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I am 17 years old, and pretty attractive.   For starters I am 5 foot 10 and 175 pounds in good althetic shape, I have wavy blonde hair and blue eyes.   I am the starting point guard for my schools basketball team the broncos.   Now i havn't always been the greatest of students, I usually just scrape by with the bare minimum, but in order to keep playing sports at my school, i had to maintain a C- average in all my classes.   It was the day before the big rivalry game with the school across town.   I had jsut gotten done wiht my third period english class, and was starving.   I couldn't wait for lunch after this.   RING RING RING, the bell had rung and class was over, as I jetted towards the door I heard Mr. Sanders yell my name.   I was pissed I hadn't had any breakfest that day and was extremely hungry.
"I have some bad news for you john" siad Mr. Sanders " you are failing my class after the last test we took.   This makes you inelagable for the game tommorrow. "
"what, theres no way, this is my senior year I have to play this game. " I replied angrly
"well" He said ad he walked towards the door and locked it. "there is something you can do for me.

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    It will be between you and me, our little secret"
"what are you talking aobut" I said
"Let me show you" He replied as he unzipped his pants and revealed his soft 6 inch cock.   I looked in amazement as my own cock began to grow, this surprised me because i have never gotten hard before after looking at another guys cock, I wasn't gay by all means, i had a girlfriend
"im not a faggot" I siad to him as I started to walk towards the door trying to hide my growing hard on.
"well do you want to play tommorrow or not, besides your cock is clearly telling me your interested in my large meat" he siad to me. I stopped in my tracks and thought about this game, and how important it was, how my whole team was counting on my to lead them to victory.
"Um  ok what do i need to do"i said as i walked back towards him
"well first of all i need you to get out of those clothes.   And comeover here and get me hard.   I strpped down revealing my hard 8 inch dick.   It was throbbing now, i was unaware of these  feelings i had toward guys.   I reached my hand down there and grabbed his cock, he interupted me and said
"NO, not with your hand, i want you to suck on my cock"  Now i had nev er thought aobut this before, but my sexual drive took over as i dropped to my knees and gave his head a kiss, it didn't taste that bad so i went down to his balls and licked them around tryin to mimick the best blowjobs i had ever gotten, i then began to suck on his balls and roll them around in my mouth, giving each testicle its own attention, He moaned in pleasure, by now i had one hand down on my dick starting to rub it and fulfill my own unit.  
I released his balls and licked up the back side of his shaft, back up to the head I then opened my mouth wide and began to cover my lips around his head.   It felt great, like thats where it belonged, I then began slowly sucking it nad twirlling my tounge around it the whole time iwas jacking him off.
"ohh thats good you little cock slut" he said as he reached his hands down and placed them on the back of my head and begna to guide it down his cock.   I followed suit and began to bob my head up and down, slowly sucking his meat and licking it with my tounge, I began to gag a little, his cock now was fully hard and massive, probably around 9 inches and thick.   I felt the ridges on his dick as i slowly made my way down it licking every little bit sucking it like it was my only goal in life.   I had made it aobut half way down his dick before i had to bob back to the head.

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"NO, you take it all the way down i want your nose to touch my stomach" with that he bucked his hips forward and pushed my head down forcing his cock deep into my throat and burrying my nose into his bush, and the my surprise i didn't gag this time.   " get up and lay on your back on my desk" he said "tily your head back and open your mouth"  I did as i was told and he then put his cock in my mouth and began to buck his hips forward driving his cock deep into my mouth and throat, his balls were slapping my face as he skull fucked me.
"thats good little bitch, use your tounge make me cum. "  HE siad with a moan, He continued to fuck my mouth then with no noticed his cock swelled up and he released multiple hot globs of cum down my thorat, it was to much for me as some came out the side of my mouth, "Take it all I want you to swallow all of it. "
I did and it to my surprise tasted ok.  
"Now he said lean over the desk, we are not done, Im goin to show you what taking one for the team really means. "  With that i felt him spank my ass, and spread my cheeks, his dick still wet form the blowjob i just gave, he pressed his head into my rim, I yelled out in pain, as he slowly started to insert more of his dick till finally his balls rest on my ass.
"fuck, this hurts" I yelled, as my ass was stretched out way more than its normal limits
" you are so fucking tight, I'm goin to shread your virgin ass apart" he replied and with that he pulled it out till only his head was in, which releved me, but then he slammed it all the way back in, the pain was almost anbearable as he began to fuck my ass wildly with so much force i began to get tears in my eyes, i yelled in pain ass he slapped my ass
"Thats right let your ass swallow my cock"  my screams of pain slowly started ot turn to moans of pleasure , as i got use to it.   I started to fuck his cock, moving my hips in unison wiht his, at the same time i started to pull on my own diuck which was ready to blow,  Just then i felt his dick expand in my ass as he shot another huge load of cum as he released his cock his cum began to drip out, right then i yelled out as i blew a huge load all over his desk.
"that's got to be cleaned up he said as he looked at my puddle of spunk, Lick it up"  I did this with no problem and then turned to him and gave hi ma huige kiss, giving him all the cum.   That was amazing i said, as i put my clothes back.
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