M 14yh summer .........pt 6


 There were lots of hot days at Bare Ass Beach, but some other things were going on in the boys lives. Ricky and I had become almost inseparable, joined at the cock, so to speak. The six of us didn't spend as much time together but when we did, well, you can just imagine. Ricky and I had been at his house most of the day, giving each other head, going 69, fucking and jacking' off. We had rode our bikes down to the store, the brothers were working and Donnie and Spencer were at the movies. So we headed on back to my house to get a new porn mag that I had found in my brothers room. We were in my room when we heard D. J. , (Donnie's sister, Ricky's cousin) and another girl getting out of D. J's car and walking up to their house. Ricky grabbed my hand and said,"Wait a til they are in the house for a few minutes, then I want you to see something. This is the secret I have been waiting to tell you about. " He had said there was something the other day but I couldn't get it out of him. "Lead the way. " I said, feeling the excitement that only a 14 year old boy can feel. "Shhh, be real quiet, we will around back.

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  " he held his finger to his lips. We very slowly crept into the back yard and sneaked up to D. J's bedroom window. The shade was pulled down, but there was a space at the bottom of about an inch. We slowly raised up until we could see through the space in the shade. D. J was sitting on the bed while Sherry danced to whatever music they were playing. As we peeked in the window, Sherry pulled her t-shirt up over her head, WOW! Sherry was bra less. This boy had never seen a girl half naked in real life, and this was a girl that I had some contact with almost everyday. I always thought she was real cute, especially since my cock came to life. Seeing Sherry in shorts or a bikini had become a boner maker for me, and judging from what I heard my brother and his friends say, there was lots more to see!Sherry turned and shook her ass at D. J. Hooking her thumbs in her shorts, she slowly started to slip them down over her hips. Swaying back and forth she slowly pulled her shorts down over her ass and hips. Down they went to the floor, she kicked them and stood there in her panties.

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   Tiny panties. Turning back around, she walked over to D. J. sitting on the bed and grabber her and shoved her tits in her face. Rubbing them on her friends lips . D. J wrapped her arms around Sherry and started to suck her nipples. My cock was hard instantly. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled out my hard cock, stroking it slowly, a drop of precum forming on the tip. Ricky looked over at my cock and wiped the precum off and licked it off his finger. Looking back in the window we see D. J pull Sherry' panties down, what a beautiful ass, I had no idea I was an ass man, but fuck me! I had never seen anything as pretty as Sherry's ass. It was perfect. It would be years later before I would realize this but believe me, it was the prefect 17 year old girls ass. D.

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  J dropped to her knees right in front of Sherry and buried her face in her tiny little patch of pubic hair. Sherry grabbed D. J's head and spread her legs and just started to grind her pussy on D. J. face. Throwing her head back she sort of growled, "I'm gong to cum, I'going to cum. I'm I'm cumming" and ground her crotch in D. J's face, D. J. grabbed her ass and pulled her into her. Sherry let go of D. J's head and pulled her up from the floor, planting a big wet kiss on her and pulling at D. J's clothes, ripping her blouse, tearing at her at her pants buttons and pulling them down and pushing her backward onto the bed. She grabbed D. J's panties and pulled at them.

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   D. J. raised her hips and the panties were gone. There, right in front of us was the first pussy I had ever seen in person. Sherry got on her knees between her thighs and pushed them wide apart. D. J had more hair than Sherry(I would find out later that Sherry shaved a lot of her off) It was blondish and looked like silk. Very neat little triangle. D. J put her feet up on the edge of the bed and scooted her ass forward. Sherry leaned forward and licked her pussy from the top to the bottom, spreading it open with her fingers I got my first look at pussy lips, all purplish and pretty and this little tiny knot/knob looking thing right at the top of the lips(her clitoris, I would learn later). Sherry licked faster and faster on the little knobby thing and the more she licked the wilder D. j got. Rolling her head back and forth and saying "Eat me Sher, oh god eat my pussy. Stick your tongue deep in me.

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   D. J grabbed her head and pulled her face deep in her crotch. "Oh damn, eat MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" We watched the girls play for a few minutes more but we couldn't stand it so we went back to my house and sucked each others cocks, got hard again and fucked each other. When we told Donnie and the gang about it they were all really turned on by it and we had more cocks to suck. Funny how that worked out. And they wanted to figure out how we were all going to get to see this show. More to cum soon . . . . . . . . .

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