My story... if there is interest there can be sequels and prequels, so let me know if you liked it I like feedback(ss is for sex slave)


Kristina SS

Making contact with Kristi

Kriszti looked up at the clock and smiled. It was 3. 30 on a Friday and she would be going home soon. She really enjoyed her weekends and always spent most of the week thinking about what she would do on them. This question could however be asked “how was she going to get fucked. ” This was perhaps her favourite question because the answers were so very varied. No two weekends were ever the same. There was always something new brought to table. But that is what you get when you lover is part of a sex club.

She smiled at the delicious thoughts running though her head. Not only was there her lover, but the other girls she got to play with. Her favourite, Kristina was likely to be there, with her young sexy body and her exquisitely experienced tongue. They would most likely be told to do something degrading to each other, perhaps even tied together. But in truth that was one of Kriszti’s favourite things, too be tied and watched as she played with Krisztina.

Suddenly she snapped out of her daydream, feeling warm and aroused. She planned to go straight from work to one of the nice hotels that the club regularly met at.

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   She couldn’t wait to get filled with cock and her outfit reflected this. Though her outer attire was simply normal office wear, it hid what lay underneath. Tight, black, silk panties along with a matching bra, hugged the sensitive parts of her body. Dark stockings covered her smooth shapely legs held up by a matching suspender belt.

She felt sexy wearing them, and so naughty. She did work in a bank after all, a position of some authority and it would certainly not become her for anyone there to know what she did at the weekend.

The door to her office knocked and one of her colleagues entered. “Hey Kriszti, there is a tourist with some issue. He is English and since you, are the most fluent I thought you could deal with him. Plus he is very cute” she said with a smile.

Kriszti replied with a smile, “Sure send him up. ” She enjoyed speaking English and always took the opportunity for some practise. She sat back in her desk and waited for him to come up. She only waited about a minute.

With a smile she regarded him as he walked up the stairs.

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   Her colleague had, been right, She found him very attractive.

“Good day to you sir” she extended her hand which he took “I do hope you are enjoying your trip here? Is it business or pleasure?”

“Oh pleasure defiantly. ” He replied with a rye smile. “Please may we sit?” he asked as he closed the door behind her.

“Of course”

Both the figures sat opposite each other on the desk, as the English man reached for the briefcase that he had carried with him. Slowly he pulled out a brown A4 envelope.

“I will get right to the point” he said as he handed her the envelope. “Please look at these. ” She was still smiling as she took the envelope. She was even smiling as she opened it. Her smile however left her as she revealed the contents of it.

Inside were 5 images of herself, but they were not pictures that she ever would have expected to find. Pictures of her weekends, 2 of her getting fucked mercilessly, 2 of her sucking on cock, and 1 of hers and Krisztina’s faces splattered with cum from what looked like several men

“Where the hell did you get these?” she demanded of him “how the hell…. . ”

“Where and how are not important, what is important is what is going to happen now.

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   Quite simply, I have the ability to destroy your professional career. I will send these pictures to everyone, who would even think of hiring you.

Kriszti’s heart sank, why was this happening to her, how had he got all these photos. She new pictures were taken of her exploits, but they were locked away securely, never to be seen by the outside world. She was just so confused, coming so close to bursting into tears.

“However I have no desire to do that to you, Kriszti. ” He continued offering her a life line “in order to keep these pictures locked away you are to become my personal sex slave until you have earned the right to get these photos back. ”

“What do I have to do” she replied timidly, resigning herself to defeat.

“Well, to be honest not to much will change for you. I will not impose myself to much on your life. However when I want sex, I will either call and you will come over or I will visit you for it. ” he smiled at her slightly evilly“apart from that you will never see me. It will be like I do not exist”

“I suppose I have no real choice do I” she replied remorsefully

Her tormentor simply shock his head “I’m glad to see your smart enough not to ruin your life over this. Now strip for me”

“What here……now…. .

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  there are people downstairs. What if somebody comes up?”

“The door is locked and they will just think that your having some trouble dealing with my problem. Now strip”

Resided to having no control, Kriszti slowly stood and untucked her blouse. Slowly she undid one of the buttons and opened her shirt ever so slightly. Both figures in the room stared at each other, never breaking eye contact at all

She undid one more button on her blouse and pulled it even lower below her shoulders. He caught sight of her blacklace bra, as he felt his own arousal beginning. Eventually the blouse came off and fell to the floor. Without prompting, Kriszti, turned away and quickly bent over her chair. Her curved firm as was slowly revealed as her thumbs tucked into her skirt and pushed the covering garment down. There she stood in her magnificence in her lingerie.

“sit on the desk” he ordered “and lean back” as he stood up from his own chair. Kriszti complied her legs hanging over the desk. As he approached her he grabbed each ankle and placed them on the desk as well, forcing her legs apart. “keep them there” he commanded staring at Kriszti’s face. She simply nodded

His hands slowly moved down to her lace covered pussy.

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   The material so thin barely covered her, and he guessed that she was hoping to go from work straight to a fucking. His hand came out and run its finger over the material. Kriszti inhaled at the violating touch. She knew she was really being violated, but the touch was so gentle and pleasurable. Slowly more fingers were added to the rubbing and her pleasure increased.

Kriszti let out a low moaning sound. She tried to deny that she enjoyed it to herself, but in truth she knew she was horny and needed to e touched. What was worse that she began feeling that he didn’t need those photos if this is what he wanted. He was attractive and clearly confident. Coupled with his skilled touch she may have even asked him for sex sometime she thought shamefully. Each cry begged him to keep going. Slowly started to move his hands from over her pussy to hook under her underwear. With a slight tug the underwear ripped away revealing the wet heat of her pussy.

Carefully he knelt down in front of her The scent of her pussy filled his nostrils, and instinctively, He stuck out his tongue and licked her slit from top to bottom. She let out a moan of pure pleasure.

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   He did it again and again. He continued to lick her cunt and taste her fabulous juices as they were further emmited. Kriszti grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples through her bra as she started to grind her hips into his face as much as she could from the desk. Her eyes were shut and the expression on her face told him, he was doing things right.

He spread Kriszti's pussy lips apart with his fingers, exposing her inflamed clit. That was the target now, and his large tongue flicked it back and forth forcefully. Kriszti responded by putting her hands on the desk and arching her back in pure unadulterated ecstasy. She moaned louder and louder as I continued to flick her clit faster and harder, just praying that no one could hear her

Kriszti was grinding furiously. She unleashed a huge of moan of pleasure, and she grabbed his head and shoved it deeper into her crotch. Kriszti came hard, and suddenly, out of her hot cunt. He continued to lick Kriszti's pussy until her grinding slowed and she released his headKriszti collapsed backwards, still breathing heavily

Her tomentor, now her pleasure giver stood and went around the other side of the desk to Kriszti’s head.

“No hands” he motioned to her as he unzipped his trousers and revealed his penis. The floppy member was big and thick without even being fully erect, Within moments, cock was exposed and only inches from Kriszti's face. She licked her lips with pleasure when she saw the 8 inch shaft infront of her. She lifted her head slightly and grabbed the cock in her mouth and tasted with it with her tongue.

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   Hungrily, she put the tip in her mouth and sucked the little bit of pre-cum off of it. Slowly she sucked it in, taking more of his member inside her as it began to harden.

She pulled him closer by the cock in her mouth wanting to experience more of it. He had to admit to himself it felt amazing. Kriszti was obviously an expert at giving blowjobs and had sucked many in her time. Her tongue worked the shaft while her lips gently squeezed the head as she brought the cock in and out of her mouth. Every now and then, she would twist her head on the way up to send waves of pleasure through his body. Then she took it cock in her mouth sideways. The stiff rod pushed her cheek outward as if she pretending to brush her teeth with it.

Soon his penis started twitching, and Kriszti knew he was going to cum. Her hand moved around him from behindand placed themselves on each of his buttocks. With that, she pulled him in even closer into her face and his cock further down her throat. He looked down at Kriszti as she started to take more and more of his huge cock into her mouth. She looked like she was smoking a monster cigar as her lips continued to stretch and "puff" with each inch of my penis disappearing into her expert mouth. In no time, he could feel the back of her throat.

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   She swallowed a couple of times stimulating the head and sending electric shockwaves up his spine. Kriszti's mouth was all the way at base of his penis. With the cock deep in her throat, she started shaking her head back and forth ferociously. Eventually he couldn't hold it any longer. He exploded like a small volcano. Pulse after pulse, the rock hard penis sent spurt after spurt of white hot cum down Kriszti's throat. With an internal smile, he continued to swallow and elicit more cum from the monster penis.

She licked his cock clean as it was slowly withdrawn from her mouth with a huge grin on my face. Kriszti said she had never swallowed so much cum before as she lay sexily on the desk. However he wasn’t done with her yet, she saw as he worked back around the desk to her pussy.

She was his for the taking. He rubbed his cock head around her pussy lips to coat it with her juices. Gently he slapped her clit with his cock as if reawakening the tiny pleasure organ. And then he entered her fabulous cunt. Kriszti gasped as it split her open.

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   Hiscock was overwhelmed with sensation as her hot wet pussy enveloped it.

I started thrusting my hips slowly until all 8 inches of my penis were inside Kriszti. By now, she was moaning heavily and she was writhing and thrusting in rhythm with him. I grabbed her stocking covered legs and placed them straight up over my shoulders. Kriszti locked her legs together behind his head. He grabbed her fine breasts with his hands and felt her breathing heavily with each thrust. And then he let her have it. He thrust his cock in and out of her cunt like there was no tomorrow. Relentlessly he pounded Kriszti like the whore she knew she wanted to be. And she was loving every minute of it.

He felt her pussy starting to squeeze a little, but he didn't want her to cum just yet.

He grabbed Kriszti's hips and thrust the cock deep into her grateful cunt. She cried with pleasure as he stood behind her and pumped his manhood into her submissive pussy. I took hold of her left arm and pulled her torso off the desk as I continued to fuck Kriszti. Her boobs swayed in motion with each thrust of my cock.

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   She lifted her head to moan deeper and he unleashed a flurry of deep penetrating thrusts. His cock erupted in Kriszti's wonderful pussy. The cum shot deep in her cunt just as she started to climax. He could feel her pussy muscles squeezing the shaft with each squirt ofman juice. The two figures convulsed and contracted together in a hot fit of wild orgasmic pleasure, finally collapsing on top of her desk.

Kriszti was barely conscious as he slowly withdraw himself from her quivering hole and placing his cock bak into his trousers

“Excellent” he commented on her performance “exactly like I was hoping for. ” Opening his wallet and placing a fair amount of cash on the desk next to her. “Go and get yourself some sexy outfits and underwear. We will need some more for our later sessions. I will contact you soon”

He picked up his briefcase and exited the room. Kriszti could do nothing but continue to lie exhausted on her desk with a large smile on her face.