The Hostage Pt. 2


The Hostage Pt 2.


First of all, I wanted to thank those of you who appreciated the first installment in this series. This is part 2 of 3. If you are new to this story, you should read Pt. 1. If you just came for the sex, please read on, because this story is full of it. As always, I don't condone actual real life rape in a non-fiction setting. Enjoy.  


                They marched us in complete silence. Both Jessie and I were still completely naked although they had allowed us to gather our things before we left the bus sitting in the middle of the forest. “Daddy” had Jessie by the arm just a few feet ahead of me and was pulling her along quicker than she could walk. Even under the circumstances I couldn’t help but watch her fleshy pre-teen butt bouncing around in front of me.

                The remaining two were around either side of me although neither held my arm. Escape was the last thought on my mind and not because I was looking forward to what may come. I had come down from my sexual high on the bus pretty quickly after watching Jessie’s reaction when I bent down to lick our captor’s cum off her chest. Besides, I couldn’t leave the little girl by herself out here with these men.

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   Even if I ran, I knew I wouldn’t make it very far. We were surrounded by a thick forest, presumably in the foothills of a mountain. I tried to remember nearby mountains but there were so many in this area. Our best bet was to wait it out and play it safe. Jessie and I could make our break when the time was right.

                We hadn’t walked far before a small cabin came into view. It was a quaint little thing with flowers and lanterns strewn across the porch. To the side of the house was a small spa. It was a honeymoon resort of some kind, a place for young lovers to get away for a weekend. Now they were using it for a hide-out and only we were about to know what else.

                Jessie and her “daddy” burst through the door first while we followed closely behind. Her “daddy” flung her over the couch in the living room unceremoniously and she collapsed in a heap over the armrest. I scanned the area and realized that they had been here before. There were several burlap sacks and a few guns leaned against the wall. Some suitcases and backpacks let me know that they had been staying for a few days.

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                I floated to Jessie and brushed her hair aside. I would have dried her eyes but she had all but cried herself out by this point. Instead she just looked at me with pleading eyes.

                She was asking, “Why me?”

                I couldn’t bring myself to answer her, because I knew the answer. I couldn’t tell her that if it were any other situation, I would have no problem burying my nose in her pubic mound and sticking my tongue in as far as it would reach, listening to her squeal as only a little girl can. Instead, I put my forehead against hers and caressed her hair.

                The driver shouted at me and motioned us to a room connected to the living room. “Take her in there until we decide what to do with you. ”

                “What do you mean?” demanded Daddy. “Its obvious what I’m going to do with em. ”

                He said it with a sinister look in his eye as he glared directly at me. It’s almost as if he was reading my mind, knowing that I was getting wetter the more I thought about him sweating on top of me.

He had pegged me for a slut the moment he laid eyes on me and he was so right.

                The driver shook his head, “They weren’t part of the original plan!” He turned abruptly to me and snorted, “I told you to take her in her. ” He raised his gun as if to accentuate his point but I was already going.

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   Jessie didn’t need to hear anymore.

                I shut the door behind us and turned on the light. We were in some sort of rec room outfitted with a dart board, flat screen tv, and a pool table in the center of the room.   With nothing else to do, Jessie and I slumped against the far wall and stared at the shadows moving under the door. We could hear muffled shouting and I knew they were having some sort of argument about us.

                From beside me Jessie whimpered, “Are they going to kill us?”

                As if on cue and before I could answer the door whipped open to reveal “Daddy” in the doorway with his gun in hand. He leveled it straight at us and Jessie screamed.

                No shots rang out, instead the second figure stepped out from behind “Daddy” with some thin rope in hand, used to close the burlap sack. He quickly descended on me and grabbed me by my hair and dragged me a little ways to the pool table and tied my hands behind my back. “Daddy” had already moved from the door way and was descending upon Jessie. She screamed to no avail as he drug her into the living room and threw her over the same couch she had been thrown onto earlier.

                I watched helpless, naked and alone at the foot of the pool table, with a clear view of what was going to happen. Jessie was still screaming when “Daddy” placed the muzzle of the gun against her cheek and she stopped immediately.

                He glared down at her and smiled, “There are a couple of things in this room that could  that could go off in your mouth tonight sweetie. Don’t make this gun one of em.

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                He had done it. He had effectively scared her into submission. Her mouth hung slightly open, occasionally drawing in a quick sobbing breath, but she was his. He took the gun off her cheek and turned it sideways, sticking the barrel against her lips. She stared down at it in horror as he sawed it back and forth through her pouty little lips.

                She looked back up at him and he smiled, “Get the picture?”

                She nodded

                He took the gun away and laughed, “What did I tell you on the bus ride over here?”

                She nodded again, “I’m sorry Daddy. Whatever you want Daddy. ”

                He tossed the gun aside with a mighty heave and grinned to his accomplice who had positioned himself behind Jessie. Daddy’s hand trailed to his zipper and he undid it slowly. He undid the button and slid his hand into his pants, wrapping his hand around his cock and pulling it out slowly. I could see it all as he placed it against Jessie’s lips and rubbed it casually against her face. She was on all fours on the couch, with her head at just at the right height.

                “Open Sesame,” He sneered and she did. Slowly and begrudgingly she dropped her jaw and daddy slid right in.

                Watching a pretty girl give head is always a beautiful thing, but watching a pre-teen girl with pretty red lips is all the more special.

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   I watched in envy from the other room as daddy’s thick cock slid into his little girl’s mouth. Her lips wrapped around it as inch by inch of it slowly disappeared into her mouth. She gagged a little as he hit the back of her throat but then he pulled out and I got to watch it in slow motion all over again.

                Daddy was taking his time with Jessie both for my benefit and his. I was so jealous of her. I wanted to trade so places so bad. I started to squirm against the pool table, angling my legs to give myself some sort of stimulation in my pussy.

I wanted to feel daddy’s cock in my mouth, letting the underside of his shaft slide over my tongue and tickle the back of my throat. Maybe if I was lucky I could taste his cum again.

                With her mouth engulfing his cock, Jessie arched her back and moaned uncontrollably. It was only then that I noticed her second attacked with his head buried behind her. He was working feverishly at something, with his thick stringy hair bouncing up and down just over the crest in her ass. I couldn’t tell from my angle but he must have had his tongue tickling her pussy. I wished it were me. I desperately wanted to feel someone’s tongue carving up the walls of my cunt.


   Suddenly his head darted up a ways and I could vividly make out his tongue, sticking straight out like a sword tonguing at Jessie’s asshole. I could feel my own asshole screaming for attention, just like Jessie was squealing with her mouth stuffed full of Daddy’s cock.

                Daddy grabbed the back of her head and increased his pace, lest she forget about him. Her squeals turned to grunts as he pounded farther and farther into her mouth.

                “Does the good girl like Daddy’s cock in her mouth?” He shouted to her.

                Jessie was unable to do anything other than moan, but I whispered behind them, “Yes. Daddy’s little girl loves his cock. ”

                I could feel it in my mouth and in my sweet cunt. I wanted nothing more than to feel them piston in and out of me. I craved their attention. I cursed that my hands were tied behind me. I wouldn’t care if Jessie watched me play with myself while they used her milky white body.

                The second man could wait no longer. He pulled away from her behind, probably still tasting of her pussy stench. With a quick tug, his pants were around his ankles.

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   Without any time to prepare, he dove dick first into Jessie.

                She screamed around Daddy’s cock when her hymen tore.

                They used her. She see-sawed in-between them. Daddy pulled her mouth onto his dick and the second man pulled her ass back towards him. I watched them use her, watched her tiny almost deflated breasts swing beneath her. I needed to be her. I needed them to use me too. I needed my hair to be pulled and my ass cheeks to be spread apart while a strange man fucked me from behind. I couldn’t take it anymore.

                “Fuck me. ” I whispered while I imagined myself anywhere else and alone, plunging anything big enough into my pussy while I imagined this very fantasy, except here it was in front of me, very real and oh so tempting.

                “Fuck me!” I yelled louder and in a hoarse voice. It was enough to make Daddy turn his head while he grabbed Jessie by the hair. His face contorted with confusion and ecstasy.

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   Jessie coughed hoarsely while Daddy groaned. I knew he had cum in her mouth. She confirmed my suspicions when spit a little out onto the floor, her body still being pulled back against the second man.

                “Fuck me!” I said again, even louder, pleading with my cunt on fire. I’d like to think I sent the second man over the edge because he groaned and didn’t even bother pulling out of Jessie. I wanted to feel his sperm explode inside of me, just like she was feeling. He let her go abruptly and she collapsed on the couch, breathing heavily.

                I know that somewhere, very deep down in her core, she had enjoyed it.

                “Fuck me. ” I whispered to them one last time. “I won’t resist you the way that she does. ”

                And I wouldn’t…