Boarding School


Due to my popularity and fearlessness in standing up to the teachers, a lot of the quieter girls used to look up to me. They seemed to believe that being in favour wih me would bring them protection or something like that. They would run errands for me, risking it to go and buy me cigarettes, covering for me and my friends when we were out drinking by the tennis courts. We were the bad girls, but thanks to these sad creatures we would get away with it every time. It was an easy enough life, we could drink, smoke, have fun. . . But the teenage preoccupation with sex led to a frustration I could think of no way to satisfy, and no way my shy little helpers could assist. . That was until it came to me, one night in bed. My friends were sleeping in their beds all around me, and I noticed one of them, Mary Jane, was sleeping naked. The moonlight shone through the window over her left breast, revealed by the cover she had partly thrown off. The slight chill of the October night had made her little pink nipple stiff, and I began to become really aroused just by looking at it. "This is wrong. " I thought. My friend, lying there asleep and I was thinking about her in a dirty way.

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   I had my hand under my white nightdress stroking my clit as I thought this. My God, getting myelf off over another woman. If they ever found out I'd be an outcast - the whole teenage homophobia thing, they'd hate me, they'd never trust me. . . Yet it felt so good, touching myself, holding my breath so nobody would wake up, thinking of that little hard nipple in my mouth. . . I came so hard but managed to keep quiet. So what was I going to do. I had realised that the idea of sex with a woman, a young girl like me, turned me on as much, if not more than sex with a man, like the teachers I had often fantasised about getting fucked, or even raped by. I had no idea what lesbians actually did in bed, they didn't show me that in biology, but I knew I wanted to feel another girl's tongue in my mouth, on my nipples, on the place where I would rub myself to make myself cum at night. It became an obsession. There was no way I could approach my friends about this, hell, they could be feeling the same, but we were 14, so insecure, they would laugh and bitch. So, I decided, I would have to try and seduce one of the shy girls.

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   They would never refuse me, and they certainly wouldn't have the guts to say anything bad about me to the other girls because I had status, they'd get laughed at and beaten up. The time came after an English lesson, the last of the day. A girl in the year below, 13 years old, whose name was Angela, told me she had the cigarettes I'd asked her to get. She was petite, with short dark hair, phenomenally plain, but I would have taken anyone at this stage, and I knew her dad was a vicar, which made it feel all the more taboo. Normally I would just take the smokes and barely acknowledge the girl who risked expulsion to get them but this evening I said "Well, thanks, but it's not safe to give them to me here, so meet me by the tennis courts at 9. " Angela nodded and looked so proud it was pathetic. I showed up at 9. 15. The litle bitch was still waiting, looking so pleased to be helping me. This would be so easy. I took the packet of cigarettes from her and sat down on the hard tarmac of the tennis court next to her. She looked surprised, expecting me to take them and leave. I offered her one, knowing full well that a good little girl like her didn't smoke, but that she'd take one to impress me. Predictably, she did. "Angela" I said, drawing on my cigarette "do you think about sex much?"I suspected she didn't, but would again try to impress me by saying she did.

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  "Yes, all the time. Always think about it, with Mr Martin, and stuff. . . . "Mr Martin taught English, he was about 35 and very, very sexy. She must have overheard me and my friends talking about how we wanted to fuck him and was trying to use that. . . "Well, Angela. I like to think about it too. SometimesI touch myself, thinking about sex. Do you do that?""Uh, yeah, of course. " She stammered. Poor cow had no idea.

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  . . . "You know what Angela? You're a good girl. I'd like to share something secret with you. " "What, Christie? " She gaped, amazed that someone as important at school as me would confide in a little mouse like her. "I want you to touch me like you want Mr Martin to touch you. I want you to kiss me, and play with me. It's the only way you'll learn how to do it so when a boy wants you you'll know what to do. All my friends have done it, I'm just showing you early because I like you. "Angela was so innocent and naive it made me feel so sexy corrupting her as she eagerly rose to my challenge, kissing my lips. She was so gentle. I wanted her to be rough, I didn't want to be the tough girl now. "kiss me harder. Undress me.

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   you're the man, remember?" Suddenly pure, sweet litle Angela became someone else. She was forcing her tongue into my mouth and undoing my blouse. She put her hands into the cups of my bra and pinched my nipples in an inexperinced but very horny way. I kissed her back, not doing anything to her, she was here to plase me. "Now" I panted "go under my skirt, pull down my panties and lik me. "She was so obedient it almost hurt. She lifted my little school skirt and pulled my little white knickers down almost in a frenzy. She slurped and sucked on my clit and my cunt as I writhed around on the hard tennis court, gasping in pleasure. It was better than I had expected, dominating this little girl into bringing me to orgasm. . . As her little pink tongue squirmed against my clit I almost screamed in pleasure as I came, rubbing my cunt against her face. . . It was ecstasy and I knw she wouldn't tell.

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   I opened my eyes to find myself staring straight up into torchlight. "Christie Collins" I heard a man's voice say. "In my office now. " I looked up and there was Mr Martin looking down on my naked cunt and dishevelled body, as Angela had pulled away in fright. Angela was sent back to her room with no punishment, he must have known it was all down to me. I was brought up to Mr Martin's office. Mr Martin asked me to sit down. The rest will follow!.