Wizards of waverly place


Topic: Justin,his mom, and Alex Russo were home. Dad and Max were out fishing. Alex was in the shower and her mom was practicing aerobics in the parents room. Justin was alone in the living room. He put on some porno and strted to masterbate. He wipped out hit 7 inch cock and started stroking. He was getting real into it. He loved to masterbate. Then out of the corner of his eye, Justin sees his mom out of the corner of his eye with her hand down her pants. Watchinh her son jerk off was makeing her horny. Justin looks over to his mom and freezes. He doesn't know what to do. His Mom slowly walks over and whisper' I wanted this for so long" She begins to slowly stroke Justins cock. Justin loves the way her soft Latina hand rub his throbbing cock. Then She starts to suck it. She takes all 7 inches into her mouth at once.

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   She bobs her head up and down on her son's cock. She was like a pro. Justin shoots load after load of cum into her moms mouth. She begins to take off her shirt
Justin sees his mothers lush tities. There were36cc's and were as perky as when she was 20. Justin grabs her left tit and sucks on her hard nipple. His mom starts to moan. Then she shrieks in orgasm. IM GOMMNNA CUM AGGGGHHHH. Her still clothe pussy exploded in her pants. Justin looks and sees the gian wet spor in his moms pants. She pulls her son away and she begins to pull down her pants. Justin looks in awe as she expose her  soft wet latina cunt. Justin begins to eat out her pussy. His mom is going crazy and explodes on justins face.

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   Justin flicks her clit while his tongue is deep inside her pussy. His moms screams" fuck me fuck me now" Justin grabs his cock and guides it toward his moms wet pussy. He put the head in and slowly enters her. His Mom whimpers slighty. His cock is all the way in. Her cunt is so tight, Justin thinks. He starts to thrust slowly and increases speed. I no time he is fucking her furiously watching his moms tits bounce. They switch to the cowgirl position. Mom gets over her son and starts to lower down her pussy onto his cock. She starts to move slowly back and forth. They pick up the rythm and she is riding her son like a bull. Then they hear a loud moan.
It wasnt Justin or his Mom. IT was Justins sister, Alex.

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   She must have got out of the shower and started to watch. Alex is complety naked and starts to walk over with her fingers in her pussy. Mom starts to eat out her pussy while Alex sucks Justins cock. Justin blows a load into his sisters mouth. Justin pulls away and begin furiously fucking his sisters cunt. Her cunt was even tighterthan his moms and this was sending him over the edge. Justin says that he is going to cum. Alex says to cum in her cuz she is on the pill. Justin blow a giant load into his sisters pussy. Justin pulls out and begins to fuck his moms cunt again. His mom feels that Justin is going to cum. His Mom says Dont cum in me i could get pregnat. His Mom trys to get offf Justins cock but Justin pulls her back and cums in his moms tight pussy. She doesnt seem to care. It was the first time she had cum inside her for years.

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   Tey all fall asleep togother naked on the couch. Justin Alex and Mom begin to fuck every time Dad and Max were not home. If you want to hear part 2 where dad and max get involed comment the story