Hypnotised and Sex in Public

True Story

I was out with Kelli and she so much wanted to go to a club that had shows sometimes. Tonight there was supposed to be a guy that could hypnotise people and I finaly gave in. I wore a log dress and no bra and a nice thong and off we went. We sat in the tables near the stage and the guy came out and did some magic tricks then started bringing people on stage and making them do things. We had a few drinks so I was relaxed and it must have been Kelli pointing at me for he guy to get on stage cause he was there taking my hand and leading me up. I found out later she was pointing at me for him to pick.

Well, anyway, he asked if I thought he could hypnotise me and I told him no that I didn't hink he could. He said that he could make me do anything he wanted to after he put me under and I told him I could not be put under as he put it. I remembered him showing me a coin and then saying that I was right and I could not be put under and everyone clapped as he led me to my seat again. I did not remember Kelli being on stage with me but she was and sat down too. She smiled and several people laughed and said it was a good thing he could not do it. We got up to go after the show and a lot of others id too and we all were walking to the parking lot. Suddenly I remember reaching down and pulling off my dress and stood there in just my thong. People began coming up and kissing me and suckng my tits and I kind of drifted off into a dream land. The next thing I was walking again and my dress was on but my thong was gone. I asked Kelli what happened and she said a guy had asked for it and I gave it to him.

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   I felt something running down my legs and moved to a small place that hid me from the stree and I pulled up my dress and cum was dripping down boht legs and I said, "What the hell is going on. I did not fuck anyone. " and Kelli and several people laughed and hey pulled out a couple cameras and showed me fucking 5 guys, one after the other. In public on the main street as cars drove by and honked. I was in a daze, not that I would not fuck but that I did not remember it and I would not do it on the steet, I mean, who wants to go to jail.

A women said, "What will we have her do next?" and I said, "What the fuck are you talking about?" and Kelli stepped up and kissed me and said something in my ear and then again I was watching a movie of myself. We were on the coner and a couple had come out at 11PM walking a beautiful German Shephard. The group stopped and stoke to them and then I was naked in front of the dog, massagging his sheath until his cock came out. Then I was sucking him and after that I was on hands and knees and he mounted me and knoted with me, fucking for a good 20 min. I was shouting like crazy how good it was and everyone was enjoying the show but I was on a street corner in the city and people were driving by and walking by. The dog finished and I saw myself stand up and Kelli give me my dress back and I was gushing cum out of my pussy and down my legs. "Reach down and get it with your hands and fingers dear and then lick them clean. " Kelli saidand I did it. "Brenda, there are a lot of men and women I would guess that you have made very horny, now take care of them right here. " she told me.

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   Again on my knees men came up and I began sucking cocks and swallowing the cum. A few women came up and lifted their skirts and I ate them thru orgasms and for about an hour on the street corner I gave sex to anyone that wanted it. The next thing I remember was being in our car and driving hom still naked and still driping cum. We got in and Kelli told me that the man had been able to "put me under" and as a favor gave Kelli the rigger word to put me in her control to do anything she wanted me to. I laid there thinking of all the people and the dog out in public and got really mad at Kelli and then suddenly I was kissing her and eating her pussy like crazy.

The next morning we woke up and I got out of bed sore and went to shower. I remembered some of the night before. Kelli came in and said, "Now, either you be good or I will have control over you to do anything I say. " and she kissed me and left. She still has that control trigger word and I still once in a while, do not remember what I do.