My Bi Adventure


My Bi Adventure

My name is Christina. I am a tall, slender lacrosse player. I'm a brunette with B cup breasts. I'm straight, at least I was. Now I got to say I'm bisexual and loving it. My adventure begins in my junior year of high school.
I was sitting in the back of United States history, bored out of my mind, when a new student entered the class, and took the seat in front of me. She was a pretty, thin blond girl, but I noticed she dressed modestly. During a break in the class, I learned her name was Olivia. It was over the winter, and she was wearing jeans. After class, she got up, but dropped her pen. She bent over to pick up it up, and I noticed her ass was terrific. I felt myself getting wet, and I hurried past her. Over the next few weeks, I learned she was a lacrosse player, too. When the season got going, I got to know her much better. Over the next year, she joined my longtime best friend Samantha, a flirty Blondie that always had a boyfriend, as a constant companion.

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   I was not as successful with the boys as Sam and Olivia, but I got my share of boys at parties. Apart from my job at the drug store and lacrosse, I spent most of my time with Olivia and Sam.
College came, and Olivia and I were surprised to find out that we were both going to the same college, the University of Florida. We decided to become roommates. Everything was going great. And I mean everything. I still got wet whenever I saw Olivia naked, which was often. We were such great friends that we'd change right in front of each other as we gossiped. Too often I'd get to see her perfect tits, which with a little snooping I discovered were C cup. And more often than I'd like to admit, I'd go into our adjoining bathroom after she got dressed and left and finger myself. But I was still straight. I became an expert at dick sucking, and a hit at keggers. At least twice a week Olivia and I would bring guys back to our room and suck them off at the same time.
Since we both were from cold climates, and the air conditioner was on the fritz, we started just wearing our bras and panties around the dorm room, with shorts and tank tops to throw on if we needed to go out or let anyone in.
Everything was going great, until one day I happened to use Olivia's laptop.

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   Mine was at the bottom of my bag, and I was tired. I flipped it open, launched firefox, and was surprised to see the last browsing session hadbeen on pornographic websites. Lesbian porn. I was shocked. Was Olivia a lesbian? She couldn't be. She had been with too many guys. She could be bi, though. I pushed the incident to the back of my mind.
That night, Olivia actually failed to pick up a guy. I did, but I said I'd share if she wanted. So the three of us went back to our dorm, and proceeded to get even drunker. Then we took turns on sucking and hand jobs, until he jizzed in both of our mouths. He left, and we were alone. There was still ¾ of bottle of vodka, and we decided not to waste it. Near the end of that, it happened.

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   She kissed me. I kissed her. We kissed for what seemed like hours, and then went to sleep.
The next morning we were in bed together, naked. Olivia was awake, watching me when I woke up.
“Well that was fun, wasn't it, Christina?” said Olivia.
I'm straight, I thought. I'm straight. “Ugh, what happened?” I asked, playing for time to get my emotions at awaking naked in bed with another girl under control.
“We made out”, Olivia said.
“Oh” was all I could say.
Olivia propped herself up on her elbows, breasts dangling deliciously, waiting for me to reach out and grab them, massage them, suck them. “You liked it, didn't you” she cooned.
I said nothing.
Olivia leaned in, and kissed me again.

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   And again. She then moved her head down until she was at my tits, suckling and twisting them. And I said nothing. She moved south again, but paused before my vagina. “I liked it” teased Olivia.
Still I said nothing. Olivia giggled, and then thrust a finger inside of me. I let a moan escape me. Olivia grinned, lowered her head, and ate me out. I orgasmed explosively, again and again. After an hour, Olivia stopped, and began to make out with me again. This time I was an active participant.
“Let me” I breathed. I maneuvered my body around so my head was at her vagina, and started licking. I had no experience, but the sounds Olivia was making sounded good, and she orgasmed on my face.

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   I started again, but Olivia halted me.
“Wait a second. ” She got up, and lay down again on top of me, with her vagina at my head, and my vagina at hers. “69 is my favorite” she said.
We licked, sucked, and moaned like this for what seemed like ages, experiencing innumerable orgasms. Her tongue was like a sword, piercing my soul. After we finished, she got up, and sat down on her bed.
“So?” she asked.
“That wasn't your first time, was it” I replied.
“No, I ate out my first chick in the spring of my Junior year” she said with a smile.
I was shocked. It was someone from high school. “Who!”
“Samantha. ”
“My two best friends were eating each other out and I didn't know about it?” I asked weakly.
“Well, yeah.

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   We did it pretty much whenever you were working. We didn't think that you were bi. ” Olivia answered.
“I'm straight” I declared.
“Right. . . ”
The next month was full of orgasms, let me tell you that. Between Olivia and I 69ing, we also experimented with dildos and vibrators. Olivia, I was delighted to discover, had somehow managed to hide a stash of sex toys from me for months. We also continued to get boys, and would have intense threesomes. Some times, a guy would come over, fuck Olivia's tits and then leave. I'd then come out of the bathroom, where I had been rubbing myself so hard, lick the cum off and then pleasure her tits, girl style. We eventually even scissored, our shaved pussies grinding on each other. My second favorite sexual position with Olivia, was of our own invention.

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   Olivia would lay on her back, with a dildo pointing up. I'd position my asshole on it, and thrust myself up and down on that. Meanwhile, Olivia would sit up, and eat my vagina out. My favorite, of course, was 69ing. I loved eating Olivia out, and I loved being ravished. Win win.
Then Christmas break came. I was heading home for the first time since finding out I was bisexual. Of course I didn't tell my parents, and even Sam. The first night that Sam, Olivia and were home together, we went over to Olivia's house. She had a finished basement, with two rooms, a TV room and Olivia's bedroom. We were laughing and having a great time in the TV room, when I had a great idea. I got up and went into Olivia's room. Olivia joined me, and I told her my plan. We called Samantha in.

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   She walked in, and stopped. Olivia and I standing there, naked. We just stared at her, and then she got naked too. Sam was tall, thin, D cup breasts, and blond. I walked over, and kissed her. Fifteen years of knowing Sam, and I was kissing her. Our tongues intertwined, and I cupped her breasts. Finally, I broke the kiss. Olivia had spread her sheets on the floor, and was laying there, looking seductive. I lay down, and began eating her out. Sam laid down so that her head was at my entrance, while her vagina was in Olivia's area. We had triangle head for a while, and then Olivia brought out her toys. I strapped on a black dildo, and started fucking Olivia doggy style. Sam, catching on, moved so Olivia could eat her out, leaned forward and started making out with me. We Eiffel Towered Olivia for a few orgasms, and then changed positions.

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   This continued for hours.
All I know is that my vacations have gotten a lot more interesting.