Tomb Raider, The Braid Of Aphrodite Pt. 002


This is a work of complete fiction.   It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down.   No one under legal age may read this, if you know what's good for you.   No one over legal age should read this for the same reason.   And feel free to post this on any NON-pay sites, just let me know where.   Please feel free to comment.  


Tomb Raider, The Braid Of Aphrodite Chap. 002


     “Well ‘ello sir.   Enjoying the show so far?” Lara smirked as she exited the stall and looked at the guard.


     Lara had a very keen and quick mind.   In a single glance she could see objects and people and their relationships to their environments that other people would never see.   It was why she was so very good at what she did.   In a  instant she sized up the guard.   The wrong side of middle age, above average height, wide shoulders, a softening gut, hard and callused hands, a nose that had been broken more than a few times, wide stance and standing on the balls of his feet ready to move.   Lara guessed a ex-semi-pro athlete in his youth and her suspicions were confirmed when she saw the American college football ring, a size to small, on his finger.


     “Still dreaming of his glory days.

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  ” Lara smirked to herself as she walked to the sinks.   She put a extra swish in her step, knowing the guard was watching her ass as she moved.   Lara made sure to stick her succulent ass out as she bent over to wash her hands.


     Lara took her time washing her hands, making sure the guard got a good, long look at her round ass.   “You haven’t answered my question yet sir. ” Lara smirked again as she dried her hands an turned to face the guard.   She placed her hands on her hips and thrust her impressive chest out for the guard to see, her nipples hard and poking against the nearly sheer material of her dress.


     “Ma’am?” The guard was dumbfounded.   He of course recognized the Lady Lara Croft, the famous “Tomb Raider”, but what was going on here?  Did she really just fuck that kid in the bathroom stall?  And why wasn’t she nervous or ashamed or something at getting caught?  And was she coming on to him?


     “The show sweetie.   Are you enjoying the show?”  Lara gave a little shrug with her shoulders and caused a small jiggle to course through her large tits.


     “The show ma’am?  The ah… um…”  The guard was transfixed by the massive expanse of tan cleavage in front of him  “Was she talking about the boy?  Or the museum?  Or is she trying to come on to me?”


     “The museum show, sweetie?  How are you enjoying the museum show?”  Lara was enjoying herself.   Keeping the guard unbalanced as she showcased her body for him.


     “Oh… the uh… museum show.   It’s ah… appears to be going well, ma’am.   But I think we need to talk about the, uh… the…”  The guard gestured towards the stall.

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     “Ah.   You must mean my new, young lover Alex.   It must not have been a very good show, what with the door closed and all. ”  Lara slowly shifted her hips back and forth, enjoying the way the material felt against her skin.


     “Ma’am.   You can’t… You can’t just…”  He was stammering and sweating.   Torn between being more turned on than ever before in his life to wanting to be outraged that Lara Croft had just had sex with that young boy.


     “His cock was so nice and his cum felt so good dripping off my breasts and tasted so good as I swallowed ever… single… drop. ”  Lara ran one hand slowly across her hip and stomach as her other hand danced across the exposed skin of her heaving chest.   “I came so hard. ”


     The guard was in shock.   His cock was hard as iron and he was pretty sure he was about to have a heart attack.


     Lara stepped further up and pressed her massive tits against the guard’s chest.   She could feel the bulge of his erection pressing against her groin.   “And so did he.

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    Several times. ”  She whispered seductively in the guard’s ear.   Lara snaked her hand in between their bodies and caressed his thick cock through the material of his pants.   “And what about you sir?”


     “Ma… ma’am?”  The guard stammered.   It felt like all the blood had left his brain and he couldn’t think straight.


     “What’s your story?  How did an American football player wind up as a museum guard?  The ring on your finger says you were in Harvard. ”  To punctuate her statement Lara lifted the guard’s hand to her mouth and took his ring finger into her mouth.   Lara began sucking on the guard’s finger like it was a dick, bobbing her head back and forth as she lashed it with her wet tongue.


     “A… American company hire… (jesus) hired me after gradu… graduation.   Had a office out here.   (fuck)  Business folded and the office close… (ooohhh) closed. ”  The guard gripped Lara’s thighs and slowly slid his hands up to her waist, pulling her dress up, and began reaching back to grip her muscular ass cheeks.   They were so tight.


     Lara thrust her crotch towards the guards pulsing dick as he massaged her ass, dry humping him.   “What about collage.

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    I bet you were a big (Lara squeezed the guards hard-on for a quick moment) star. ”


     “I was… (god) I did o. k. ”  The guard slid Lara’s dress up to her waist and began mauling her silky ass-cheeks.   “I was a tight end.   Nothing… nothing special.   Just good enough… (fuck) good enough for a scholarship. ”


     Lara released his cock so she could hump against his groin easier and ran her hands over his chest.   Lara thrust her burning cunt up hard against the guard’s dick as she pulled her dress down, revealing her massive tits.   Lara made sure the guard got only a quick glimpse of her naked, bountiful breasts before pressing herself back up against him a cooing.   “I bet you were a big hit with the girls. ”


     “Kinda… kinda from the wrong side of the tracks.   Girls… (fuck that feels good) girls were only interested in the… in the boys with beemers. ”


     Lara slowly ran her fingertips down the guards chest as she took half a step backwards, making sure to use her arms to keep her tan tits bunched together and uplifted.   When Lara’s fingers reached the guards pants she quickly unzipped them and reached inside.

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    The guards cock was every bit as thick and hard as she thought it would be and she pulled it out with one hand while she used the other to draw out his cum filled balls.   With the guard’s massive equipment fully exposed, Lara gripped the base of his cock with one hand as she walked around him.   Lara made sure her giant tits rubbed against the guard’s tense body as she circled around behind him.   Her hard nipples scraped against the harsh material of his uniform and caused electric jolts of pure pleasure to shoot down to her churning cunt.


     When Lara was behind the guard she reached her free hand around the guard and began stroking his ball sack.   She would swear she could feel the cum churning around inside as she used her other hand to slowly but firmly jack his cock.   Lara began grinding her crotch up against the guard’s ass, rubbing her burning clit up against him, desperate for release.   “What’s your name dearie?”


     “Oh God fuck.   D… David, m… ma’am. ”


     Lara slowly began picking up the pace as she jacked off the guard and humped her cunt up against his ass like a dog.   “When’s your next day off, David?”


     “T… tomorrow. ”  The guard had his hands clutched into fists at his sides.


     “How about tomorrow, say twelvish, you come to my estate.   I’ll leave word for security to let you in. ”  Lara began to lick at the guard’s ear lobe.


    “And you come find my bed chambers. ”  She increased the speed of her expert hand job.   “Where you will find me dressed as the sluttiest school girl you have ever imagined. ”  Lara gripped harder on the David’s balls, almost to the point of pain and could swear she could feel them vibrating.   “And you use me to work out every inch of frustration at those little school-girl whores who ignored you. ”  Lara could feel her pussy juices running down her thighs like a faucet and wouldn’t be surprised at all if there was a puddle on the floor.   “Use me shamelessly.   Ride me raw in all my tight… little… holes. ”


     David the guard snarled as he turned suddenly, facing Lara.   He quickly grabbed her hair by the braid and forced her to her knees as he gripped his cock with his free hand.


     Lara gasped as she looked up at the guard with wide, expectant eyes and she opened her mouth wide and stuck out her pink tongue.


     David jerked his cock with one hand as his other kept a hold of Lara’s hair until he finally exploded.   Thick, ropy strands of cum shot out, coating the adventurer’s face and heaving tits.   He couldn’t remember the last he had cum so much.   Not since collage at least.

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    “Take it all you stuck up bitch!”


     “Oh Fuck Give it to me!”  As the first strand of cum landed on Lara she came.   Her burning pussy convulsed as her whole body heaved.   Even if David’s grip on her hair hurt, she was glad for it otherwise she would have fallen over.


     David was panting as he released his grip on Lara’s hair and he just stared down at the beautiful adventurer.   It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.   The stunning woman on her knees with her beautiful face and massive tits covered in his cum.


     Lara slumped down to the floor as David released his grip on her hair.   “Wow stud.   Don’t forget about tomorrow.   I’m already looking forward to it. ”


    “Don’t worry.   You’re really going to get it hard tomorrow so don’t you worry at all about it. ”


     Lara loved the feel of the guards warm cum on her tits.   “And if everything goes well I might even tell you about what happened in the stall. ”  Lara smirked up at the guard from the floor.

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     “And don’t you worry about that either.   When I’m done with you you’ll be telling me anything I want. ”  David carefully tucked himself back into his pants and turned to leave.


     “Looking forward to it sir. ”  Lara breathlessly said as David left the restroom.


     Lara turned her attention to the cum stretching across her impressive chest and face.   Lara used her fingers to rub David’s cum into her still hard nipples, cooing to herself at the feel.   She then lifted one of her large tits up to her mouth and sucked the salty treat off her nipple, then switched to the other gleaming tit.   Over and over again, not wanting to miss out of one single drop of tasty cum, Lara would wipe up a strand of cum and rub it into her tingling nipple and suckle at her own tit.   After five minutes Lara had cleaned up David’s cum, leaving only a sticky residue.


     Lara stood up, leaving her dress bunched up over her hips and made her way over to the sink and began cleaning her face and tits.   She left the cold water on, loving the way it made her nipples harder still and her chest covered in goose bumps.   When Lara was finished with her face and breasts she looked down and realized her panties and stockings were a lost cause.   Bending down to remove her sodden undergarments Lara saw that she had indeed left a puddle of her own juices on the floor.   Lara smirked at the thought as she finished peeling off her drenched panties and stockings and threw them into the rubbish bin.

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     Lara bent down to clean up the puddle, leaving her ass completely uncovered and exposed in the hope someone would walk in and find her and take her from behind.   She hoped someone, anyone, would come silently up behind her and fuck her without saying a word.   A voiceless stranger would just mount her from behind and take her, fuck her, and ride her to orgasm.   And then, just get up and leave.  A shiver ran down her body as she thought about her little fantasy.   Lara finished with  the floor and stood back up and finally pulled her dress down from around her hips and pushed her massive tits back into her the flimsy top.   Lara caught another look at herself in the mirror, skin flush and hair disheveled.   If only those pompous Lords and Ladies could see her now.   Lara Croft the Tomb Raider was acting like Lara Croft the Cum-Slut.


     Lara’s brow furrowed as a sudden question slid across her mind.   Why was she acting like this?  She was by no means a tease, well, a total tease.   She knew the kind of attention she drew and it was true she enjoyed it but she’d never before acted so wonton.   She was acting like a slut.   First the boy.   She’d never before even thought about using a child for sexual pleasure before.

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    And the guard.   The second she saw him she had wanted the feel of his thick, veiny cock in her hand.


     Lara’s keen mind kicked into gear.   The Knife.   “The Braid of Aphrodite”.   Slaves, sex slaves that never revolted.   The knife was use in the ceremony.   It must have been used to drive the slaves into fits of lust.   The slaves craved sex.   That had to be the answer.   The Braid had infected her.   It was obvious.   But what about the boy and the guard?  The boy hadn’t come into contact with the knife and neither had the guard.


     Lara took another look at herself in the mirror, her massive tan cleavage showcased by her dress.   O.


  k. , the boy was a easy solution.   What young boy on the verge of puberty wouldn’t want a shot at her?  But the guard was another question.   This was a very well respected museum.   Every employee held to a higher standard than most museums around the world.   She had no doubt she could have seduced the guard, but not that quickly.   Laying completely naked on the floor with her legs open wouldn’t have seduced him that quickly.   Could she have somehow infected him?  Without even touching him?  She needed answers.


     Lara quickly reviewed everything she knew about the slaves ceremony.   The High-Priest and Priestesses of Aphrodite would cut themselves with the knife and “Lay their Blessing Upon The Slaves Of Their Choosing”.   That must be it  The blood drawn by the knife induced lust in whoever was touched by it.


     The boy was easy.   He would have followed her anywhere.   And she most definitely touched him later.   So according to the tales the boy belonged to Lara.

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    And she must have left traces of blood on the door the guard had used to enter the restroom.   Lara knew she should feel ashamed at what she had to done to the boy but a tiny throb echoed in her pussy at the thought of him coming to visit her.   The guard was at least a grown man and a moan echoed in Lara’s throat at the thought of the guard coming to visit her tomorrow.


     “Concentrate Lara. ”  Lara took a deep breath as she tried to get the image of herself riding the guards cock while the boy fucked her ass out of her mind.


     The thought of losing her two new lovers was too much to bear.   Even the thought of losing them brought a tear to her eye.   “O. k. Fuck it.   They’re mine. ” She whispered to her reflection.


     The lust in her new lovers could be explained, but what about herself?  Even now she felt a stirring in her pussy.   Not even 10 minutes had passed since she had last cum and she could feel her desire returning.   What use was the knife if the people using it were turned into useless fuck-sluts?  “I need answers.

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  ” Lara spoke to the mirror.


     Lara slammed her hands onto the counter which caused a jiggle to run across her chest.   Her nipples suddenly ached to be touched, pulled, licked, sucked, pinched, rolled and bit.   A spasm tore through Lara’s pussy.   Lara took a quick look at a wall clock above the mirrors.   “15 minutes.   After only 15 minutes I need to cum again.   I have to time this just right. ”  Quickly a plan formed in Lara’s head.   “Just one last thing. ”


     Lara ran into one of the stalls, desperate to cum.   She pulled her dress over her wide hips, exposing her burning cunt and sat down.   As her naked ass touched the toilet seat Lara whipped her tits out and began mauling her large breasts.   Using one hand to attack her hyper-sensitive tits she plunged her other hand down to the burning junction between her long, toned legs.   Multiple orgasms or not, Lara hadn’t properly fucked her two new lovers and her pussy was tight.

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    She began plunging one of her fingers in and out of her sopping hole as her other hand continued to maul and molest her massive tits.   Lara slipped another finger into her pussy and started rubbing against her g-spot as her palm rubbed against her sizzling clit.


     “God.   I wish I had a picture of this. ”  Lara smirked to herself, as she desperately finger-fucked herself as her other hand molested her heaving chest.   The thought of it caused her to cry out as she came.   Her tight pussy clamped down on her fingers as she shoved them as deeply into herself as she could.   Lara’s juices coated her hand and dripped into the water as her massive chest heaved, desperate for air.   Tiny tremors tore though athletic body and her tan thighs twitched at the pleasure she had just given herself.


     Lara took a moment to gather her thoughts as she basked in the afterglow of her orgasm.   With her mind at least somewhat clearer, Lara straightened her dress be dashing to the sinks to clean her hands.   A quick desire to lick her fingers and hand clean flew across her mind but she didn’t have the time.   She needed to find the director of the museum.


     Lara exited the restroom and quickly scanned the crowd, trying to find the director.   Her eyes found Alex, with his precious little prick and a slightly glazed and bewildered look in his eyes.

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    “Mine. ”  Lara thought to herself as a distant throb pulsed in her pussy.   She found the guard next with the same look in his eyes.   A tingle shot through her nipples at the thought of all the things she wanted the guard to do to her tomorrow.   “Mine.   Mineminemine…  Hard, thick, meaty cock and all.   Both mine. ”


     Lara took a deep breath, her massive tits thrusting out, in a effort to concentrate.   “The director.   Find the director. ”  Lara went out into the crowd to search for the director while her lust was already beginning to bubble up inside of her.   Lara’s hands seemed to develop minds of their own and gripped and caressed every warm body she passed.   It didn’t matter if it was a man’s body or a woman’s body, Lara’s hands danced across their most sensitive areas as she made her way across the floor.


     Lara finally spotted the director and made her way through the crowd.   The crowd thickened the closer she got to the director and she had began rubbing her breasts across the shoulders, chests and backs of everyone she passed before reaching her target.

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     Lara gripped the director’s arm to get his attention and placed it against her body.   He was a short man and his arm trailed down Lara’s stomach, across her once again burning pussy and she pressed his hand against her muscular thigh.   “Professor Cumberbatch.   I need to speak with you privately.   It’s very important. ”  Lara leaned down and pressed her tits against the director’s shoulder as she whispered into his ear.   “People could be in danger. ”


     The director was an older man, well passed his 50’s and barely noticed the sexual tension in having his arm pinned to the sexy adventurer.   “Miss… Miss Croft?  Whatever could be the problem?”


     “Whisper, please Director Cumberbatch. ”  Lara whispered seductively into the director’s ear as she began to slowly rub her straining breasts against his shoulder as she pressed his arm more firmly against her body.   “I don’t want to raise a panic.   Can we speak privately in your office?”


     Lara’s sexual advances were completely lost on the elderly gentleman as she raised his head up to whisper into the taller woman’s ear.

  “Of course Lara.   Meet me by my private elevator.   I’ll join you momentarily.




     Lara could barely resist the urges to passionately kiss the much older man and shove his hand up under her dress to her burning cunt.   “Please hurry. ”


     Lara quickly left the guest filled room.   She knew at any moment she could grab the nearest warm body and fuck them silly in front of all the other guests.   Lara made her way to the dark hall that led to the director’s private elevator.   Once free of the crowd Lara felt a little better.   With no one to fuck it appeared the burning desire she had been infected with was slower to rise.   Rise like a thick cock that she would use to plunge into her tight, little pussy and ride like a pony until she came.


     “Fuck no, Lara.   Concentrate. ”  Lara quickly jammed the elevator button to open the door.   Jammed like a finger thrusting into her tiny, puckered asshole as someone tongued her dripping pussy.   “No.   Not yet. ” She whispered to herself.

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     The doors to the elevator opened like a woman’s thighs allowing Lara to dart her tongue in and out of the woman’s burning pussy.   “Jesus, no. ”  Lara knew she was losing the race as she entered the elevator.   Before the doors could even close Lara hiked her dress up and once again plunged her fingers into her burning pussy.   Lara’s fingers quickly found the sweet spots as she used both of her hands to fuck herself.   The fingers of one hand strummed her erect clit as the fingers of her other hand pistioned in and out of her dripping hole.   Lara began bucking her hips back and forth, wildly humping her hand as she panted and moaned in lust.   Gasping out loud Lara ached for her two new lovers and the thought of getting down on all fours while one fucked her from behind and the other fucked her face triggered her orgasm.


     Lara nearly screamed out loud as her pussy spasmed and clutched at her clever fingers.   “Quick to rise, quick to finish.   It’s like being a teenager again. ”  Lara smirked to herself as she closed her eyes in post orgasmic bliss.   Lara raised her sticky fingers up to her mouth and began licking the cream from her them.   The thought of leaving her dress pulled up with her pussy exposed as her juices dripped from her fingers crossed her mind and caused her to smile.   Her quick, little orgasm had cleared her mind enough that she quickly pulled her dress down to cover herself for decorum’s sake.

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     “Time enough for that later. ”  Lara said to herself just as the elevator door chimed open.


     “Now Miss Croft, what’s is this emergency you’re concerned with?”  The director waddled into the elevator, his concern building as she stared at the disheveled woman.


     “I think we should talk privately in your office, director.   And quickly. ”  Lara sternly said.


     The director pushed the button for his office and the elevator started to rise.   “Of course Lara.   But why don’t you go ahead and start. ”


     The elevator was a old style elevator and the groaning machinery vibrated the interior.   Lara was suddenly struck with the idea of humping the vibrating hand rail.   “It’s about the knife, director.   ‘The Braid of Aphrodite’.   I need it removed from the floor of the show and sent to the lab immediately.   And the book.

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    The book that described the ceremonies. ”


     “Lara.   We can’t just remove them from the show.   This gala means too much to the museum. ”  The director was growing more and more concerned with Lara’s worsening condition.   Her skin appeared flush, sweaty, and her chest was heaving almost as if she was having trouble breathing.


     The vibrations of the elevator were driving Lara crazy with desire.   “The knife has something on it.   It infects people that is comes in contact with somehow.   Then it appears as if the infection can be passed person to person through skin to skin contact.   It has to be removed now!  And the book.   There may be some sort of antidote or remedy contained in the pages of the book. ”


     The elevator lurched to a stop and Lara’s knees nearly buckled as she moaned out in lust.


     The director grabbed a hold of Lara to keep her from falling and pulled her arm across his shoulders to help support her.   Because of the height difference Lara’s massive cleavage was pressed tightly against the director’s face but her took no notice.

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    His only concern was in helping Lara to his couch and calling for a medic.   “Lara, how can you know such things?  We paused the study of the artifacts until tomorrow, after the gala. ”


     Lara loved the feel of her tender tits pressed against the older man’s face.   She knew she could have walked the distance from the elevator to the director’s office but she was enjoying the feel of his body pressed tightly against her.   “I believe I was infected director. ” Lara whispered into the director’s ear.


     As they reached the director’s office the older man fumbled for his keys.   “Oh my, Lara.   How did such a thing happen?”  The director was nearly frantic and almost dropped his keys twice before unlocking the door.


     The moment they entered the dark office Lara regained her feet, pulling her wide expanse of tan cleavage away from the director’s face.   Spotting the large, leather couch in the corner of the office, Lara closed the door and began leading the director by his hand.   “A young boy named Alex knocked over the display.   Luckily I was close by and caught the knife before it could fall. ”


     Reaching the couch Lara turned around and looked at the small, older gentleman.   The height difference was comically obvious.


    The top of his tiny, bald head barely crested her breasts which glistened with sweat.   The director was portly with stubby legs and arms and a small, neatly kept mustache.   The director looked like everybody’s favorite grandfather with his quick smile and bright eyes.   Lara had known him nearly all her life, every since her father had first brought her to the museum as a child.


     “Oh, how I would have loved that. ”  Lara smiled to herself as a lewd thought passed through her mind.   She was 8 years old the first time she had met, at the time, Professor Cumberbatch.   And the thought of him bending her 8 year old body over his desk and fucking her virgin ass set her pussy drooling.


     “My God Lara.   What happened then?”  The director’s eyes were wide with fear over what could be happening to her.


    “I took him into the restroom and sucked his little cock. ”




     Before the director could react Lara fell to her knees in front of him and began yanking his pants down.   It wasn’t easy, first the cummerbund had to go, then his suspenders had to be unclipped but finally his pants came down.   Lara ripped the elastic of his tighty whitey underwear as she yanked them down with one hand and grasped the base of his soft dick with the other.


     “MMmmm…”  Lara throatily moaned as she shoved the older man’s dick into her mouth and began sucking hard.

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    Lara knew she had to hurry to get him hard and ready before she could come to his senses.   He wasn’t a young boy ready to go at a moment’s notice or a sexually frustrated middle aged man ready to release some pent up aggression.   He was a older man who had probably given up on the idea of sex ten or more years ago.


     Lara trapped the director’s plump cock head between her full lips and began circling it with her wet tongue as one hand jerked the base of his shaft and her other hand stroked his sagging balls.   Lara didn’t mind the sagging balls filling her hand or the scraggily, grey pubic hair tickling her nose.   It was a cock.   A cock she was desperate to have filling her, stretching her, fucking her.   Never once had she had a sexual thought about Director Cumberbatch before and would normally had been disgusted at the thought.   But now all she cared about was getting his dick hard and using it to cum.   She craved his cock and his cum.   Needed both of them to fill her.


     “La… La… Lara!  Miss Croft!  Please!  What are you doing?”  The professor was in shock.   Even as he felt a long buried stirring in his cock he still had the good sense to know something was wrong.


     Lara stopped sucking the semi-hard cock and looked up at the director, barely able to see his face over his portly gut.   She slowly began sucking more and more of the slowly hardening dick into her mouth while staring deeply into his eyes.

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    Making sure he could see the lust in her eyes as she deep throated his dick.   When Lara’s nose was buried in the director’s pubic hair she lost sight of him over his belly.   She had taken his entire length and could feel it down her throat.   Lara used her tongue to massage the underside of the base of his cock she used a swallowing motion in her throat to massage the head of his prick.   Now he was completely hard and she felt pride in a job well done.


     “Oh my word Lara.   We shouldn’t… I mean my age and you… I’ve always felt more like a father figure to you. ”  The director stammered as a decade’s buried lust filled him.


     Lara released the older man’s hard cock from her mouth and throat.   Taking the straps of her dress and pulling them down Lara stood straight up.   The effect was that by the time she was standing straight up she was completely naked, wearing only her high heels.   Her chin glimmered with her saliva from the blow-job, her chest heaved from being out of breath due to the deep-throating the director’s cock and her nipples were rock hard and burning with lust.   Lara took pride in the fact that the much older man was transfixed by the sight of her large, tan, naked tits.   “Then fuck me daddy.   Fuck me.

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     The old man couldn’t speak.   It felt like he couldn’t even breath.   If the sight of this voluptuous young woman standing nude in front of him was the last thing he ever saw he would die content.


     Lara reached up to her chest and gave her massive tits a long, slow squeeze.   The tan flesh of her tits oozing out from between her wide spread fingers and her hard nipples scraping against her palms.   “Ohhhh.   Yes Daddy.   Fuck your little girl.   Fuck your little princess. ”


     Lara released her huge breasts and reached over and used one hand to grasp the director’s wrist and bring it up to her heavenly chest.   Her other hand he placed on the back of the director’s head and brought it to one of her aching nipples.   As Director Cumberbatch began to softly suckle at Lara’s breast he began to lightly caress the other, sending shivers down Lara’s spine.   Lara kept one hand on the back of the director’s bald head and used the other to slowly reach down and grip his hard cock and began to massage the veiny tool.


     Lara used her hands to guide the director towards her as she backed up onto the couch and laid down.   Lara quickly did away with Director Cumberbatch’s tie, jacket and shirt before she settled on top of her.

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    Because of the height difference the director was in the perfect position to keep sucking at Lara’s tits as she drew his dick to her burning cunt.


     “Fuck me Daddy.   Fuck me now, please.   Don’t make me wait any more. ”  Lara nearly had tears in her eyes she was so desperate for a dick inside of her.