Interview with mother-daughter prostitutes


We're in a South Side Mexican bar this evening in San Antonio, where I've found a curvy young latina having a drink with her mama.

And she's just told me she is a prostitute. Her mama got her into the business. And she's agreed to an interview, so I'm excited. Let's get into this juicy story now. What is your name and age, and tell me a little about yourself.

"Tania Zamarripa. I'm 19. And I'm a hottie, ha ha haa!"

You giggle a lot?

"Mmmmm, I like to laugh. I like to enjoy life!"

So, you don't have a pimp, cuz I'm guessing you wouldn't enjoy life if you did?

"No, no. Unless you count my mama! Ha ha!"

Tania, I'm going to say you're about 5 feet 4 inches tall, oh about 125 pounds and what's your measurements?

"I'm 38C-26-40. And I weight 128 actually. You were close. "

Greenish brown eyes! So pretty. Your skin is very nice. She's wearing charcoal black boy-shorts and a skimpy purple tank top that shows off a lot of skin.

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   You do draw attention, don't you.

"Yes! But it's a slow night. You can see the bar is almost empty. "

Well, it is a Monday night. Are you here every night?

"Every night, yes. Seven nights a week. "

*This is our home away from home. *

That is mama speaking. Mama, what's your name? And some description.

*I got by Gata, like cat, or pussy if you want to stretch the meaning. It's short for Agatha. My last name is Morales. I gave my daughter her father's name. *

So, you are married or were married?

*No, never married. He was just my boyfriend, but he's the father so I gave her his name.

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   I'm 5 feet 3 inches, 140 pounds, got a little midriff here (she pinches the belly roll) My measurements are 40D-32-42. I have brown eyes and extra long fake eyelashes. *

Mmmm, yes, you do look slutty. You like that look?

*Oh yes, no false advertising! Ha, ha haaa . . . . mmmm. *

And both of you have tattoos, tell me about them. Oh, first, let me just say Gata has on a leopard print minidress and brown high heels and fishnet stockings. Gata is standing up and pulling up her dress, showing us her red thong and there just over her shaved pussy is the outline of a cat's head with three whiskers on each side. Go on.

*Here on my right butt cheek is a red butterfly, and in the small of my back, a tramp stamp. It's a ram's head with the horns curling out and downward to my hips, they outline the upper part of my ass. (She turns and pulls down the top of her dress to show her luscious tits (big nipples omg! She is bouncing them up and down with her hands).

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   A mushroom on my breastbone - to suggest a cockhead, just a little symbolism. (She turns her head and pulls back her hair and on the side of her

neck is the word in cursive script 'Puta' (Whore)). My marketing brand, Puta, come on boys, you know what I am. (She turns her back to me again and grabs her hair into a pony tail to reveal) And this is my black vampire bat wings on her shoulder blades. (She puts her leg up on the chair) And here on my right ankle is a red she-devil with her horns and red pointy devil tail wrapping around my ankle. That's all of mine. *

Wow, they are impressive. And Tania, how about you? She stands up and turns around. Oh my, snakes!

"Here I have two rattle snakes. There rattlers, you see, are at the bottom of my calf muscles and their bodies go up the back where the seam of my stockings would be and their heads turn in just under my butt. I have to open my stance so you can see, can you see? (Yes, the head's are in the back part of the inner thigh just below the pussy, mouths open and showing dripping fangs . . she pulls down her shorts to show the rest)"

Their tongues actually reach your puffy shaved pussy!

"Yes!" (PUlling up her shorts) "Now over here. "

Tania is pointing to her back. Her tramp stamp is two cocks crossing each other like swords.

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   they have studded balls resting on the center tops of her ass, and the cocks have ropes of cum coming out the tips that go up and arch back to form the outline of a heart. (She turns to face me and tilts her heap up and their hidden under her chin in an arc that outlines the bottom of her jaw is a phrase: Soy Zorra Cochina . . . . And what does that mean?

"It says, 'I am a dirty slut. '"

Well, that you are. Is that all of them? Oh, she us undoing the knot that holds her top together, revealing her tits now. On the sides of her tits going back to

her armpits are tiny little circles with points with short tails? What are those?

"These are spermatozoa. My mother had me tattoo one for each cock that fucked me before I turned 18. "

Wow, and how many are there? You have a bunch of them and on both sides!

"Mmmmm, I have 78. Tee hee!"

Seventy eight! Oh my god. You're saying you had 78 different males fuck you before you came of age?

"Uh huh!"

Mother! Oh, you're a bad mother, such a bad mother! Aren't you ashamed of yourself? That's not how mama's raise their babies! Look at her, she's just shrugging, like, So what? So you're just going to say, So what?

*Yeah, so what. What do people expect? I was a slut before I was a whore. I just love it.

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   And I can't imagine another lifestyle for my children. *

http://www. sexmoviespost. com/videos/milf-and-daughter-share-a-fuck-friend-1602. html

Children? You have others?

*I have two younger daughters and a baby boy, he's three. *

Well, I just have to shake my head and say shame on you. And when did you decide you were going to make Tania a whore?

*I never, like, thought out that I'm going to make her a whore. I just left her exposed to what I was doing. I thought, she can see and decide for herself. *

"Ever since I can remember, mama was bringing men home and making out with them all over the house. In the living room, the kitchen, on the table, in her bedroom.

She always dressed like, you know, slutty. We would hear her fucking. I would watch her suck cock. And she always looked like she was having a good time, like it

was soooo much fun.

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   All I ever wanted to do was copy what she did. "

"When I was a little girl, I would show boys my pussy. And they would touch me and it was just fun and games. I started sucking little boys pee pees when I was six. "

So it was just like totally natural for you?

"Uh huh. But mama didn't want me putting them in my pussy. She said if I did it before I got my boobs I would get sick for sure. She said girls bodies don't build a tolerance to cock fucking until the bodies produce chemicals that fight off disease. It was just her way of protecting me. I hit puberty at 12. When i had my first period, she got me on the pill and I started fucking every boy in the neighborhood. "

And you've been fucking ever since!

"Mmmm, yes, yes I have!"

So nowyou are what, like a team, mother-daughter fucking?

"Yes, we like to work together. Plus, it's safer. We watch out for each other. "

Tania, how many times would you say you have had sex, intercourse or a blowjob, in your whole life?

"Wow! Uhh, hmm, I think I've performed a sex act, well, it is probably around 4,000 times now.

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   Yea, that would be close to it. "

Four thousand! Honey, that's . . . God, just a staggering number. And you're only 20! Oh my God. You must have gotten sick. Any STDs?

"Oh, yess. Well, I do use condoms, but it doesn't protect you from everything. I have had the clap, chlamydia. I have HPV and I have herpes - both oral and vaginal. Yes, I'm a dirty cheap whore! Ha ha haa. But there's always drugs and things. I have my little pharmacy supply to keep outbreaks under control. "

But the men don't care, they just keep coming, huh.

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"These men? Ha ha ha. No, no they just want a horny pussy. "

When was the first time you did it for money, Tania?

"Mmmmmm. "

She's looking at her mother and mama's shaking her head no. Not going to answer that one?

"I don't think I will. "

Were you underaged? Is that why?

"I should probably not say anything else. "

Well, okay, fair enough. Ever gangbang?

"Uh huh, oh yea. That is definitely part of the job. "

Can you tell me about your first one?

"Mmmm, (looking at mom again) should I?"

*Just don't mention your age. *

"Ok, well. I had been fucking awhile. And mama knew I was really like it. Like crazy liking it. She dressed me up like her.

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   We were both in short shorts and tube tops and she drove me to a private party. There were 13 men there and we were the only females. It was wild. They just like took us to the center of this big living room and we had our backs to each other. We stripped naked and squatted and they were all around us having us suck. Sucking cocks. It was like a fucking

porn movie, just . . . . . . oh my god. "

Tania just slouched into her seat. Girl! She's rubbing herself.

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   Make you horny thinking about it?

"Uh huhh! That was my first three-hole fuck. Yea, mmm, they were all up in me. Fucking my pussy and fucking my asshole and fucking my mouth. Mmm, it was sooo much cock. "

How long did it take the two of you to work them all?

"They fucked us, shit, hours. like four hours straight almost. It was amazing. I was like, why would I want to do anything else!?"

Are men disrespectful, do they usually talk nasty to you?

"Yes. "

Do you like that?

"Yes. "

Why, why would you like that?

"Because it tells me right off what they want. Like, if a guy says, 'Hey slut, come over here. ' I know he's going to try to give me a nasty fuck. "

And that's what you want?

"Oh, hell yeah!"

Do you do drugs?

"I like the smoke the weed. I like ecstacy. I like to sip whiskey, the sweet stuff.



The sweet stuff.

"Mmm hmm. "

What is like your most favorite sex act? She's smiling . . . curling that tongue out to past the corner of her mouth.

"I like a DP, ass and pussy fucking me like that, while I eat pussy. "

Ahhh! Well, that sounds like something a true slut would prefer.

"Ha ha ha haaaa! Yea. ".