The best meeting ever.

Sex In Public

The is a not a true storie. Well not for me it happened to my friend who is a teahcer.
One day i was teaching class and having a problem with a student who did not want to listen to me or even do her homework. So being the 4th gade teacher i want to see if i would talk to her to see if could help her with something.
New let me tell you about her and her family. She is in the 4th grade and comeing from a broken home. Her mom works 2 job to make sure that her doughter has everthing that she did not have as a child. Her father is an wife beating man who dose not pay child support.  After talking to Isabella, she told me how she missed her dad. But i had to tell her becuse of her heavor i was going to call her mom to talk to her in a confrince.
So that day call called her mom who told me that she will be in after she gets off of work about 5pm. So i know that i would be the last one there at the school. When she got there she was whearing a a skurt and a white blose. So after talking to her about how where doughter is doing in my class. Well she was sit on the desk and i could not help but sneck a peek down her blose to her tits who they looked nice and firm. She must have gotten antie becuse she moved her lags and i got  a nice view of her panites.

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   She looked at me as i was look at her paniests and she moves opened her legs so that i could see everthing.
Now let me tell you sbout her mom who is older then me. She is about 35 and looking hot. even hotter then my wife. As i looked at her panites i was hard as a rock. So i did not try to hide it. So i went over to her and stated to kissed and i started to rub her pussis threw her panites I could not wait anymore i pulled off her paintes and just and started to suck on her pussy. After about 3 mints i pulled down my pants and fucked her hard. It was the best sex ever.