Jan returns home minus underwear!


My wife Jan and I have been happily married for 32 years, over that time there has been many times when one us has looked somewhere else for sexual pleasure, this story tells of Jan’s late night return minus her underwear and carrying another naughty secret.

When our children were little we only went out individualy as someone needed to look after the kids, this was a Saturday night when Jan was going out, she got ready in her normal way taking time to chose what dress to wear, what shoes went best with them, asking me all along what looked good, all the time in her bra and g-string, Jan is a g-string wear rather thong wearer as she prefers the tighter fit and less material to give that “no underwear” look in a tight short dress, in the course of her getting ready we had sex which was normal, a quickie with her bent over the dressing table, I pulled her tiny white g-string to one side and pounded for a few minutes until I came, Jan was keeping me happy so I thought, Jan finished getting ready, short tight clingy minidress, tiny g-string and bra.

The husband of a friend was taking her and two other into town where they were meeting a big group of girls for a birthday night out, settled down for a night in, watched so rubbish television and hit the sack at about 11 thinking I’ll be disturbed at 2 or 3 in the morning when she gets in.

I’m woken by the sound of a car outside the house, I look and it’s Jan getting out of a taxi, then look at my watch and it’s 5am, wow that’s been some night out, I get back into bed turn on the bedside light and wait for her to come into the bedroom, to door open and I can’t see much but notice Jan is not as smart now as she was when she left the house, she say hi honey goes into the onsuite pulls her dress over her head and notice no underwear at all, no bra no g-string which for me is how I would love her to be all the time, she reaches into the washing basket and pulls out a red g-string and puts it on, strange I think but it’s all turning me on so I’m going with the flow thinking I’ll have drunken sex were her which is always good as she looses her inhibitions, she removes her makeup and comes to the bed and gets in, strange I think as we both sleep naked and only wears underwear to bed if she is on her period or we have just had sex.

We chat a little about her night out and how good it must have been as she got in so late, I give her a kiss and tell her how horny I’m feeling and put my hand on her g-string covered pussy and she pulls away starts to give me a blow job which again is strange as she hates doing it as she has a small mouth, we continued for a while but I need more stimulation so I move around so I could lick her, Jan’s very reluctant but I get my way, I slide off the g-string from wash basket then I realise why she has tried to keep we from her pussy and asshole.

Her asshole is a sticky mess, along with her pussy, as I prod my tongue into her asshole fluid starts to leek out I insert a finger as well as my tongue in her asshole Jan is now stating to cum as she moans I remove my finger from her, her asshole opens slightly and contacts with thrill of the orgasm coming every opening she pushes a glob of what I now realise is spunk out on to my tongue and face, with that she came causing me to blow my load from her frantic tossing of my cock, it felt like the biggest and hardest evacuation I’ve ever had!

Jan pulled her g-string on, I kissed her and said someone’s been a naughty girl, I went to on suite clean my still hard cock am washed my face and went back to bed where Jan is now asleep.

It’s Sunday morning so it’s a lie in for one of us, me I’m up getting the kids breakfast and doing the chores, my curiosity gets the better of me so I decide to check the washing basket, her little minidress had small light brown stain low down on the back, no bra no white g-string.

I take Jan a cup of tea late morning and she is hanging, she has my spunk in her hair I’ve managed to shoot spunk onto her bedside light, the bed sheets have a light brown stain similar to that on her dress.

When Jan finally gets up mid afternoon she looks hanging but is overly nice to me we get through the day with out a mention of what happened, when in bed that night I broach the subject of what went on, she said did I enjoy the sex? I said yes, she said let’s just leave at that for now.

We have now moved on many years from that day/night and the facts have now come out, Jan got delegated from her friend and while waiting got talking to guy who charmed her off her feet, they kissed a bit before he asked her back to his flat of which she was happy to do, she knew his flat mate might be there but was drunk so didn’t care, he fucked while his flat mate watched, he came in her, his flat mate came in her, then after the flat mate had finished he started playing with her asshole which with a bit of lube ended in full anal sex (lucky bastard!), this all took place over couple of hours, he phoned her a taxi and paid for it, but asked if he could keep her underwear, on the way home in the taxi spunk was leaking from both holes hence the brown stain on her dress!

To this day I still have not had anal with Jan, a finger or tongue in there but no cock, she say I’m too big which is why which makes me feel slightly better about her night out, but it did help me tick off the box licking someone else’s cum from my wife.

This is really a true story.