Wizards of Waverly Place Inescapable Lust Chapter 3


So here is part 3, miles better than part 2 I think you'll agree. Part 4 is going to be started tonight and depending on how i feel i might get it posted by Friday, might. In the meantime i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it. That said have fun.

Chapter 3

Alex was on her fourth day of detention for skipping cheerleading practice and was frankly no closer to getting over Mason. All through her detention she wished Justin was there with her holding her in his arms as she slipped his hard throbbing cock into her tight virgin hole. She new somehow she had to get him to fall for her. It was the only way to figure out why she thought so differently of him. They had had an awkward conversation about Juliet and Mason, on Sunday. Alex didn’t want to tell Justin at first because she thought he would hate her but Justin being Justin he just thanked his little sister for telling him the truth and he sympathized with her having gone through the same sort of experience with Mason as losing Juliet.

“Russo stop day dreaming and finish your homework”. Alex was startled by Mr Larry Tate but also inspired. A devilish grin appeared on Alex’s face and she knew there and then how to get Justin to fall for her. “Sorry Mr Larry Tate, I will get this finished as soon as possible” she replied in a gleeful tone. Full of new found energy she quickly finished what work she had been given and waited till detention was over.

It was around 1:30am and everyone in the house was asleep except Alex.

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   She quietly snuck down to the wizard lair and took a good look around till she found the dream helmet, an item that would let her travel into Justin’s dream and control it. She sat down on the sofa; made her self comfortable, closed her eyes and thinking of Justin put the dream helmet on. She appeared in the biology classroom at school wearing her Tribecka cheerleading uniform. Justin was sitting at his desk reading. Alex walked over and sat down beside him. “Hi Justin” she said in an upbeat tone. “Hi Alex, what are you doing in biology”? “Well your human biology teacher talked to me earlier and said you were failing your sex education class”. “Oh yeah I am” he said sadly. “I don’t get it your a good student, so what’s wrong”, her tone one of concern. “Well I just get a little embarrassed. I mean the models are so beautiful and I’m well shy about my body, specifically my p well you know”. Alex rested a hand on Justin’s thigh,”listen trust me when I tell you your body is nothing to be ashamed of, I mean I think you’re actually kind of cute”. Justin looked up at her surprised, “really, you really mean that”? “Of course I do in fact if you’d like I can give you a little hands on practice for your upcoming final”? Practice, Alex I don’t know if we…I… Alex moved her hand up slightly resting it on her brother’s already hard cock. Alex stared into Justin’s eyes speaking quietly, “I want to help and I also want you to pass, so whatever aspect you’re stuck on we can give it a try, ok”? “Well alright then” Justin replied nervously. They both stood up and Alex wrapped her arms around Justin, kissing him passionately.

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“So you defiantly don’t need help with kissing” Alex said happily. “Well I don’t like to brag” Justin replied a little more confidant now. “So, what area would you like to practice first”? “Well I want to be able to play with girls a little better, em you know foreplay”. “Good for you wanting to be all teasing. The first thing you can try before even touching a girl is talk to her. Tell me what you like about my body, what you want to do to me”. “Em well I em” was about all Justin could manage to get out. “Relax, I know your nervous but just speak from your heart”. Justin took a deep breath, “Baby when I first saw you I couldn’t take my eyes off of you. You were wearing your cheerleading uniform, I could see your nipples were rock hard underneath and all I wanted to do was walk up to you and suck on them. I could feel myself getting excited at the thought and I knew I wanted you. I asked Miss Montegore if I could have you as my finals partner and she said no. I almost screamed, never getting the chance to play with you was unbearable”. Alex looked Justin up and down and replied in a sultry tone, “I’m here now sweetheart and Miss Montegore Isn’t”. Justin took this as a sign to make his move. 

   He once again embraced Alex and kissed her long and deep, the sweet tease and playful exchange of wetness, a sign of what was in store. Moving his hands from her hips, he slid them slowly up to her breasts cupping them and gently massaged them through the thin material of her cheerleading uniform. Alex moaned her brother’s soft touch was ecstasy. He caressed her nipples with his finger tips, making them visible through her tight top. Alex in turn used a hand to rub Justin’s length through his pants. His hands trailed down to her waist, teasing her top up her body. She raised her arms without command and Justin exposed Alex’s bare breasts. He began to massage them again licking between them up to Alex’s neck, he kissed her softly across her neck and shoulders, “Justin your touch feels so good, and my panties are starting to get wet”. Justin looked in to his sister’s eyes then down at her breasts he licked and sucked her nipples, first left then right paying attention to Alex’s moans using them to gauge his work. When he was convinced she was nice and wet he unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground. “You look cute in just your tight little cheerleading panties” Justin said smugly. “Thank you I wore my cheerleading outfit especially for you, knowing how horny it makes you turns me on so much” Alex replied in her best little virgin voice. Justin took off his own top exposing his quite muscular chest. He gently pushed Alex back against the wall and held her tight against him; her hard nipples tickled his chest. “Oh Justin, you like it when things get a little rough” “Alex tell me what kind of sex gets you off” Justin asked in a sincere tone.

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   “I really like a guy who is good with his hands as well as his tongue”, she whispered rubbing his cock through his pants. “Well alright then, a massage and a kiss”.

Justin moved his hands from her shoulders to her hips, kissing her deep and long. He moved a hand to her pussy, rubbing his hand up and down over her sopping wet panties. Alex tilted her head back a little resting it on the wall; she moaned softly, the touch of her brother was sheer ecstasy. Justin slipped his hand inside her tight panties and continued to rub. “Oh Justin, baby that’s good, feels really good” Alex’s soft moans drove Justin crazy he moved his free hand round and spanked Alex. She let out a short sharp squeal, he finally slipped a finger into her pussy and she moaned louder. Long deep smooth strokes, first one finger, then two fingers then three. Louder and louder Alex moaned rocking her hips against Justin’s hand. Justin removed his fingers and dropped to his knees pulling her panties down at the same time. He placed his hands on her hips and licked the juices that had run down her thighs; he softly moaned when he tasted his sister’s juice,”God Alex you taste so good”. He promptly sucked his fingers, before he buried his head between her legs. He hungrily lapped at her sweet slit like a horny dog, his tongue dancing all over. It was all Alex could do to bite her bottom lip to stop herself from screaming.

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   She bucked her hips like a bronco in time with her brother, or as close as she could manage considering. Justin flicked her clit with his tongue before ramming it into her. He did this a few times and Alex knew she couldn’t be silent any longer, “OH BABY YEAH IT FEELS SO GOOD TO HAVE YOU EAT ME OUT”! Justin felt an over whelming sense of pride at making his sister scream and he knew then she must be close to orgasm meaning it was time for the grand finale. Justin opened his mouth wide and curled his tongue wrapping it around his sister’s sensitive clit. Moving his tongue back and fourth Justin massaged Alex’s clit, starting slowly at first and then getting faster. Justin used a finger to tease Alex’s asshole, and then slipped another two in her pussy. It didn’t take long before Alex squealed and screamed, her pussy tightened around Justin’s fingers and she came all over Justin’s fingers and face. “OH BABY YEAH MMMmm”! Alex panted struggling for breath, “tha that was amazamz wow”. Justin stood up and walked over to his desk, using his shirt to wipe of his sisters cum. He looked back at Alex, “If you want to return the favour I wont stop you”. Alex looked at Justin with worry, “Justin I, I really don’t like sucking cock, if you really want me to I will”. “No Alex It’s ok, I wont force you to do anything you don’t want to”. “I know it’s selfish but thank you for understanding, now take off your pants and come give me what I really want”. Justin responded by stripping his lower half as quickly as possible. He started to tell her all the nasty things he wanted to do with her.

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   “Alex I want you, I want to use you to, oh damn do you have a condom”? Alex giggled at her brother’s distress. “Justin were in the sex education class, there will be condoms in Miss Montegore’s drawer”. “Oh yeah of course”. He rushed over to the desk grabbed one and went back to Alex, who couldn’t help giggling at her brothe’rs length bouncing everywhere. Alex took the condom from her brother and staring into his eyes she tore open the top of the packet with her teeth spitting the small strip out. She gently took his cock in one hand and with the other she rolled the thin latex sheath covering up her new favourite toy. Justin gasped quietly at the sensation, “Justin this cant be the first time that you’ve had a condom on in this class is it”? “Well all the models are well you know they can’t, Miss Montegore said it wasn’t necessary however we need to always be conscious of the need outside the classroom”. “Oh right I get it, well then are you ready for me now”, she said sliding a leg up and around Justin who instinctively rested a hand underneath her firm wet thigh. Alex wrapped an arm around her brothers back and she moved him forward a step, she gripped Justin’s length firmly and positioned it outside her sweet wet slit. “You know what your doing big brother, trust your carnal instincts and you will be fine”.

Justin placed his free hand around his length and Alex let go moving her hand and resting it on his ass. He thrust forward and Alex squealed in delicious bliss as her brother penetrated her, Justin rested his hand on the wall and he slowly moved his length in and out. “Oh god Justin you feel so good inside me, yeah just like that long and slow”. “You like that Alex, having yourself used like a sex toy”? “Oh Mmmmm baby you can play with me anytime you want” she said slapping his ass. Justin leaned in and kissed Alex more passionately than ever before.

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   When he broke of the kiss she rested her head on the wall again and moaned in time to her brothers motions. He softly planted kisses all over her neck and shoulders while he continued thrusting in and out of his tight little sister. Occasionally glancing at the clock out of the corner of his eye Justin watched as his carnal ecstasy lasted for 1 minute then 2 then 5 then 10. Justin kept thrusting gradually increasing his speed, calling her slut or sex toy or nasty little cheerleader, till finally he could feel his juices building up. “Alex I can feel it, feel myself getting ready to make you a filthy little slut”. Alex moved her head to her brothers shoulder, begging for him to use her, “Please Justin give your cum, fill me with your cum. I want it all and I want it NOW”! Alex rocked her hips in time with her brother and they both moaned until Justin thrust so hard he pinned Alex against the wall and released a long moan of relief as he filled his little sister’s hot tight pussy with his juice. Alex continued to thrust herself against him with what motion she could generate as Justin just stood there letting her pump him dry. “Oh yeah fill me with your cum, yeah let me have it all”. When Alex eventually stopped thrusting they both stood panting for breath. Justin looked at his baby sister and he liked seeing her so grateful for the ramming he had given her. “Alex, you were so good, it felt so good to fuck you. Thank you Alex, thank you so much for making me feel better about all this”. “Thank you for giving me a really good pounding, and to be honest… we have some really good news for you”. “What do you mean we Alex”?

“Congratulations Mr Russo”.

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   Justin turned his head round to see Miss Montegore sitting behind her desk. “That was a very impressive display of affection”. Justin panicked “Miss Montegore Alex and me we were just sort off I mean”. Alex giggled at her brother, he turned and looked at her and she planted a soft small kiss on his lips. “Calm down baby and let Miss Montegore explain everything”. “Thank you Alex, and thank you for helping me out with Justin” Alex smiled at Justin and looked at Miss Montegore, “that’s all right I was happy to help out, still happy to help out”. “Ah yes I take it Mr Russo is still hard”. Alex rocked her hips slowly, “oh yes he’s still rock hard” she said as she felt some of his cum escape and trickle down her leg. Justin looked at them both confused but more level headed. “Ok look, Alex was helping me study for my finals next week”. “No Mr Russo you just took your final and you passed, A+”. “I we… what”, Justin said confused. “Alex and I both agree Mr Russo that your sexual technique and ability aren’t at fault. Your confidence was the only thing holding you back. That’s why I had Alex come down here and help you out.

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   I knew if you were with someone you could trust you would be free to just be yourself. ” Justin looked at Alex and then at Miss Montegore “Oh I get it now I think”. “Furthermore” she continued “you were able to demonstrate Mr Russo that by asking what sort of sexual play would make Alex orgasm you were able to not only satisfy her needs but also make her enjoy the experience as much as you did. Then by not forcing Alex to suck your cock you demonstrated that you can not only compromise with your partner but you would not force her into any sort of act she did not like. And finally remembering that all though the models we use to let you boys practice on are not at risk of pregnancy Alex would be, so you took the necessary precautions, very responsible Mr Russo”. Justin looked at his teacher with a mixture of bewilderment and happiness, “Thank you Miss Montegore”. Justin turned his head to face Alex speaking softly, “all this time you knew I was being tested”. “I told you before I wanted you to pass and baby you passed, now close your eyes and Ill give you a surprise”. Alex watched as Justin closed his eyes, she gave him a tender kiss on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “Wake up”.
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