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Ralph and I had only met a few years back, but we were best friends now. He is tall, well-built and blonde. He is a fishing fanatic, so he liked the idea of going fishing in my dad's boat the whole time. I didn't mind, I liked fishing too. For the first few days everybody went fishing, but soon it was just Ralph and I. The second day we were out alone was a really hot day. Ralph took off his shirt, exposing his well tanned, toned upper body. I got an erection almost instantly. I shrugged it off as nothing, but it would'nt go away. I caught myself examining Ralph's perfect body, and he caught me too. "You like it?" He said to me. "Huh? What?" I said startled. "My body, duh, you've been staring for the last 20 minutes" He said, not taken aback or anything. "Yeah, you look really good. No offense. " I said, exausting my bravery.

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   I couldn't believe I had just said that to my best mate, a boy. "Thanks" he said, "Can I see yours too?""Sure!" I said, suddenly having wild fantasies, but shrugging them off. I lifted my shirt over my head and noticed my erection was clearly visible through my baggy shorts and boxers. "Your nice looking too," He said, "Can I see the rest of you?"I almost said no, but with all these fantasies running though my head I slipped off my pants, and my boxers followed. My member bounced out of it's home and stood erect. Ralph looked at it bewildered. I could see his growing in his shorts too. I realised I had never looked at a woman like this before, but Ralph was really turning me on. "Can I touch it?" Ralph asked. "Umm. . . I'd love that but only if you really want to. " I replied. His eyes lit up in exitement.

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  "Are you kidding?" He laughed, "I've been waiting for this scince we arrived!"Now I was really exited. I hadn't even realised Ralph was gay. He seemed so strait. Yet again I had only just found out that I was. What happened next amazed me. Ralph bent down and licked the head of my penis. He licked little circles around my slit and precum was bubbling out the end. He then swallowed the head of my cock and started sucking my dick. He pushed it further inside him until he had my whole dick in his mouth and I could feel the end touching his throught. "Oh shit Ralph, that feels sooooo good, dont stop, hareder!" I yelled. I was about to cum inside his mouth. "Oh fuck Ralph, I'm cumming, oooooohhhhh!" I screamed. I spasmed and a load of cum shot into Ralph's mouth. My dick slipped out of his mouth and I splattered cum all over his face. He tried to lick it all up but there was too much.

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  "Oh, fuck Stevo, you're fucking incredible. Your cum is so good!" He moaned in pleasure. It was the most exiting thing I had done, and more was to follow. . . THIS IS 100% FICTIONIdeas? Message them to me, love to hear from you. Please comment or vote, I love to her peoples opinions. .