Football With A Twist


As far back as I can recall,  I was a dedicated football player.   Not big in stature. never the less, I could definetly deliver a vicous hit.   By the time I was in high school the football coaching staff knew about me.   Little did I know, but this experience would change me forever!  The year was 1971.   Versed in every aspect of football, I was a rookie when it came to sex.   It started out one day after practice.   On the way to the showers, Dave (linebacker coach) told me that he wanted me to stay after everyone, and that I should be sitting on the training table, in the nude.   Being the dedicated player that I was (and just turning 15) I did what he had asked without question.   When everyone had left, Dave was walking toward the table I was sitting on.   Dave was no ordinary man.   He was about 35 yrs. old.   He was built like Mr. Universe, and as strong as an ox.   He placed a mirror on the wall on the table I was sitting.

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    He then handed me a can of shaveing cream and a razor.   He then instructed to so shave my ass, my pubic area and my legs.   I sat there frozen, not knowing what to make of this request?  He then sternly asked what I was waiting for?  Not knowing why, I proceeded to do what he had told me to do.   He then left as was shaveing myself.   Soon after I was done, Dave appeared again.   He then ordered me to get on my hand & knees with my ass pointed up in the air, right in front of him.   I did what I was told to do.   I then felt him putting a lot of lube on my asshole, the whole while he was fingering my shithole.   Then I felt something big begining to push into my ass.   I turned slightly and could see Dave shoving a dildo in and out of my ass.   This went on for about a half an hour.   Upon finishing he instructed me to always be shaved from that point on.   He then handed me a pack of female g-strings and underwear.   And that I should awlways be wearing one of the g-strings at all times.   He then asked me if I had enjoyed what had just transpired.

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    I was totally confused and did not answer and just left.
     That Friday Dave had made arraningements with my parents so that I would spend the weekend at Dave's house.   He told them we would be studying football films.   From the moment we arrived at his house, until I left, he fucked me numerous times, made me suck him off and swallow his load, man did this guy have unbelieveable stamina.   I soon found myself spending the weekend at Dave's house every weekend.   About the second or third time, things changed drastically.   Before entering his house, he blindfolded me.   Upon entering the door, I could here the voices of 3 other men.    Dave then instructed me to strip and to get on my hands & knees.   For the next 3 hrs. these 4 men fucked my asshole mercilessly.   I soon had a torrent of semen oozing from my asshole!  And the whole time this was happening, I could here the snapping of cameras and the faint voices of 2 women.   Not long after that weekend was over, I found myself actually looking forward to my next weekend visit!  I was actually enjoying this! 
     After 2 more weekends of being blindfolded, everything had once again changed.   Instead of being blindfolded, everyone in his house had a mask on.   And this time there nine pepole inside his house.

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    And 2 of them were women.   It did not take me long to figure out that these people were actually all teachers at my high school.   The 2 women wore strap-ons and waited their turn in line with the men to fuck the shit out of my ass.   They took so many photos that weekend, I thought they would all need a second job just to pay for the film!  The only time anyone left was to get more food or booze.   This went on every weekend until the last month I was due to graduate.   That week Dave told me that our "sessions" which had gone on unstopped for 4 yrs.  woould never happen again.   I thought he was kidding.   He was not.   Not one of all those teachers ever again spoke to me or invited me back for more sex.   I sure was going to miss it!  I grew up as a normal individual for the rest of my life.   It was the last time I ever had gay sex, even though I constantly fantasized about the experience while masterbating.   If I had to do it again, I would!