Samantha gets Double teamed


My name is Samantha, Sam for short, I am living in Bradford West Yorkshire, I'm 28 yrs old 5' 6" tall with medium length brown hair, and have a long term boyfriend called Chris.

I stayed in Bradford living with Chris after graduating from university. An old university friend of mine Sheila had returned to Bradford after living and working down south in London.

I had not seen Sheila for several years, in fact I did not know she had returned until I bumped into her whilst I was down town doing some shopping.

We swapped phone numbers arranged to meet up again at the end of the week on Friday and go out for a drink and to catch up on old times.

Sheila is my age but of Indian descent, she is 5' 4" tall and very slim with long black hair.

When I got back I told Chris that I had bumped into Sheila and that we had arranged to go out next Friday. Chris thought this was a good idea for me to go out and catch up on things with Sheila as he had to go away for the weekend for some work.

I phoned Sheila and confirmed our meeting up, and saying that she could stay at our place as Chris would be away for the weekend, Shelia said "as she lived closer to the town centre So why not spend the weekend my place"

I met in Shiela 'The Old Vic', in the town center. she was sitting a corner table, she spotted me and called me over, I went over and s Sheila stood and hugged me. Her dress sense had changed drastically since I'd last seen her. she would normally wear jeans and a t shirt, but tonight she was wearing a short black skirt that came down to just under mid thigh, long black boots and a sheer black top black bra.

I was not wearing anything special just jeans and a tee shirt and trainers. we had several drinks when Sheila said that before we went clubbing, We should pop round to her flat and drop my holdall off, as we couldn't lug it around all night.

We left and went round to her place, which was 5 minute walk away from the pub.

We entered her flat and Sheila said I'll get us a drink before we head out.

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   As she did this I looked around, it was a typical layout, with a separate bedroom, kitchen, bath/shower room and a living area.

As we sat on the sofa Sheila filled me in since we'd last seen each other.

In a strange sort of way I was envious of her, she was totally free and could do anything she wanted to, where as I was still with Chris after 6 yrs. I began to think of how staid and boring my life was.

After about 20 min of chatting and drinking, I said we'd best get going or it'll be too late to go anywhere. Sheila agreed and said you'd best get changed than.

"Changed, what do you mean, changed, what's wrong with this?"

Oh nothing really,

with that she went into her bedroom and returned carrying a couple of coat hangers with some of her clothes on it.

saying, her try these, they should fit, we're about the same size.

I must admit it felt pretty good, especially after Sheila's comment about looking 5 yrs younger.

I was wearing a short black skirt, white stockings a pair of black stiletto heels and a white camisole top, and she even lent me one of her bra's. a very revealing white lace bra, which left little to the imagination. Shelia and I are about the same chest size except that I'm a 32b where Sheila is a 32a. the bra pushed my tits together and gave me a nice valley between them.

Sheila smiled and said, "you look amazing girl".

I smiled back and she was right I felt amazing.

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   together we looked stunning, not bad for a couple of girls nearing 30.

We quickly phone for a taxi and head into town to the clubs and bars, to start our night out.

We bar hopped, going form one bar to the next, what we used to call a pub crawl in our uni days. No matter which pub we went to we had men trying to chat us up, we had drinks bought us by a lot of different guys and soon, we were starting to feel the effects of the drink. I hadn't had such a good time in ages at around 10pm we decided to go to a night club called, Maestro's.

Sheila started flirting with two black guys, one looked in his early twenties and the other was much older, mid to late forties. After about half an hour one of then Mike the older one, was standing with his arm around me as if claiming me for his own. His mate Gary, was busy trying his luck with Sheila.

It all seemed like harmless fun, when suddenly Sheila piped up and said, lets all go back to my place, giving me a sly wink.

It never occurred to me that there would be anything more than their coming back for a drink or two. boy was I wrong.

We all piled into a taxi for the short trip back to Sheila's place.

As soon as we were inside, Sheila poured us all a drink and put on some music, she then turned and pounced on Gary, snogging him, I thought she was going to swallow him by her actions.

Gary's hands soon moved up and started playing with her tits, squeezing and massaging them, I just stood there transfixed at her blatant behaviour, I saw Mike coming out of the toilet, when he saw them, he just smiled and continued over to the sofa and sat down. They didn't seem to notice either of us as they continued to dance in front of me and mike.

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   we were watching both of them when Sheila suddenly dropped to her knees and unzipped Gary's jeans. I just stared in total disbelief as she pulled out his semi erect cock and stated wanking it, next to her face. She then opened her mouth and took it between her red painted lips, She then cupped his black balls and began sucking the guy off.

Gary just let out and groan of pleasure and said yes that's it.

I found my self thinking, who is this slut, This wasn't the Sheila I remembered and What the hell am I doing here.

Suddenly and without any warning, I felt a pair of arms wrap round me and someone kissing my neck. I turned round to tell him to stop, only to find Mike plant a kiss full on my lips, his tongue worked itself between my lips and his hands dropped to my ass.

Here I was in the arms of a black guy, full on kissing, whilst my friend was sucking off another.

Mike's hands pulled up my short skirt and was now kneading my panty covered ass and he didn't stop kissing me, I'd never been kissed more passionately, maybe it was because he was coloured or it was the situation, but whatever it was it felt real good.

I felt a hand leave my ass and start pulling at the back of my camisole, it slipped under it and expertly unclipped my bra, releasing my tits.

Mike never said anything but stopped kissing me, took a small step away and reach down and pulled my camisole top up. I just raised my arms for him, and within seconds I was nude from the top up. Mike then leaned down and started sucking upon my already erect nipples.

I felt so exciting to have them licked whilst my friend who was only feet away was sucking a black cock.

Mike wasted no time in guiding me to the sofa, and pulling my

tanga briefs down, he bunched my skirt up round my waist exposing my cunt to all in the room.

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   his long black fingers soon found my slit and started rubbing my clit and lips, making me squirm.

I managed to look over at Sheila who was by now on all fours with Gary knelt behind her, he still had his trousers on but shield's knickers were in a torn heap on the floor besides them.

I watched as Gary, penetrate Sheila, her body went stiff and she let out a groan 'oh fuck yes, more'. and she went wild, I'd never seen anyone get fucked before, and it was exciting to watch as she went wild, screaming away for Gary to fuck her harder, begging for more of his cock.

Sheila noticed what Mike was doing and breathlessly shouted at Mike, 'Go on fuck her, the dirty little slag wants it. Get that cock inside her. '

With that Mike, pushed me back and moved up between my open legs, he just positioned himself between them and thrust his big black cock into my wet hole.

He stretched me to new limits. My cunt hadn't been so full for quite a while. He immediately began pounding is arse up and down driving his cock deeper and deeper into my unprotected cunt.

Sheila was watching us intently as Gary banged her from behind,

She even shouted 'that's it Mike, give the whore a good fucking' she managed between gasps.

The thrill of it all was too much, my body shook with an amazing orgasm as mike pounded away at me. My orgasm must have set Mike off coz, he suddenly grunted and filled me with his black seed.

What a fantastic fuck I'd just had, short though it was.

Mike just rolled off me, I just sat here with my legs spread and cum filled cunt on display.

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Sheila watched us intently as Mike filled me with his seed,

almost immediately Sheila came her screams must have woken the next door neighbours, Gary slapped her arse as he came inside her too.

I should have felt cheap and disgusted by what I just done, but I didn't. I just felt Satisfied as if that wasn't enough for me.

Sheila, had a very dirty look on her face and smiled at me. she turned to Gary who'd just pulled out of her, his cock was still semi hard, and said, "Now go fuck Samantha, Sluts like her need more than one cock. "

I wasn't about to complain.

Gary just pulled me off the sofa and onto the floor, he turned me over so that I was on all fours and without any pre-amble he just rammed his cock into me from behind.

I looked up at Sheila who was stroking Mike's cock back to hard ness. when he was semi-hard she pulled him by it over to me and feed it into my mouth.

I heard Sheila say to me, "You love this don't you, getting fucked by those big black cocks".

All I could do was make a 'ummm', sound, as I sucked on Mike's cock and Gary pounded me from behind. . .

"I told the guys you would love it, I remember you telling me how you always fantasized about getting fucked by two cocks, now it a reality and they're both gonna fuck you all night. she laughed.

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Between them they spit roasted me till I had cum dripping out of my mouth and cunt.

Now I really did feel like a whore and I loved it.

What a night.

It's one I'll certainly remember for the rest of my life. .

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