Mall Teen Seduces Older Guy


Where else can a teenager go to hangout, without being harassed by her parents or other adults? The mall was it if you were over 16 but not yet 18, and able to go to bars, and other fun places. And especially if you were a teen who had blossomed early, and already had a firm set of tits, and a nice round ass to attract attention. There were always lots of other teens to hang with, and some cute guys, and even some older guys, with cars and money.

Christina loved to show off, and especially loved to get attention from older guys, as she fantasized about maybe running off with one of them, and getting away from her parents, who were strict and religious- a bad combination in her opinion.

Christi, as she preferred, had to change when she got to the mall, as her mom would have freaked if she had seen the slutty outfits that Christi wore at the mall. She had two or three, and each one was designed to show off her hot teen body, and make her look a little older than her actual age (17). The outfit she had picked for today was perfect for the recent warm weather, and was also nice because she could put it on under the clothes she wore for her mother, and then just peel off the outer layer in the mall bathroom, and stash the outer layer in a shopping bag. So when she got to the mall that Friday afternoon, she went directly to the girls restroom, and began peeling off her outer layer- the standard white school shirt, and a plaid skirt that reached to her knees. Under her shirt, she had on a stretchy spaghetti strap top, in bright yellow that clung nicely to the firmswells of her teen tits. She wore a thin satin bra underneath, which basically kept her nipples from showing through the thin material of the top. Her shorts were a pair of ultra short cutoff jeans, with a ragged edge of denim that just barely covered her little ass. They showed off her long, lean legs, and the firm thighs that ended at the little crease of her butt. The cut-offs were tight, as they were from last year, and a little bit of her flat tummy was visible above the shorts, where the yellow top ended just about even with her navel.
On her feet she had a pair of dirty red tennis shoes, and she had her curly hair tied into two small pigtails on each side of her head. She liked the look of Christine Young, the little Canadian porn star, and she tried to imitate her look.

So Christi wandered through Macy's and down the long mall hallways, stopping here and there to look into a shop window.

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   Eventually, she wandered into the food court, where she picked up a smoothie, and sat on a bench, sucking down the cool, green drink. She sat with her long legs crossed, showing off for any who walked past.

After a while, she noticed a good looking older guy, maybe in his fifties, with a little grey in his hair, wearing a black jacket. She decided to follow him, and maybe have a little fun. When he walked into the Abercrombie and Fitch store, she followed, and walked past him, into the men's area. When he got into the area of the men's clothing, in the back of the store, she was already there, and was looking up at a rack of shirts that were hung just above her head. She reached up, standing on tip-toes, and sticking her cute little ass out as she reached. When she grabbed one of the shirts, she let it fall, and with a little shout of “whoops,” she bent over to pick up the shirt, which pulled the denim of her cutoffs deep into the tight crack of her ass. She knew the guy was watching, and so she stayed bent over just a moment too long, letting him have a nice look at her butt. As she stood back up, she reached behind and tugged the edges of the cutoffs, to try and cover her little cheeks, but there was just not much material to pull, and the pale skin of her cheeks was still visible. She looked at the guy, with a look that she hoped looked both innocent and a little slutty, and said in her little girl voice: “Could you help me put this back?” Sure he said, stepping up and taking the shirt from her, and easily putting it back on the rack. She decided to take it a step further and, as he stepped back from the rack, she slid in front of him, and began to bend over, pretending to look at the shirts on the lower rack. As she did, she let her butt press back, right into the guy's crotch, and he couldn't help but get a bit more aroused as the young tart pressed her ass into his hardening boner.

“Wow|” she whispered, just loud enough for him to hear, “Did I do that to you? I didn't mean to be such a tease!” And looked back and gave him a big smile, and a little wink.

The guy was interested and had no idea she was underage, so he reached out, and grabbed her gently by her hips, and pulled her back harder against his hardening manhood.

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   He leaned down and whispered into her ear, “Yes, you did, and you shouldn't do that if you aren't ready to go a little further. ”

She turned and looked up at him, and with total innocence on her face said, “What do you mean by 'a little further?”

“I think you know” he whispered directly into her ear, and palmed her little ass cheek in his big hand, and gave it a gentle squeeze.

His breath in her ear, and his big hand on her ass cheek was turning her on, and making her tingle down below, so she let out a sigh, and wiggled her butt against his manhood, letting him know that she did know exactly what he meant.

He grabbed a pair of pants from the rack, and took her hand, and said, “Follow me into the dressing room. . . . . what's your name babe?”

She followed, and said “It's Christi-- what's yours?”
“I'm Ted” he replied, as he walked her toward the large dressing room.

Once inside, Ted reached around and took an ass cheek in both hands, and gave Christi a deep kiss, that she responded to instantly, by leaning in and forcing her tongue into his mouth.
“You are a hot one, aren't you, Christi?” he said between kisses, as he felt wetness on his fingers as he massaged the area between her cheeks, and reached a finger inside.
“Yeah, and I want you to do me,” Christi said in a breathy whisper, as she reached down and grabbed his boner through the fabric of his pants.
“That would be my pleasure,” said Ted. “But it's a little tight in this dressing room, and I'm concerned that they have security cameras. So let's go back to my place, which is just up the street.

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“Cool” said Christi “I'm ready to go. ” As she pulled her cutoffs down and tried to cover her cheeks, and pulled herself back together.
“Follow me,” said Ted, and he walked briskly out of the store, toward the parking garage. He didn't have to look behind to know that Christi was following right behind. He knew that she was excited, and would follow him like a puppy. And she did.
When they got to his car, a big BMW 5 series, she let him know she was impressed, and when he opened the passenger door for her, she grabbed his cock again and gave him a little kiss. He responded by putting one arm around her, and palming a breast in one hand, as he leaned in for a deeper kiss. They got in, and he drove off toward his house, which was just minutes from the mall.
When they got there, he quickly put the garage door down, and led her into the house, where she again stopped short, and gave him a wet kiss. He was by now really hot for the little slut, and he couldn't wait to peel off the spaghetti strap top, and then reach behind to unsnap the little satin bra. Her tits were as firm and perky as he had ever seen, perhaps perky because she was so excited, and the perky and puffy nipples were engorged and standing straight out. He bent to take one in his mouth, gently chewing the young bud, as he fondled the other breast. As she gave no resistance, he reached down, and unsnapped the tight cutoffs, sliding a hand down the front, where his finger found her lightly haired slit, wet with her slick juices.

“Oh my god,” she said, “ I want your cock” as she again fondled his dick through his pants, and fumbled with his zipper.

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“And you are going to get it, you hot little bitch. ” he breathed into her little ear, as he continued to mouth and maul her firm titties, and slide his finger into her wet teen slit.

As she writhed under his touch, he quickly yanked off his pants, and pushed her down on to his leather couch, where he quickly pulled the cutoffs off, and spread her legs, showing off her tiny pink “JUICY” panties, that were barely covering her very juicy little slit. It was only when he pulled the Juicy panties aside that he noticed that the hair on her pussy was rather sparse, and wondered just how old she was. But he didn't ask, as it was too late. Hew couldn't stop himself now if he wanted to.

As he pulled the little panties aside, and put his mouth over her pussy and began tonguing her hot slit, he felt the slick juices begin to flow, covering his mouth and cheeks. She was literally creaming on him, and he loved it. Her salty and sweet musk was intoxicating and he inhaled her scent as he tongued her pussy. Christi was wriggling under him, unable to stop moaning and whimpering, as she felt waves of pleasure radiate from her teen slit.

He had to have her, and he couldn't wait to slide his rock hard cock into her steaming pussy. As he came up for air, she said “Oh my god, I love what you are doing. . . .

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   don't stop!” So he licked her some more, bu his cock longed for the pussy, so eventually, he pulled himself back, pulled her to the front of the couch, and positioned his cock at the hot slit of her young pussy. He toyed with her for a few moments, rubbing the cock up and down her slit, until she said “Oh my god. . . . give it to me, please. ”
And he did, sliding into the tight slit, as she gasped, and then moaned deeply. He could feel her pussy gripping his cock as he slid back to push in again , and he began rythmically driving in and out of her slippery cunt, with Christi gasping at each thrust.
After a few minutes, she moaned “I'm cumming” and her pussy gripped so tightly at his cock that he thought he would explode, but he held on-- not wanting the pleasure to end.
He also wanted to do her doggy style, and so as she moaned, he pulled out and gently flipped her over, placing her tight little ass up in the air, her pussy glistening with her juices and his pre-cum. He gave her ass a few mild swats, just enough to make the cheeks a little pink, and then he again put his cock up to her slit, and drove it deep inside. As he did, she let out a yelp, and began moaning again as he pounded against the firm flesh of her ass, driving his cock so deep he could feel the tip hitting the wall of her pussy.
She moaned and came again, and finally, after pounding away for at least another three minutes, he could no longer stop the massive cum that welled up from his balls and he pulled out and sprayed the cum all over her ass, and her back, and even up on to her little ponytails. She was spent, and collapsed on the couch.
He went to his kitchen and got two beers, and returned.

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   Christi said “I've never had beer-- I'm only 17” and Ted stopped short.
“Really?” he said in surprise.
“Yep-- but it's OK” said Christi “Just get me a Coke. And as long as you keep fucking me like that, I won't tell anybody about us.
Hmmmm. What could Ted do, but cooperate.