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The day began like any other sitting in classes on the same table and talking about girls in the class. Robert was infatuated with the girl at the opposite table but didn’t have the guts to say anything. All he ever spoke about was what it would be like to have her in front of him sucking his cock. I liked it when Robert spoke about his sexual thoughts because he always got a boner and I could see the outline through his navy blue school trousers. We all had to ware uniform. Navy blue blazer, trousers and a white shirt with a blue striped tie. The lesson just before lunch was science and this is where it got interesting for me. We sat in our usual spot. The lesson began and half way through Robert pulled out a straw. He bit off a bit of paper and put it into the end ready to blow it out. “I bet I can hit Mr Weight with this shot. ” Robert said holding it under the desk. I looked at Paul and he looked at me. “Ok, what’s the forfeit if you don’t?” Paul said smiling. “I wont miss I never do!” Robert replied looking a bit annoyed that Paul had suggested he would miss. “Ok then, if I miss I will put your cock in my mouth for 1 minute!” me and Paul looked at each other and laughed loud enough for the teacher to turn and give us a warning.

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   “What if you do hit him? Paul replied, recovering his straight face. “If I do hit him then you have to do the same to me” Paul looked shocked but I noticed that he was really considering it. My cock began to tighten. “Ok then” Paul replied. I couldn’t believe my ears. What ever happened I was going to witness one of my mates put the other ones dick in his mouth. I watched as Robert aimed the straw at the teachers back. He inhaled sharply and blew. The class erupted in laughter as the small tissue flew past the teachers head and stuck on the black board with a whack. Robert had lost the bet. The bell rang to signal lunch time. It was decided that we would head somewhere private for the debt to be paid. Robert lived a 2 minute walk down the road and his parents were at work. Once inside his home we all sat on the sofa next to each other. Robert in the middle and Paul and his left.

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   Excitement filled every part of my body as the moment drew closer. Finally Paul spoke up. “Ready rob. . ” Paul said standing up in front of Robert. He unzipped his flies and then unbuckled his belt letting his trousers drop to the floor. Paul’s white underpants were next and he pulled them down to his ankles exposing his soft 3 inch cock. It was beautiful. The skin looked smooth and the head was covered by a small mound of foreskin. He had no hair at all but his balls hung low and large. Robert looked at it wide eyed. “Time one minute Michael. ” Paul said lifting the bottom of his shirt so that he could see his own cock. Robert adjusted his position on the sofa so he was sitting right on the edge. Paul cock was beginning to stiffen.

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   Bobbing every so often as the blood began to flow into his shaft. Paul placed his hand gently on the back of Roberts head and slowly Robert moved toward Paul now fully erect penis. Gently Robert encircled pails manhood with his red lips and let it slip all the way in. Paul must have been at least 5 inches. I sat in awe. I had already had my first experience and knew exactly what Robert was feeling. My cock was trying to push its way out of my trousers. Paul breathed out heavily when his dick was totally in. “It’s…. fucking…. . nice…. . ” was all he managed to say. Robert slowly began to move back still keeping Paul's cock in his mouth.

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   He moved right back to the tip and then moved back down the shaft. I noticed his lips had tightened and he was pulling Paul’s foreskin back with them. Paul had his eyes closed. So did Robert. Now was my chance to get involved. I slid onto the floor and made my way round behind Paul. His naked ass exposed. I ran my hands over it. Squeezing it to feel its firmness. As I shifted my position to get closer I looked down and noticed that Paul’s pants which were round his ankles were slightly stained. He had obviously not wiped his self totally and had left a three small skid marks in the middle of his pants. I lent right down to them and sniffed along the stain taking in the aroma of his dried shit. It was intoxicating. Paul stepped out of them and as he did I had a glimpse of his ass hole. Small tight and pink with a slightly brown colour along the crack of his ass.

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   “My turn…. ” Breathed Paul and Robert lay back on the sofa. I paused and watched as the moment had taken both of them. They were totally into this and knew what to do instinctively. Paul pulled Roberts trousers off and then his underpants. I looked over Paul’s shoulders to see Roberts’s long hairless shaft spring up. It was a good 5 and a half inches and thick. Paul wasted no time putting it in his mouth. He began to bob up and down and Robert closed his eyes and shuddered as Paul began to speed up. He loved every minute. Paul was going like a pro. He licked the tip and all down the shaft even making time to suck on Roberts balls. I looked back down at Paul’s ass. His cheeks had now spread and I new what I wanted. I lowered my head and began to lick Paul’s crack.

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   The taste was delicious. My tongue darted all around his slit and then I finally began to really work on his hole. It was tight and firm and the sour taste felt like it was sticking to my tongue. The smell of his shit was all over my nose so even when I moved away I could still smell it just as strong. I reached under Paul and began to stroke his dick which was still erect and throbbing. “You wanna have a go” Robert said. I looked up from Paul’s ass and nodded. Me and Paul swapped positions. I removed my trousers but left my shirt on as all I wanted to do was give Paul access to my cock. I looked at Roberts cock and then sunk it into my mouth tasting the salty precum that had oozed out in time it took for us to change positions. I got to work bobbing up and down in rhythm. I could feel Paul’s tongue licking the crack of my ass and new he was getting the same tasty treat that I had had. I could feel Roberts cock tightening to my motion and knew he was ready to come. I slowed down so the feeling would last a little longer. Paul was changing position behind me and before I knew it he had pushed his cock deep into my ass hole.

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   It hurt like hell for a moment and then I felt like I needed a shit. He began to pump me and gradually it became the most amazing sensation. The sound of his crotch slapping the cheeks of my ass echoed round the room like someone was slapping the wall with an open hand. I could feel the precum dribbling out of my cock and I bobbed faster on Robert knowing that he would erupt at any moment. Paul suddenly shuddered behind me and pushed his cock as deep as he could into me. Just at the moment that Robert filled my mouth with a full sticky load Paul shot his inside me. I felt it wash against the walls of my anus and swallowed down Roberts salty shot. We all stayed in the same position for a moment. Roberts now limp cock in my mouth and Paul’s softening dick still up my ass. After a moment I stood, feeling Paul’s cock slide out. My lips were numb and my ass was saw but my cock was still ready to explode I climbed onto the couch and lowered my cock into Roberts open and panting mouth. He took all 5 inches. I began to fuck his mouth Paul was still behind me and was licking the cum that was beginning to dribble from my hole. This sent me totally over the edge and a rush of spunk shot from my piss slit totally filling Roberts’s mouth. He knocked it back like it was a glass of milk and as I pulled out he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.


   We all collapsed and after about ten minutes of silence and heavy breathing we laughed a little. Paul and Robert told me later that day that they had set the whole thing up. They had been playing with each other after school for about a month and had had a bet on weather they could get me involved. Apparently Robert lost again although I’m sure the forfeit was to be a lot more demanding than the last one. . has a endless list of babes and escort agencies in Mykonos!

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