongue show my excitement.

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“How many times have you fucked my Dad?” I whispered to Lisa while I licked both men’s cum from her lips and cheeks. They were gone but she was still tied and blindfolded while I cleaned her up.

“What?” she gasped, her body tensing beneath me.

“Was it just the one time at the poker game, or have you been fucking him since then?” I asked calmly, though my heart was racing.

“Kaley…” she whimpered, struggling against the cuffs. I could tell from the fear in her voice that it was more than just the poker game.

“Does he fuck you at my house?” I asked, my voice soft, my lips brushing her ear.

“I didn’t mean for it to happen,” she cried, “Please untie me. ”

“I will,” I said, kissing her lips, “But first you’re going to tell me everything, and then you’re going to promise to do whatever I tell you. ”


I didn’t tell Lisa my plan, only what I wanted her to do next. I let her know that I had hours of video of her fucking strange men in my bedroom as well as room 311, so it was easy controlling her. Her parents were strict Catholics and the thought of them finding out their daughter had become a fuck toy for men on Craig’s List was unthinkable to Lisa.

I showed her the text from my Dad. She was sure I was going to tell her to text back that she never wanted to see him again, and just stared at me with her mouth open when I ordered her to make a date with him. She was confused and maybe a little scared, but she was also turned on.

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   She admitted that she had been fucking my Dad on and off ever since the poker game, but that each time they fucked he would swear that it was the last. A month later he would call her again though, or she would simply show up at our house when she knew he was alone. He tried but he could never resist her.

Dad texted back and told Lisa to come to our house on Friday night. Mom was working a late shift at the hospital and I would be working at the hotel, or so he thought. It was a simple thing to pretend to leave for work but hide in the basement instead. I had my laptop and the cameras were all in place. I could see everything that was happening the moment Lisa showed up in her miniskirt with her bag over her shoulder.

The plan went off kilter almost immediately. Neither Lisa nor I expected my Dad to be so aggressive, but the moment Lisa stepped through the front door, he grabbed her, spun her around, and pinned her against the door. He jerked her skirt up and simply tore her panties off in one violent thrust. Then his cock was out and he was fucking her hard and fast from behind.

It was frightening and intense and unimaginably erotic to witness. I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt watching them on the computer in the basement, and I quickly pulled my clothes off and tucked my fingers into my wet pussy. I could hear Lisa’s voice from the stairs.

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   It was a mix of fear and ecstasy. On my computer, I could see his mouth next to her ear, but I couldn’t tell if he was speaking to her or simply growling as he fucked her like a beast.

I dug my fingers into my cunt and thought about the cum splashed against the side of his desk. He had had to wait three day after discovering my video, and in that time I noticed that he hardly looked at me, and would find an excuse to leave the room when I entered. I snuck on to his laptop while he and Mom were at the grocery store, and found not only my video there, but also two more Hustler videos starring my sister, Jamie. We were driving our father out of his mind, and Lisa was on the receiving end of his madness.

“Aaaaaaagh!” Lisa cried out, her body melting into orgasmic bliss at the tip of my father’s cock. He bounced his hips hard against her ass, grunting and swearing until the two of them collapsed in a heap on the floor.

I simply sat in front of my computer and watched them, my naked body shivering slightly. I wasn’t sure what to do now that my father had shredded my script. For a long time they just lay there on the floor, panting and exhausted. I was sure my opportunity was lost, until Lisa rolled my father onto his back and took his cock in her mouth. He looked dazed and confused, like he had lost his footing and wasn’t sure how he had ended up on the floor, but it was as if Lisa was performing some pornographic version of CPR on him, and with each bob of her head up and down the length of his cock, he seemed to be reviving.

I leaned closer to the screen wanting to hear what Lisa was saying to him. Whatever it was, it was working.


   She tugged his pants down his thighs and he sat up and let her pull off his shirt. He lay back down, naked, and watched Lisa take off her clothes. When she was naked, she picked up her bag and held out her hand. My Dad took it and she helped him to his feet. He kissed her softly, and then he lifted her up. Her legs wrapped around his hips and he slowly lowered her down onto his cock. She hugged her naked body to his and he carried her and her bag upstairs.

I grabbed my laptop and followed. I reached the main floor where their clothes were strewn about just as they entered my bedroom. I stared at the video display on my monitor watching eagerly as Lisa salvaged my original plan. I crept slowly up the stairs, wishing I could hear what she was saying to him.

He was reluctant to put the blindfold on. I knew it was a long shot. My Dad wouldn’t share the same exhilarating sensation Lisa and I felt by making ourselves vulnerable, but after his eruption at the front door, he seemed almost lost. Lisa was in charge now and it only took a little prodding to get the mask over his eyes.

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   He was tense lying back in my bed, but Lisa relaxed him with her tongue. He didn’t resist when she lifted his arms over his head, and only laughed when she cuffed him to the headboard.

“Um, exactly what kind of game is this?” he asked, chuckling nervously. I was standing right outside my bedroom door and could hear him clearly.

“Relax,” Lisa said, recalling my own words to her, “You’re gonna love it. ” She almost gasped when she turned and saw me standing in the doorway. She had done as she was told, blinding my Dad and binding him to my bed, but that was as much of the plan as she knew. Her mouth hung open and I held my finger to my lips as her eyes took in my naked body. There was fear and excitement in her expression and she had to shake herself as if trying to wake from a dream.

“If someone comes home…” Dad worried out loud.

“Kaley’s at work until ten,” Lisa reminded him, her eyes still locked on me, “We have all night. ” I motioned for her to move and she slid from the bed, stepping back and making room for me. I climbed up between my Dad’s spread legs and gave Lisa one last look. She just stood there, shocked, repulsed, and excited by what she was about to witness.

“Mmm,” Dad sighed, feeling my hands slowly sliding up the length of his thighs.

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   I was trembling slightly and I swallowed hard to find the moisture in my mouth. I leaned forward on my knees, letting my hands move to the sides of his hips, up and around and over his hard abs. My blonde hair fell forward tickling his thighs and hips, and I bent lower, breathing him in. I recognized his familiar scent mixed with the tang of Lisa’s pussy. “Fuck,” he muttered, shifting slightly as I pushed my tongue out and dragged the tip up the thick vein bulging from his cock. My Daddy’s cock.

“Mmm, Daddy,” I purred, and I pressed my lips to his hot flesh, kissing the tiny V that joined the bulging vein to the spongy purple cap on top of his dick.

“Yes,” he moaned, lifting his hips. Lisa and I shared the same girlish teenage voice, indistinguishable to my Dad from behind the mask. I pepper his thick shaft with kisses, and then I caught the tip between my lips and drew him into my mouth. “Fuck yes,” he cried, and I was doing it. I was sucking my father’s cock.

“Yes, Daddy,” I hummed, my lips vibrating over the swollen tip. Then I plunged my mouth down his hard length, cupping his soft balls and stroking the base of his cock. I almost came just by sucking him, just by hearing the sounds I was forcing from his body.

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   He twisted and pushed his cock into my mouth, slowly fucking my face while I milked him with my lips and bathed him with my tongue.

“Fuck, Baby, you’re gonna make me cum,” he finally chocked, and I lifted my mouth from his cock.

“I want to taste you, Daddy,” I panted, “Cum in my mouth. ”

“Oh fuck!” he growled, lifting his hips and pushing his cock to the back of my throat, “Aaaaaagh!” The hot seed burst from the tip of his dick and I let it fill my mouth, savoring his sweetness and thirsting for more. I swished it around his pulsing tool, bathing him with my tongue before I finally lifted my head. I swallowed his cum, my eyes closed and my head thrown back like I had been treated to the nectar of the gods. When I opened my eyes, I was looking into Lisa’s face. She was still standing there with her jaw hanging open. I just ignored her. I didn’t want her to be here for this, but I needed her.

“Daddy,” I purred, sliding up his body and pressing my naked tits into his bare chest.

“Oh my God, Baby,” he panted, and I kissed his mouth, something I’d done a thousand times, but never like this. Our lips parted and our tongues danced and we breathed each other in. I pressed him into the mattress with my body, feeling his hard cock wedged between us and rubbing against my belly.

“You’re still hard, Daddy,” I grinned, reaching down between us and taking him in my hand.



“Fuck yes,” he groaned, his lips at my neck.

“Do you like me calling you Daddy?” I asked, gently tugging on his hot flesh.

“Fuck yes,” he sighed, his voice almost pleading and desperate.

“Did you like watching me fuck Kaley?” I breathed into his ear.

“Yes,” he finally gasped after taking several breathes.

“Does it excite you knowing what a slut your daughter is?” I said, tormenting him.

“Yes,” he confessed, and I could tell he hated himself for the truth. I rubbed his cock against my pussy, both loving and hating him, and knowing that I would hate myself when this was over.

“She loves to fuck, you know?” I hissed, twisting the knife in deeper, “She fucks like a whore. She fucks grown men, older than you. She fucks complete strangers. Do you want to see that? Do you want to see your daughter get fucked like a whore? I can show you the videos. ” I could feel his heart hammering inside his chest and his cock throbbed in my hand.

“Yes,” he pleaded, “Yes. ”

“She would fuck you if you wanted to,” I said, positioning the tip of his cock between my dripping pussy lips, “Do you want to fuck her? Do you want to fuck Kaley? Do you want to fuck your daughter, Daddy?”

“Yes,” he cried, and I pushed my cunt down onto his hard flesh, letting him fill me up.



“Fuck me, Daddy,” I begged, clinging to his body, and he thrust his hips upward and drove his cock in and out of me. “Yes, Daddy!” I cried again and again. I pushed myself up with my hands on his chest, and I rocked my cunt hard, fucking my Daddy.


I was right about hating myself after. It wasn’t immediate. I came hard three times before he filled my cunt with his cum. For a long time we just lay there, panting and clinging to each other.

“Shit, Lisa,” he finally gasped, breaking the spell. I had just fucked my Dad, but behind the blindfold, he had just fucked his daughter’s friend. The role-play was convincing, but for him it was still just role-play. I let his cock slip from between my legs and I climbed off my bed. Lisa was sitting in my chair with her legs spread and her fingers pressed into her clit.

“You can show him the videos,” I whispered in her ear, “But you will never tell him about this. ” She was speechless as she stared up at me, and I simply left her there with my Dad. I didn’t come home that night.

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   I texted my Mom that I was staying at a friend’s after work. I went to room 311, but I didn’t invite any men to fuck. I just curled up under the covers and slept.

It was close to dinnertime on Saturday when I finally came home. Mom was upset, not with me though. She said Dad had gotten into a fight with Jason and beat him up pretty bad. A terrifying chill shot up my spine. I had told Lisa to show my Dad the videos of me fucking. A lot of those videos involved Jason.

“He went up to the cabin to cool off,” Mom said. The cabin was up at the lake. It actually belonged to Dad’s boss, but he let us use it during the summers when he wasn’t using it.

I got out my phone and texted Lisa.

Are you with my Dad?

I waited, and then…


You didn’t tell him about last night did you?


Are you watching the videos?


I ate dinner with my Mom, or tried to at least. I had no appetite and I couldn’t look at her without a feeling of suffocating guilt and regret.

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   I started to understand how much of a mess I had created and how much pain this could cause her.

“I’m going to spend the night at Lisa’s,” I lied, clearing my plate from the table. I just needed to get out of there.

“You were out all night last night,” she reminded me. I just shrugged. She frowned, but didn’t have any fight in her. “Go ahead,” she said.

My plan was to simply go hide away in room 311 again, but when I got there my key card wouldn’t work. I knew it was because of the beating my Dad gave Jason. It looked like my hotel job was done for the summer. I could have just called up one of my friends and spent the night at her house, but my head was swimming with thoughts of me fucking my Dad and my Dad fucking Lisa. He was watching my videos at that very moment, learning every nasty little secret about me. I had changed everything, and there was no going back.

What I needed was to get out of my head. What I did was go to Craig’s List.

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   I found a post for a bachelor party. There were eight guys and the strippers they hired didn’t show so they were looking for a last minute replacement to entertain them.

“Do you allow touching?” the best man asked me over the phone.

“You can pretty much do what you want with me,” I assured him. I got the job, and an hour later eight hard cocks to keep me distracted.


I was tired and sore when I woke up next to the groom in the morning. I climbed out of bed trying not to wake him. Some of the guys were still passed out in the next room. I tiptoed around collecting my clothes and snuck out before any of them woke up.

Dad still wasn’t home when I got back. Mom was working out in the yard. I went up to my room and started to cry. I had made a mess of everything, and I couldn’t imagine what was going to happen when my Dad got home. I suddenly ripped the sheets from my bed, the sheets that I had fucked my own father on. Then I went to my closet and grabbed everything hidden there, the cuffs, the blindfold, the glass cock and the strap-on.

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   I threw them into a box along with the clothes I bought whoring myself out.

The box was so heavy that the bottom tore out when I tried to lift it. Where was I going to take it anyway? I couldn’t just put it out with the trash without my Mom seeing it. My Mom. I fucked my Mom’s husband! I kicked the box and started throwing the clothes around the room working myself into a fit before I collapsed on my bed. I just lay there sobbing until I felt my body drifting and I fell asleep.

I could hear voices downstairs. I opened my eyes. It was getting dark outside and I had slept most of the day. I sat up on my bed, rubbing my eyes and listening. I recognized my Dad’s voice. Some of the fear of my panic attack stirred in my tummy, but I was too exhausted to let it overwhelm me again.

I turned on my computer. The house was still wired with my cameras and I wanted to see what condition my Dad was in before I went downstairs, if I ever went downstairs again, that is. A part of me would have been happy to hide up here forever.

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Before I pulled up the cameras though, I noticed a new video had been recorded form last night. I had left the motion sensors on, so there was probably six hours of my Mom watching Sex & The City reruns. I grabbed the video to drag it to the trashcan, but my finger slipped on the mouse and it popped open. My Mom wasn’t watching Sex & The City, but she was having sex.

“Oh my God,” I gasped. Was there a single member of my family that wasn’t completely depraved? My Mom had the house to herself for one night and she was cheating on my Dad with not just one guy, but two. I recognized one of the men immediately. His name was Ryan. He was a nurse at the hospital where Mom worked. He was beautiful, tall and muscular with charcoal skin. I met him once when I went to see Mom at the hospital. I masturbated that night imagining the pleasures that his black cock could provide. Mom didn’t have to imagine the pleasures. She experienced it first hand last night in our living room.

I didn’t know the guy whose dick she was sucking while Ryan fucked her from behind.


   He was taller than Ryan with creamy mocha skin and a cock that made me wet my lips despite myself. Both guys were young, barely in their twenties. My Mom was thirty-seven, but she never had trouble attracting the attention of men. She was referred to as “The MILF” among my friends, and any one of the sixteen-year-old boys I dated would have given a limb for the chance to fuck her.

I watched the two boys fuck my Mom on my laptop, and the fear and loathing that had been bubbling inside me for the past two days turned into something else. I was angry, angry with my Mom and angry with my Dad. They were both sneaking around cheating on each other and I had made myself sick worrying about hurting them. I was done with it. If my Mom could cheat on my Dad and he could fuck my best friend, then I was going to do what I wanted, and the first thing I wanted was to fuck my Dad. Not while he was blindfolded and thinking he was caught up in some kinky role-play with his fifteen-year-old girlfriend, but with him looking me directly in the eye while he fucked me. I knew he wanted me, he told me himself. And now it was going to happen for real, and I didn’t give a shit about betraying my Mom.

As if she could somehow sense what I was feeling, a great cry of anguish echoed through the house. I sat up and listened. Something was happening.

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   Mom was definitely crying downstairs. My tummy tightened up again with fear. I closed the video on my laptop and switched to the camera in the living room. Mom was pacing back and forth, crying with her hands to her face. Dad sat on the edge of the sofa with his head in his hands looking distraught. Standing in the middle of the room with her hands folded across her chest was my sister, Jamie.

I jumped out of bed. I was at the foot of the stairs before I could hear their voices clearly. I stopped there and listened.

“What about school?” Mom sobbed.

“With the money I make in one year, I can pay for all of my school,” Jamie argued.

“What kind of job are you going to get when people find out you’re doing porn?” Mom bellowed.

“I’m going to write mother,” Jamie said, “I’m not go to work for anyone but me. ”

“I just don’t understand how you could have even considered this,” Mom cried, “What on earth possessed you to start doing porn?”

“I told you,” Jamie pleaded, “It just sort of happened.

“Making porn doesn’t just sort of happen,” Mom snapped.

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Standing at the foot of the stairs, I thought about all the porn on my Dad’s computer that Jamie and I watched. Did Mom even know it was there? She seemed clueless that her daughters had been brought up on a steady diet of porn, and I was certain she didn’t know about the videos Jamie made before she went off to college.

Knowing what I knew about my sister, it seemed inevitable that she would get into porn. I planned on doing the same when I turned eighteen. How would my mother handle that, having both her daughters making porn for a living? What would our father think? While Mom and Jamie sparred back and forth, he simply sat at the end of the couch with his head in his hands. I was the only one that knew he was already a fan of Jamie’s work.

“I’m doing this whether I have your support or not,” Jamie told Mom, “But I really do want you both to be okay with this decision. ”

“How can I be okay with this?” Mom sobbed.

“Dad?” Jamie said, turning to our father.

“Your Mom and I need to talk about this,” he said, still looking determinedly at the carpet between his feet. Jamie left them alone and found me waiting for her. We went downstairs to her old bedroom. We could still hear Mom crying while we talked.

“You heard?” she asked me.

“Ya,” I said.

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“Do you think I’m some horrible person?” she asked, looking like she might start crying.

“No,” I said, and I asked her how she started doing porn, trying not to sound too eager. She told me it was because of her journalism class. She was given an assignment to go out and find a story. She wanted to do something big that would distinguish her in the class.

There was a debate going on at the university about an ad that had been posted in the school paper looking for girls interested in doing porn. Most of the debate focused on whether or not the school paper should be selling ad space to pornographers, and several of the students in Jamie’s freshman journalism class were writing about that. Jamie decided to take a different angle on the subject, however. She wanted to investigate the actual porn that these girls were being invited to make.

She called the number in the ad and scheduled an audition. Her plan was to document the experience right up to the point of actually accepting the job and doing porn. She didn’t go into details, but basically when she reached that point, instead of saying “No, I changed my mind,” she shot her first “professional” porn scene.

“Did you like it?” I asked, sounding too excited.

“I loved it,” Jamie admitted with a sly grin. I had a million more questions for her, but before I could ask any of them, Dad was calling for Jamie to come upstairs.


   I ate pizza in my room while they talked. Mom wanted to keep everything from me to protect my innocence. I felt a little better about things, watching them on my computer, when I saw that Mom had finally stopped crying. They were still talking when I fell asleep.

The house was dark and quiet when I woke up. My alarm clock read 1:07 am. I slipped out of bed and padded across the hall on bare feet to use the bathroom. When I finished, I stepped back into the hallway and noticed that Mom and Dad’s bedroom door was open. I tiptoed to the door and peaked inside. Mom was wrapped up in the sheets on her side of the bed snoring softly. On the nightstand next to her, I recognized the bottle of sleeping pills she used when they messed around with her schedule at work. Dad’s side of the bed was empty.

My heart was suddenly thumping in my chest. I stood and listened in the darkness, but all I could hear was my own pulse racing in my ears. I turned on shaky knees and crept to the stairs.


   My feet moved silently as I made my way through the house.

I don’t know why they left the door open. Maybe they thought it would be easier to hear someone coming down the stairs. They didn’t hear me though, and I stood outside the door and watched my Dad fuck my sister. It looked like they had been at it for a while. The room was hot and they were both sweating. Jamie was on her knees with her head in her pillow and her ass in the air. Dad gripped her cheeks and slid his cock in and out of her.

I was wearing a t-shirt and panties. I pushed the panties down my legs and my fingers into my pussy. I nearly came when Dad grunted and thrust his cock into the hilt, shooting his load into my sister’s pussy. He collapsed on top of her and the two of them lay there for a long time, panting and moaning. He kissed her neck and shoulders and they whispered things to each other that I couldn’t hear. I stepped back from the door when Dad finally climbed off of her.

The small lamp on the nightstand clicked off and the room went dark.

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   Dad pulled his robe over his shoulders, closing the door silently behind him. Then he turned and saw me standing there in the hall.

For a full minute we just stood there staring at each other. There was a moment of shock in his expression, but it was quickly replaced by a steely reserve. I moved first, grabbing the hem of my t-shirt and pulling it up over my head. I let it fall to the floor and Dad let the front of his robe open. His cock was semi-hard and glistening with my sister’s cum.

He took a step towards me. My naked body was trembling. He reached forward and gently caressed my breast. I touched his hip, inching closer to him. His hand moved to my neck and he tilted my head back. He kissed me and I pressed my body to his.

“I love you, Baby,” he whispered.

“I love you, Daddy,” I breathed, and then I sank to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.

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   In its semi-hard condition, I could fit his entire penis in my mouth. I pushed my lips to the base and savored the strong seasoning of my sister’s juices. He hardened almost immediately, the tip of his cock pushing at the back of my throat and forcing my lips back up his thick shaft.

“Oh fuck, Baby,” he sighed, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this. ” I stroked his cock above my face, while I sucked his balls. He ran his fingers through my hair and pushed his dick back into my mouth, fucking it slowly.

“Oh my God!” Jamie gasped when she pulled open the door. She was standing there naked, looking down at me with wide, startled eyes.

“It’s okay,” Dad whispered, and he reached out and took Jamie’s hand. “Come here,” he said to me, slipping his cock from my mouth and helping me to my feet. He held us both to him for a second, looking uncertain about what to do or say. “Let’s go inside and talk,” he finally suggested, and he led us into Jamie’s room and closed the door behind us.

We didn’t talk. We just stood there in awkward silence until I suggested we share Dad’s cock. “Here,” I said, simply getting on my knees and taking him in my mouth.

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   I took Jamie’s hand, pulled her down next to me, and offered him to her. She hesitated, but then pushed her lips down his shaft until they touched my fingers. We passed him back and forth at first, and then we sandwiched his meat between our lips and shared our first kiss at the tip of our Dad’s cock.

“Mmm,” I sighed into my sister’s open mouth while she pressed two fingers into my pussy.

“Here,” Dad said, and he pulled us both to our feet. With a hand on each of our asses, he held us to him, kissing Jamie and then me. The three of us climbed up onto Jamie’s bed and she pushed me down onto my back.

“I’ve already had a turn,” she said, pulling my legs apart. She held Dad’s dick and guided it to my dripping slit. All three of us watched with eager eyes while my Daddy pushed his cock inside me.

“Oh my God,” Dad moaned, thinking he was penetrating me for the first time.

“That is so hot,” Jamie panted, running her fingers over the junction where Dad’s cock became my pussy.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” I sighed, wrapping my legs around his hips and relaxing back into the soft mattress. He hunched forward, covering me with his strong body and kissing me deeply. I moaned into his open mouth as he bucked his hips and fucked me.

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“This is so fucking hot,” Jamie repeated. Dad sat up and pulled his cock free for her to suck, and then she pushed it back inside of me.

“Here,” I said, taking my sister’s hand. I pulled her to me until she was straddling my face. I feasted on her pussy in a sixty-nine while she took turns with my pussy and Dad’s cock. His cum was still fresh inside here and I squeezed her ass and sucked the melted pearls from her pink lips. He shot another load into my pussy and Jamie did the same, sucking his seed from my cunt and then pulling me into her arms to share it in a kiss.

“This is fucking heaven,” Dad exclaimed, stroking his cock while he watched his daughters kiss and lick each other from head to toe.

“Fuck us, Daddy,” Jamie smiled, and she pulled me on top of her kissing my mouth with our tits mashed together. Dad climbed between our legs and pushed his cock into my pussy, fucking me slowly, and the switched to Jamie’s.

“I never want this to end,” I whispered to Jamie while she kissed my neck and squeezed my ass. It didn’t end until about four in the morning when we had nearly exhausted the possible combinations that a father and his two daughters could twist themselves into.

“We better get back upstairs before your Mom wakes up,” Dad yawned.

“What are we going to do about Mom?” Jamie asked.

“I don’t know,” Dad sighed, “I don’t know how any of this is going to work.

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It was almost two years later when I shot my first professional, or rather, legitimate porn scene. It was on the day of my eighteenth birthday in fact. It was a take on those mother-teaches-daughter pornos where a Mom shows her daughter how to please a man, but this time it was my sister Jamie, the established porn star, introducing her baby sister to the world of porn while our mother supervised us both.

“That’s it girls,” Mom coached while Jamie and I shared a ten-inch black cock. All three of us would take turns with the porn star’s prodigious talent, but there were laws that limited how much contact we could have with each other, at least on camera.

This wasn’t Mom’s first legitimate video. It was a follow up to the one she had already done with Jamie where my sister introduced our Mom to her first porn-star-cock, at least on camera anyway. Dad directed that video too. He’d been directing all of Jamie’s videos for over a year now, ever since we figured out how to include Mom in our secret.

I was the one who came up with the idea. I showed Dad and Jamie the video of Mom and the two boys from work. Dad was upset at first, but Jamie and I told him to stop being such a hypocrite. Mom was still not happy about Jamie’s choice of career, so I suggested Jamie use some of her porn money, which she had lots of now, to take Mom on a vacation so they could bond.

She didn’t tell Mom that the club they were going to in the Bahamas was called Hedonism, and that it was mainly for swingers and wild orgies. Technically you had to be twenty-one to stay at the club, but Jamie was a porn star and had lots of connections that could get her in.


   She got Mom drunk on her first afternoon there, and by nightfall, they were sharing a bed with three Jamaican black boys who had helped carry their bags to the room when they checked in. Mom liked the young black boys.

By the third night of their getaway, Jamie had Mom blindfolded and tied to a pole in a room full of people while she fucked her with a strap-on. A group of men lined up to take their turn, and my Dad was one of them. I was the only girl in line. Jamie made some deals with her porn connections to get a sixteen year old into the club. It involved my Dad and I shooting a video for some “private collectors” and me and Jamie spending the night with some “important business clients” and the club owner.

Mom was oblivious to our presence at the club until Dad whispered something in her ear while I was fucking her with Jamie’s strap-on. She had a mini-freak out, but hardly anyone noticed since she was tied up and could barely move. There was some crying and yelling when we got back to the room though, and Jamie had to calm Mom down with some weed

It still wasn’t easy. Mom was going trough the same emotional roller coaster ride of guilt and anger and confusion that I went through. It wasn’t until we were back at home and Jamie was back in LA, that Mom was finally able to watch Dad fuck me. Once that happened though, everything clicked. The three of us started sharing the same bed after that night, and we eventually moved to LA when Dad started directing Jamie’s videos.

He’s pretty good actually, but I think Mom is better.

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   The same day I shot my first legit porn with Mom and Jamie on my eighteenth birthday, we shot a second one where Mom and Dad traded rolls. It was her first time directing while he played the Dad who takes his daughter to an acting audition that turns out to be porn. I couldn’t fuck him on camera, but he watched while five guys fucked his little girl. Mom added a nice feminine touch to the way it was shot.

I’m adding my own feminine touch to my next project. It’s pretty ambitious. A feature length porno about a girl who gets a job as a Night Auditor in a hotel and ends up becoming a whore, fucking her father, and then becoming a porn star. I’m writing the script now and my Dad thinks I should direct it as well. I’ll have to let you know when it comes out. I think you’ll like it.


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