Games We Play, part 2


Games We Play , Part TwoThe Rubbing Game
Two weeks later I went over to Shirley’s to spend the night. Her mom and dad were going out to see a movie, so her big sister, Wendy, the one who sprayed herself with water down there , was the only other person home. What that really meant was that she would disappear into her room and talk on the phone while we hung out in Shirley’s room.
Shirley and I got into our pajamas and climbed into her bed with a big bag of potato chips. We started watching Lizzie McGuire. After awhile, Shirley scooted way under the covers and lifted her nightgown up. She wasn’t wearing panties.
"Wanna play that rubbing game again?" she asked.
"Yes. "
I edged down under the covers with her. Earlier, I had wondered if we would play that game again. Part of me was scared that she wouldn’t want to play that way again and part of me was scared that she would. I wanted to look at her pussy again. I know I had one, but I couldn’t really get a look at what it looked like. I wanted to study how it was put together. I wanted to do it while I could have the lights on.

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   But then I was worried that someone was going to find out and we’d be in big trouble.
"Do me first," she begged.
I put my hand on her pussy and started to stroke the skin. I petted the skin below her belly button like I was petting the cat.
"Who was the boy?"
"What boy?"
"You know, the boy who wanted to. . . to. . . you know. "
She was quiet. I stopped stroking her skin and just touched the fold where one lip slightly overlapped the other. The skin was so- so smooth. She opened her legs wider, and pulled the covers down, sitting up a bit so she could watch my fingers.

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   "Go inside the crack, Jennie. " She whispered, desperate and breathless. "Rub on that little button. Put your finger inside. "
I moved to get between her legs. I was kneeling, and bent forward and laid my belly on the bed so I could see. I spread the lips apart the way she had in the bathtub and studied the different folds of skin and that bulge of a button. I put out two fingers and stroked that bulge.
She laid back and looked at the ceiling. "Keep doing that," she said, quietly.
I wondered how many times she rubbed herself right there. I kept rubbing Shirley’s pussy until a sticky wetness started leaking out.
"You’re not peeing on me, are you?" I pulled my hand away and smelled the wetness.
"No," she giggled. "Keep rubbing there.

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It smelled a little like pee, but not too much. I tasted my finger. The juice was salty, but sweet. Maybe it would be nice to put my mouth there.
I started to rub her some more. What if I put my mouth there?
Ever since that day in the bathtub, I played the rubbing game by myself at night and that one time when I took a bath in the afternoon. I even got the nozzle down from the wall and sprayed my cooter real good for a minute, but it felt kinda funny to do it all by myself. I liked doing it while Shirley was there, so she could spray me and I could spray her, and I could imagine how it felt like for her. I liked looking at her cooter, especially when she pinched the lips of her pussy and spread it real wide and I could see that strange little hole. Where the dick goes. I wanted to try pushing my finger inside.
I was right down there between her legs again and I couldn’t resist. I licked my finger and started to slide it down towards that hole. I rubbed past that place where the pee comes out and she squirmed.
"Try sticking it inside.

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   Where the dick goes. "
I licked my finger again. It smelled pungent, like pickles and peach jelly, watered down. I pushed my finger towards that opening. That hole where the dick goes. I wanted to feel inside that hole.
My finger slipped in. It was a little slimy. Smooth. Inviting. Shirley pushed her hips forward against my hand, pushing the finger in a little deeper.
"Careful. I don’t wanna scratch you. "
"It doesn’t hurt," Shirley said. "Do it some more.

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I couldn’t believe it. She started rocking her bottom so that my finger stroked in and out. The hole closed tight around my finger.
How big is a dick?
I thought about my finger being a little dick for Shirley and I wondered about her rocking back and forth. "Keep rubbing it, Jennie," she said. She put her own hand down over mine and guided my finger a little deeper. She pushed my hand. "Do it faster," she directed.
I kept stroking in and out. I could feel a nice ridge towards the back of the hole, but I liked the tight squeeze of the skin as my finger slurped in and out. She put her own hand down on her cooter and started rubbing that little bump. That one that she said she liked to rub. I watched her finger and it seemed like the bump got a little harder and stood a little taller as her finger swirled across it.
My face was right up next to her cooter and I could smell her. I don’t know how to describe it.

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   It was like she was getting hotter and moister and the closer I got, the better it smelled.
I wanted to put my mouth on her.
I decided to try it. I stuck out my tongue and leaned forward.
"Jennie, what are you doing?"
I pulled back, feeling clumsy and careless. I stopped moving my finger around in her hole.
"Nothing," I said.
Suddenly I felt stupid. What’d I have to do that for?
I sat up and pulled my hand away from her warm sweet pussy. I was a bad, bad nasty girl.
Shirley sat up and grabbed my hand. "No, keep rubbing me. " She put her finger back on my bump and slid my hand so that my finger went inside her pussy hole.
I felt confused. Did she still want me to lick it? Or was that too weird?
I went back to the rubbing game.

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   When a song played on the TV, I started stroking with the beat of the music.
"Yes, yes. " she said. "That feels real good. "
She started arching her back a little and closed her eyes. I liked watching her, then I closed my eyes and really concentrated on stroking that pussy hole the way she said she liked it. Suddenly, she bucked a little on the bed and I opened one eye. Her hair was kinda damp and sweaty.
"I like that!" she said. "You want me to do it to you?"
I smelled my hand. I tasted the wetness. It tasted good!
I felt funny smelling her cooter. I felt awkward not knowing how to ask her how it felt to rub inside that hole. "Your pussy smells good. I mean, when you get all wet like that.

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  " I put my hand out to her nose.
"I know," she said. "That’s why I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do when that boy said he wanted to lick it. "
"What boy?"
She got quiet.
"What boy?" I asked again.
"I don’t want to tell you. "
"Why not?"
"Because you know him. "
"Omigod. No way. " I knew a boy who wanted to lick Shirley’s cooter? No way. Then I started thinking that maybe he had a pretty good idea. Who would tell Shirley that he wanted to lick her cooter? I couldn’t believe I was even wondering about such a thing.
"It’s Manny. " She said flatly.
"No way!" I pushed her back on the bed.

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   She fell back against the pillow. "No way!"
I pulled my knees together in front of me and smoothed my nightgown down over my legs. Manny, my step-brother. All of a sudden, I felt like an idiot. Foolish and naive. Clumsy and boyish. I clamped my legs together.
I couldn’t believe it. How did he come up with such a thing? Why would he want to do that to her? Manny was almost my brother.
I reached for the bag of chips and the remote control. I turned the television a little louder and started crunching on salt and potatoes. I smacked my lips.
How come he didn’t ask to do that to me? Would I let him if he did?
Shirley sat on the bed next to me without saying a word. The rubbing game was over. We sat there and both of us tried pretending it never happened.

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Before too much longer, she took her pillow and knocked me on the head. I jumped up and grabbed my pillow and slammed it on her. I knew she was still my bestest, bestest friend. She had to be. She was the only one I knew who would let me touch her cooter.
After Shirley turned off the light, I laid there in the bed next to her and thought about how her pussy felt. I wondered if my hole was as deep as hers. I started to reach down to test it, but I didn’t want to wake her up. Her lips were more swollen than mine and she seemed to like rubbing that bump a lot. I tried rubbing mine, but it felt sharp when I did, a little like shocking myself with static electricity. It felt good, but intense. I wanted to try it some more. I waited in the dark, trying to go to sleep, trying not to think about that secret, special place between my legs that I wanted to feel some more. I wanted to rub on that bump and feel the smoothness on the outside of my bald cooter lips. But I didn’t want Shirley to know that’s what I wanted to do.


   So I lay there without moving, hoping I wouldn’t wake her up.
That’s when I got it in my head that I would make Manny show me his dick.
I wondered. Her hole was tight. How could a man stick a big thick dick inside? I mean even if it was as big as my daddy’s thumb. . . well, it just seemed like that would fit tight. Real tight. by Fyre.