Glory Holes Made Me Hungry

True Story

Uncle Eugene and I used to ride the roads out in the country late at night lots of times. He enjoyed seeing me naked or almost naked and the top down on the convertable and me showing myself to all the truckers and anyone in a pick up truck too. He usually kept me to himself and just enjoyed how hot we both were and had to stop at a hotel and take out our hornyness on each other. Well, one night we were driving and I was really getting hot even with the cool night air on my naked body. "Eugene, I need something to take care of my hot flashes. " I told him. We called them that knowing I was no where near the age of having hot flashes. He pulled onto I - 75 and drove north some and finally came to a truck stop. "Get dressed Hun" he saidand kised me. I pulled my dress on and followed him holding his hand. We went in and there were maybe 20 people there all late night types and several guys looked my way and I waved and said "Hey. " to them and they all said Hey back. We sat at the bar and the lady came over and asked, "What can I get or ya?" and smiled at Eugene and I could tell he was liking the attention she was giving him. He started to say something and I spoke up, "Well, I would like something about that long (I held my hands up about 10 inches apart) nice and thick and with a nice head on it, hard as a rock with a side order of cum. " She looked at me and Eugene said nothing. "And if I am right Eugene here would love to get his face under that skirt of yours.

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  " She turned red in the face and still she was not turned off by my boldness. A man standing near by stepped closer and knodded to the waitress and smiled, "Well, I can't take care of what you want but I am sure Eugene can have an all he can eat if he wants it. "

The man steped to the bar and said, "So you want something with lots of cum" he saidand his pants came unzipped and a nice long snake came out, "Will this do?" he said and I licked my lips. "It will to begin with. " I said and he told a guy to come take care of the front. The waitress took Eugene by the hand and the man told me, "Come on around her Hun, take care of this. " I stepped around the bar and now all the people in the place sat at the stools to watch. I pulled off my dress and got on my knees and began the longest sweetest cock sucking I had done in a while. I made sure the man moaned a lot and took him just to the edge and backed off so many times he was begging me to finish him. I asked if he had more for me if I did and he said that the men here were all available. I sucked him down all the way into my throat and he shot his load down. It was hot and salty and I loved it. He amost collapsed and then he stood up taking my hand. "Come on everyone, the glory hole is ready. " and we went to a back room that had a partition and a hole in the wall on one side there was a mattress and the other a place for anyone to stand.


   The other side had an outside door and people could come and go that way and never come in the place. The man snapped a light switch on and said, "Lady, the "glory hole" light just went on. You are gona be busy after you take care of them folks here.

Suddenly someone shoved a cock into my pussy from behind and the man in front of me pulled my hair back and I slipped his cock into my throat. They did not care for pleasure they just wanted to "fuck my face" as one guy said. The ones in me both finished about the same time and two more took their place. I loved getting fucked like an objest, something they just used. Over and over they did this till the door started opening and men came in from trucks and puches hard cocks thru the hole. I usually had a couple min. between glory hole customers and then even between those that were filling my pussy and ass. All in all I was having globs of cum plop down out of me as a new cock filled me and made the other person's cum plop out. I heard one man say he needed to get up close and personal and so he was let in. He stodd in front of me and undid his pants and a long cock came out. "This is 12 inches long little lady and it is going all the way down that lovely throat of yours. " and he took his cock and pushed it in my waiting mouth.

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   He moved in and out and then at the back of my throat he said, "Ready?" and I grunted that I was and he pushed it down and I felt myself get weak all over and an orgasm soaked he guy in my pussy. Finally it was all down and he was taking long gentle strokes to go all the wat in and out each time. I don't know how long it was but he filled my throat and then came bahind me, "Now for he pussy baby. " he said and he kept right on going. I was now moaning, "Oh yes, oh fuck yeh, fill me up. " and he began pumping faster and soon he did just that.

Eugene came to me as the sun came up and asked if I was ready to go. We were given breakfast and a shower to clean up and we drove a ways stopped at a hotel and got a room and slept all day. The night came and we drove back home.