SDF - part 2 - the gift


"The girl's back with her family and has joined the witness protection program. Mark's body was disposed of, but not before all evidence of his past deeds were delivered to the authorities. If you must know, the girl's safe-"
"Where's my cut," Tim asked as he held out his hand, waiting expectantly.
"What are you talking about? Weren't you paying attention?" The older man grunted as he whacked his disciple over the head with a newspaper. The man was crouched over a coffee table, which had cup of coffee and a doughnut he got to go at a Tim Horton's. He looked to be in his last forties to early fifties, yet he looked to still be in good shape. He wore a t-shirt and shorts and didn't look like he took very good care of his hygiene. A cigarette was in his left hand while his other picked up a doughnut. "The client had no money, remember? He's paid us in another fashion and. . . hey, where you going? Show some respect to your Shihfu! Hey!"
"Home," Tim replied with a cold tone in his voice. He picked himself up off the floor of his master's apartment and headed out the door. The youngster had his mask off, yet all of his other attire was still the same. His black hair was long enough in the front to hide his silver grey eyes. He zipped up his trenchcoat all the way up and tipped his hat down so that the collar and rim would hide more of his face.

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   As he closed the door behind him, he distinctively heard his master continue scowling him. No matter. . . whatever 'gift' his master recieved, it did not concern him in the least. . . at least that was what he thought. . .
"Yeah, didn't get a chance to tell him, the little shit," the aged assassin smirked into the phone. He crushed his cigarette into the ash tray as he talked. "I swear, kids these days are getting bolder! You'd think they'd. . .

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   what's that? Ah, shut it. . . "
The young assassin stood in front of his apartment building. A fifty storey building housing over five thousand different people. It was timber-red in colour with greyish balconies and black frames around the windows and doors. He looked up at the top of the building where he was sure his room was in. His room number was 5011.
The elevator ride up was mostly eventless save for a couple kids rushing in on the third floor. They pressed all the buttons leading to all floors, making the trip up even slower. Tim left the elevator and took the second one up.
The music was boring, too.
As soon as he reached his floor, he got off the elevator and headed down the hall. Take a left turn. .

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  . right turn. . . go all the way to the end.
He poked his key into the keyslot and turned. He pushed open the door to his single room apartment. It was just the way he had left it: lifeless. He had three kinds of furniture and electronic equipment: television set, bed, and coffee table. The kitchen was completely empty save for a pot and a pan. He opened up the refridgerator revealing only an expired carton of milk. He took the carton of milk and dropped it into the trashcan. Now the fridge was empty. Some grocery shopping was in order.
Knock Knock
Who's there? Tim thought to himself as he approached the door.

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   Strange. . . perhaps it was just a salesperson or something, but. . . he had to make sure. His line of work involved making quite a few number of enemies. He looked through the peep-hole, finding no one. Suspicious, but not casting away the possiblitie that it was just some kinds pulling a prank, he leaned against the wall next to the front door.
He reached his left hand into his pocket where his knife was as he stretched his right hand to touch the doorknob. He turned the knob, then cautiously opened it up a crack to look outside. He pushed his right foot to open the door the rest of the way.
No one.
He looked down.

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"Um. . . he. . . hello. . . " a strange young girl was kneeling there, looking up at Tim. "I'm. . . I. .

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  . hello. . . "
Tim blinked as he looked down at this stranger. The girl looked to be about the same age as himself. She had light brown hair and grassy dark green eyes. She had very well-tanned looking skin and appeared to have a very small body frame. What truly mattered the most, however, was the way she was dressed.
Tim blinked again.
"Please, can I. . . can I please come in? It's cold out here," the young girl begged as she shivered in the hallway. Well no wonder she was cold, she was naked! She wore 5 inch heel shoes and a red ribbon around her neck.

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   Her wrists were tied behind her back by even more ribbon, causing her pierced B-cup breasts to jut out. On each of her nipples, she wore gold rings that looked like they couldn't be removed without cutting anything. Her ankles were hobbled together by a third string of ribbon.
". . . . . " Tim simply nodded his head with a dull expression on his face. He used the knife in his pocket to cut the ribbons between the girl's feet and wrists. Afterwards, he help the stranger to her feet and into his apartment. Once they were inside and the door was closed, he motioned for the girl to sit on the couch. Once she did, the young assassin began his questions, "who?"
"Who? Um. . .

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   Mr. Biggs. . . he. . . he told me I had to. . . I. . . " the young girl would had probably cried if she wasn't surprised by the question. "That I belong to you, now.

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Mr. Biggs. . . Tim remembered that man as the previous client he worked for. Well. . . that explained a bit. He took out his cellphone and called his Shihfu. Time for the ol' gun slinger to explain what's going on.
"Hello? Hey, Tim! Did you get the gift, yet?" The aged assassin asked with a chuckle. "Heard she's top-notch material!"
"Shihfu, what the hell?" Tim asked.
"What? I thought you'd appreciate some-"
"What the hell?"
"-some fine pussy every once in a while," the older assassin continued. "You see, I was a bit skeptical when that Biggs fellow wanted to pay in another way.

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   When I first found out what the other payment method was, I immediately thought of you!"
"What the hell?"
"Hey, if you continue the way you do, you'll probably end up like a monk or something. Live your life for once! Have some fun! You're only young once, you know!"
"What the hell?"
"Oh! Gotta go! Duty calls, ya know? Enjoy!"
". . . . . " Tim looked down at his cellphone with an icy glare in his eyes. He set it down on the coffee table for he was tempted to break it. He turned towards the girl whom was apparently his new slave. He turned away and headed out the door, "there's extra clothes in the closet along with ten dollars. If you value your life, stay hidden and don't mention your slave life to anyone. "
"Wait, are you kicking me out?" The girl's eyes widened as soon as she heard those words. She immediately got to her feet with a shocked expression on her face.
"You're free. What's the problem?" Tim asked as he looked over his shoulder to regard the girl.


"I. . . it's just that. . . please don't kick me out! I've no where else to go!" The girl exclaimed as she grabbed hold of the young assassin's arm. "I can't go back! I have no one to turn to anymore. Please! Your. . . your master told me this was the safest place I could ever be!"
"What do you mean," Tim asked as he turned around to face the nearly crying girl.
"They. . .

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   those bastards. . . I'm sorry, please don't tell them I called them that. . . but. . . I'm a wanted criminal because of them! No one'd believe me even if I told them. Even if I leave this room, they'd just find a way to track me down, again. Even worse, they'll punish me because you rejected me. My parents. . .

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   they're both dead and. . . and. . . "
". . . do whatever you want!" Tim grunted angrily as he shrugged off the slave girl. He had other business to deal with anyway and none of them involved babysitting. What was his Shihfu thinking?
With that in mind, he walked out the door, slamming it shut behind him. The door was locked shut leaving the strange girl all alone in this new strange place.
"Please. .

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  . I've no where else. . . " the slave girl fell to her knees and sobbed.
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